What should you consider for a Ladakh Trip on Bike?

Leh Ladakh Tour Plan



What should you consider for a Ladakh Trip on Bike?

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Ladakh Trip on Bike

A Ladakh tour on bike is one of the most cherished dreams of every rider. Whether you’re an adventure enthusiast or just love those long bike trips through scenic locations, a journey to Ladakh is unparalleled. Tourists from around the world visit Ladakh to embark on several bike expeditions organised every year. A bike trip to this scenic location crosses all boundaries of adventure and thrill. Coming across rugged terrain and unpredictable weather provides a never-before-experienced adrenaline rush.

With its scenic beauty and unmatched adventure options, a Ladakh tour with bike has become one of the most popular options for a road trip in the country. The beautiful Karakoram ranges make the perfect backdrop for a journey through high mountain passes, narrow curves, sharp bends and ancient monasteries. To plan an amazing and a safe journey, you need to consider some important things.

Considerations for Ladakh Tour on Bike

A lot of people even plan a Ladakh trip from Delhi on bike. Though it’s a viable option, the journey is too tiring and strenuous. Thus, taking either Manali or Srinagar route is an ideal choice. Leh is about 500 km from Manali, and 450 km from Srinagar. Due to scenic beauty, the Manali – Leh highway is the preferred choice of most riders. On this route, you even get to pass several mountain passes, some of which are considered to be the highest motorable roads in the world. If you don’t want steep climbs, it’s better to take the Srinagar – Leh highway.

 Ladakh Trip on Bike or Ladakh Tour on Bike

The period from May to October is a good time to visit Leh-Ladakh on a bike. If you’re taking the Srinagar route, the highway opens from May, while on the Manali route, you can plan a journey post June. A Ladakh tour with bike is possible during summer and autumn months. Before you embark on the journey, you need to prepare yourself for mountain sickness. It’s inevitable, and you’ll come across the feeling of getting sick at some point on the journey.

At such high altitude, you need to keep yourself hydrated. You should drink 3-4 litres of water every day, and even carry an extra bottle at all times. Acclimatization is an important aspect of a trip to Leh-Ladakh. Even a short walk can cause health concerns before proper acclimatization. Before you explore the region, rest for a couple of days to allow your body to cope up.

Before leaving for Ladakh, you should plan a workout regime for a couple of weeks. Jogging and working out are good for building stamina and endurance. On reaching Leh, you need to obtain permits. In order to do this, you should visit the DC office. Sufficient halts are required to make sure the journey doesn’t make you lethargic.

Throughout the journey, it’s better to avoid smoking and drinking. It can cause troubles with breathing. Since ATMs aren’t reliable in Leh-Ladakh, you should carry sufficient cash. It’s also important to wear protective biking gear to protect yourself. The distance between petrol pumps is too much to risk it. Thus, you should always carry extra petrol in a bottle or container.

In case of a breakdown, it can be pretty hard to find a mechanic or repair shop. You should carry extra spare parts, such as puncture kit, accelerator cables, clutch cables, tubes, air pump, fuses etc. Leh-Ladakh offers hospitality at its best. People are always smiling, and going out of the way to help tourists. A smile goes a long way. Most importantly, try to be a responsible tourist by minimizing your plastic usage.

A Ladakh tour on bike leaves you with lifelong memories and experiences. Before you embark on this long, memorable journey, it’s important to conduct a thorough research and plan properly. Some people find the details overwhelming. If that’s the case, we’d be happy to help you out. Our team of experienced trekkers, guides and support staff can help you plan the perfect Ladakh tour on bike. You can even get details about a customized package. To get in touch, please click here.

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