Latest News On The Himalayas



Latest News On The Himalayas

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Latest News Himalayas

Globeracers Schedule Challenging Runs For Ultra Runners In 2019

The Globeracers has scheduled a set of challenging runs for their ultra runner in 2019. The season of the running year will get underway with The Beast Ultra (TBU) — a desert race in April. It is described as one of the toughest desert runs in India and will start from Pokhran in Thar Desert. According to a release by the Globeracers, the participants will be from various parts of India and the race is divided into 160, 100, 75, 50 and 25 kms categories.

Latest News Himalayas - The Beast Ultra


The desert race will be followed by an event at the hills — The Himalayan crossing(THC). It will be an alpine challenge and starts from Kaza in Himachal. The route criss-crosses through mountain ranges of the Himalayas via Kinnaur and Spiti valleys before ending at the Rohtang La.

The 2019 race calendar has three more Ultra runs namely Uttarkashi 220 in September, Bhatti Lakes Ultra in NCR slated to take place in October and Nilgiris Ultra in November.

Source: NDTV


French Couple, Lost While Trekking In Garhwal Himalayas, Rescued: Cops

A rescue team of the SDRF was sent to the route from Rudraprayag on Friday morning and managed to locate the couple near Deoriatal in the afternoon.

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Worst Year in the History of Nepal’s Mountaineering and Trekking History
Latest News Himalayas

Year 2014 is the worst till now in the Nepal’s history of mountaineering and trekking. First it was an avalanche on Mount Everest in April whick took lives of 16 Sherpas – and resulted strike by Sherpas and very few summits to the world’s highest peak during the main climbing season.

The latest tragedy hits during the peak trekking season. Thousands of trekkers head to Nepal during September and October for post monsoon trekking season to enjoy high altitude trekking pass and pristine beauty were caught in the heavy snowfall resulted because of HUDHUD cyclone in India.

The tragedy will badly hurt Nepal’s tourism, with officials worried about the wider negative message it sends. Trekking and mountaineering are the key backbones of the industry – the major foreign exchange earner for Nepal.

By the year 2070, we could lose…The Himalayas
Source: Fox News
latest news on Himalayas
Sherpa on Everest expedition dies in Nepal

A government official in Nepal says that a Sherpa who was guiding a group of climbers on an Everest expedition in the Himalayas has fallen into a crevasse and died. Sherpa had scaled the peak twice before. He is the second guide to die while climbing Everest in this year’s spring climbing season. Climbers generally try to scale Everest in May. On Wednesday, experienced climber Karsang Namgyal died from altitude sickness. Everest is the world’s highest mountain and has an 8,850-meter (29,035-foot) peak. Source: Fox News


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    May 1, 2012

    Won’t be alive to see the Himalayas disappear! Feel sorrow for the next generation and for what they will have to deal with. Thanks for the snippet of good news 🙂


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