Ladakh the Persian adaptation of the Tibetan La-dvag or the “land of high passes” is the northernmost province of India in the state of Jammu and Kashmir and lies between the Karakoram mountain range in the north and the main Great Himalayas to the south, colonized by people of Indo-Aryan and Tibetan descent. At times Ladakh is also known as “Little Tibet” .

During its good old days the domain constituted the Indus Valley, Baltistan (Baltiyul) valleys,Lahaul ,the remote Zangskar, and Spiti to the south,Ngari and Aksai Chin covering Guge and the Rudok region, in the east, and the Nubra valleys to the north.



Ladakh’s peculiarly level headed traditional civilization has much to demonstrate the West in details of ecological perception. While most Ladakhis are not rich in terms of money but their conventional mud-brick logins are massive, pleasant and self-sufficient. In terms of fuel and dairy stocks, organic vegetables and barley are used to make chhang (barley booze) and tsampa (roast barley flour) . Such self-sufficiency is an unbelievable accomplishment given to the precise budding season and very finite cultivable land. In this hillock desert, where water supplies must be stiffly channelled from glacier-melt mountain streams.

Ladakh is defined by the walls of vivid mountains. This makes for cohesive sceneries but mind that the road access craves crossing anguishing high passes which close generally around October to May or longer during heavy snowfall.


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