Manali Adventure Camp – About Tents, Facilities, Activities

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Manali Adventure Camp – About Tents, Facilities, Activities

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Over the years, Manali Adventure Camp has become one of the most popular destinations for trekkers and backpackers from around the world. Manali, which was once just a family destination has become a hub of activity, with a wide range of adventure sports and nature experiences. Whether you’re a family with kids, a couple or a seasoned trekker, a visit to Manali will never disappoint.


With lush valleys, gushing streams, enchanting waterfalls and several popular attractions, Manali has become the most beloved hill station in Himachal Pradesh. Since Manali is considered to be the gateway to Leh – Ladakh, people from various age groups, interests and backgrounds plan regular visits. If you’re planning a camping trip in Manali, get ready for thrilling adventures and activities. Manali Adventure Camp welcomes everyone.


Until a few years ago, Manali was only famous for being the former summer capital of India. However, its status has changed, and Manali has become the most popular trekking destination in the world. Since a lot of camps have been set up in the region, you can choose from several options. If you’ve always wanted to camp in a scenic location, with a cool breeze and a starry night giving you company, Manali Adventure Camp will be the perfect choice.

About Manali Adventure Camp


In the last few years, Renok Adventures has become one of the most trusted companies in Manali. With years of experience and expertise, our team provides tour packages, customized to your interests, co-travellers and budget. Set in a serene location, Manali Adventure Camp, has become a trusted name in Manali. If you’re looking for Manali camping packages, you might as well read this guide about the camp.


Manali Adventure Camp


For years, we’ve been organising tours in Manali, and other parts of India. Our team focuses on your safety, and ensures you have an amazing time at the camp. With several activities, delicious meals, and a team of seasoned trekkers and guides, you’re able to explore the best of Manali, without worrying about hurting your budget.


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Manali Adventure Camp, the perfect blend of fun and adventure, provides an unparalleled experience in the middle of the Himalayas. Located away from the crowded streets of Manali, the campsite gives you scenic views, while allowing you to participate in a wide range of activities. Set in Prini, our camp is the perfect place for camping in Manali.


In order to ensure you have a great time, the campsite offers several facilities, including clean washrooms, a spacious dining area, a bonfire site, comfortable tents and dance activities. Whether you’re travelling as a family or want to spend some alone time with your loved one, Manali Adventure Camp will feel like a home in the mountains.


For Renok Adventures, safety has always been the foremost priority. In high altitude treks and locations, things can go wrong without any prior notice. Hence, we ensure everyone in the group remains under the watchful eyes of our experienced, well-trained and qualified instructors. Though we prefer small groups, we also consider large gatherings, depending on requirements.


For female travellers, a lady instructor/girl volunteer is available as part of the team. Since we also cater to the needs of schools and colleges, our camping site is full of activities. With Manali Adventure Camp, our primary goal is to bring you close to nature, and allow you to explore the region at your own pace. We don’t believe in rushing through things, and provide you with the perfect getaway from a monotonous city life.

Manali Adventure Camp combines several elements to provide you with the perfect camping experience. Mesmerizing views, soulful experiences, exciting adventures and comfortable stays form the foundation of your trip. With the majestic Himalayas in the backdrop, you’ll have a great time exploring Manali throughout the trip.


Tents and Dining Area


With Manali camping, you can soak in nature experiences, while training yourself for critical situations. Our camp gives you an opportunity to indulge in various adventure activities. If you’re travelling in a group, it’s the perfect way to have some fun.


The camping site has a spacious dining area, where you can interact with other like-minded travellers too.


Meals are served thrice a day, and you’ll enjoy the simple yet delicious flavours. To ensure our customers don’t experience any issues, we prepare healthy meals to give you enough energy for treks and activities.


While camping in Manali, participants stay in alpine/dome style portable tents. If you’re going for a trek, you’ll be pitching these tents for a delightful experience.


Manali Camping


Please note that we serve only vegetarian meals at the camp. Egg or non-vegetarian food isn’t allowed in the campsite.

Location (Prini)


As mentioned earlier, Manali Adventure Camp is located in Prini. A small and beautiful village in Naggar, this quaint hamlet is surrounded by lush green valleys and snow-capped mountains. With clear blue skies and dreamy landscapes, it’s the perfect place for camping in Manali. Every year, trekkers and backpackers from around the world visit this region to get lost in the beauty of nature.


Jagatsukh Road waterfall – Best known for a stunning waterfall, Prini is getting increasingly popular among travellers. Located on the Manali – Jagatsukh Road, the waterfall even has a makeshift bridge. You’ll cross the waterfall while travelling between Prini and Manali. Don’t forget to spend some time, and take beautiful pictures of the site.


Naggar Castle – During a stay in Prini, you should visit the famous Naggar Castle. Overlooking the scenic Kullu Valley, this castle was built by Raja Sidh Singh in 1460 A.D. Resembling the simplistic Himalayan architecture, Naggar Castle is one of the most visited places in Kullu – Manali.


When you enter the beautiful stone and wood castle, you’re taken back in time, feeling the richness of sculptures, paintings and architecture. Due to its popularity, Naggar Castle was recently converted into a heritage hotel, attracting guests from around the world. With Manali camping, don’t miss a visit to this amazing attraction.


Activities Area


While camping in Manali, it’s not just location that matters, but the kind of activities available to keep you occupied. Manali Adventure Camp is located in the middle of raw nature, and provides you with the perfect ambience for activities, such as hiking, trekking, river rafting, mountain biking, paragliding and mountaineering.


Most people think that booking a package would lead to higher cost. However, when these people visit Manali, they book activities with local tour operators without much understanding of the right price and facilities. While camping in Manali, you need a tour operator who can help you with several activities, ensuring a great experience at the campsite.


Manali Camps




One of the most popular activities in Manali, trekking is a favourite among families, couples and people from all walks of life. With Renok Adventures, you can choose from various trekking experiences. We have multiple options for easy, moderate and difficult treks.


According to experienced trekkers, camping in Manali should be combined with treks and hikes. From Bhrigu Lake to Chandratal, and Beas Kund to Hampta Pass, Manali is packed with delightful trekking trails, each offering a unique experience. With Manali Adventure Camp, enjoy a scenic trek in the company of guides and support staff.


Fakunda – One of the most popular trekking peaks in Manali, Fakunda is located at a height of 3,998 metres above sea level. When it comes to Manali trekking circuit, it’s one of the most visited trails. With snow-clad mountains, picturesque waterfalls, lush meadows and gushing streams, Parvati Valley is located in the midst of scenic Deodar trees.


If you’re a young heart looking for exquisite Manali camping experiences, don’t miss a trek to Fakunda peak. It will feel like you’re right in the lap of nature, soaking in calm and serene atmosphere of pervading nature.


Hampta Circle – An excellent trek for beginners, Hampta Circle is one of the most popular trekking routes in Kullu – Manali. The trail takes you through the dense forests surrounding Manali, before you come across the main ridge of the valley between Jagatsukh and Prini.


The region is often visited by local shepherds, and comprises of Oak, Birch, Deodar and Pine trees. You might also spot a few alpine species, such as monals, brown bears, ibex, vultures and choughs. From the meadows, you can soak in amazing views of Hanuman Tibba and several other peaks.


Hampta Pass – In the entire Manali trekking circuit, Hampta Pass is considered to be the most popular trekking route. Without a doubt, it’s one of the most scenic places to visit in Manali. If you’re camping in Manali, and wish to go for Hampta Pass trek, you’ll have to book a longer trip. The trek is 5 days long, and includes a visit to the famous Chandratal Lake.


Within just 5 days, this trek allows you to soak in the beauty of stunning landscapes. You pass through several scenic locations, and learn from seasoned trekkers and backpackers. On Hampta Pass trek, you travel from the lush Kullu Valley to the famous Spiti Valley, which makes you feel like you’re in Ladakh. Chandratal Lake is the perfect icing on the cake.




In recent years, Solang Valley has become the stunning adventure capital in Himachal Pradesh. When it comes to skiing, it’s one of the most popular destinations in the country. Currently, several beginner and amateur-focused skiing programs are available in the region. With Manali Adventure Camp, you can enroll for different kinds of programs to polish your skills and have a great time.


Manali Camping


River Rafting


Apart from skiing, trekking and camping in Manali, you can also indulge in white water rafting. It’s one of the most popular activities in the region. Travellers from around the world visit Manali for a chance to indulge in river rafting in Beas River. The thrilling rapids and wild waters take you on an unforgettable journey. Without a doubt, river rafting should be on your bucket list while camping in Manali.




The gorge of Kothi Village is considered to be one of the most beautiful locations in Manali. Close to several Manali camps, this stunning landscape has become increasingly popular among trekkers and backpackers. Kothi Village also serves as the base for paragliding adventures. Whether you’re interested in Manali camping, a short hike or a long trek, paragliding will give you mesmerizing aerial views of the scenic paradise.


Other Popular Manali Camping Activities


Apart from the activities listed above, Manali Adventure Camp allows you to indulge in several other adventures. Some of the most popular choices include quad biking, rock climbing, mountain biking, rappelling, cable-car rides and helicopter rides. When you’re camping in Manali, indulging in these activities is worth your effort, money and time.


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Manali Tour


As mentioned earlier, we’ve been conducting and organising tours in Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and other parts of the country for quite some time. If you’ve been looking for a camping trip, Manali Adventure Camp will be an ideal choice. If you want to plan things on your own, you can use the itinerary given below to have an amazing time on the trip. Our packages can be customized as per your interests, co-travellers, budget and other factors.


Manali Trekking



Duration of the Trip – 3 Nights / 4 Days


Package – Manali Adventure Camp & Trekking


Average Group Size – 50 Persons. INR 1,100 (The price is an approximation, and actual price would depend on certain factors. However, the activities mentioned below and all meals will be included in the price of the package.)


Day 1 – When you arrive, check-in to the camp, and rest for a while. After taking refreshments, you can explore the region to soak in the scenic beauty. The day ends with soulful music and bonfire. Under clear skies, spend the night in the company of stars.


Day 2 – On this day, we leave for a short trek to Sajla Waterfall. After having a healthy breakfast, we leave for the trek to build some unforgettable memories. Enjoy a delicious meal near the waterfall, and proceed for a trip to Apple Orchards. In the night, we enjoy a delicious meal with music at the camp.


Day 3 – After having a healthy breakfast, you’ll be getting ready for several activities, such as rock climbing, river rafting and river crossing. You can add other activities depending on your budget, interests etc. At night, enjoy a delicious meal under clear skies.


Day 4 – After a healthy breakfast, we head home.




All meals at the campsite are included in the package. We’ll arrange for music and bonfire on any one night of the trip. For Manali camping, accommodation will be made available on sharing basis.




Transport will not be provided to locals in Manali. We don’t provide pick-up service, unless you’ve booked a package with transport.


Note: As mentioned earlier, only vegetarian meals will be available at the campsite.


Alternate Rohtang Pass Tour


Rohtang Pass is one of the most popular and scenic spots in Manali. Over 25 lakh travellers visit Rohtang Pass every year. During winter season, the pass is covered in snow, which makes it impossible to plan a visit. Rohtang Pass is open from May to October, which gives you an opportunity to club the tour with camping in Manali.


If you’re visiting Manali in peak season, it’s a good reason to book a Rohtang Pass tour. The place has become extremely popular among adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts. With snow-clad mountains in the backdrop, you have the perfect opportunity to indulge in snow scooter riding and skiing. If you’re travelling with family, Rohtang Pass is a must visit.


Alternate Hampta Pass Snow Point Tour


During winter season, Hampta Village is covered in snow, and gives you an opportunity to build some amazing memories. Accessible by road, you can reach Hampta Pass Snow Point without much hassles or inconvenience. Since you can indulge in several snow activities, a day trip to Hampta Pass with Manali Adventure Camp is always a good idea.


Hampta Pass


The drive to Hampta Pass is short, and it takes about half an hour to reach the Snow Point. From here, you can soak in mesmerizing views of the famous Pir Panjal range. If you like to laze around in bright sunshine and snow, this will be the perfect place for you. If you’re an adventure enthusiast, Hampta Pass allows you to explore some hidden trails, while indulging in activities, such as skiing, snow scooter riding etc.


Over the years, Hampta Pass has become quite popular among seasoned trekkers and professional skiers. While spending time in this region, you can capture the scenic sights, and try your hand at building snowmen too. Considering the scenic beauty of the place and abundant activities, it’s an ideal choice for families travelling with kids.


While camping in Manali, trekking is the most preferred activity. Hampta Pass Snow Point is the starting point of the famous Hampta Pass trek. The entire route offers serene views of Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar ranges. If you haven’t been to Hampta Pass before, don’t miss a chance to visit this amazing destination.


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Summer Adventure Camp for Children


Manali Adventure Camp is the perfect blend of fun and adventure. We have made sincere efforts to make the place exciting for kids. If you’re planning a trip for children this summer, this will be the perfect way to combine a short trip with a great learning experience. Since the campsite is located away from the crowded streets of Manali, you don’t have to worry about children wandering off to touristy places.


Our instructors and guides make sure your kids have an amazing time at the camp, and remain safe throughout the trip. Apart from short hikes and treks, they can also indulge in a wide range of adventure activities, such as rappelling, river crossing, rock climbing etc. We take necessary precautions, and only allow certified trainers to take care of kids during these activities.


Manali camping is the perfect way to provide an amazing retreat to your kids. While camping in a scenic location, your kids will feel close to nature, and indulge in activities that help learn more about team management, coordination, muscle reflexes etc. Also, they’d be able to enjoy mesmerizing views of Hanuman Tibba, Inderkilla, Indrasan and Pha Konda peaks.



Manali Adventure Camp combines several elements to provide your kids with the perfect Himalayan expedition. With stunning views, thrilling adventures, and a team of seasoned trekkers ensuring their safety, they’ll definitely have plenty of soulful experiences. In the last few years, our camping site has become increasingly popular among families with kids.

Summer Adventure Camp for Family


Manali Adventure Camp allows you to unify with nature. It’s the ideal remedy for every family looking to relax and unwind away from the summer heat. A weekend in the lap of nature not only provides you with immense energy, but brings family members closer to each other. With lush green surroundings and a peaceful setting, you don’t have to worry about anyone disrupting the calming effect.


During summer months, our camping site is the perfect combination of tranquility and peace. Whether you’re a small family or a big one, you’ll have a great time at the camping site. With plenty of activities, you’ll be occupied in the midst of fun atmosphere under clear skies. The majestic Himalayas form the perfect backdrop, giving you a chance to soak in Manali’s pristine beauty.


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Best Time for Manali Camping Trip


Every year, Manali welcomes travellers from all age groups, backgrounds, locations and interests. With scenic trails, snow-capped mountains, adventure sports and different kinds of camps, Manali is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Though the region welcomes tourists throughout the year, planning the visit between May and June is an ideal choice.


However, several seasoned trekkers and backpackers visit Manali in winter season. From December to February, you’re able to enjoy in Manali without heavy crowds. While you may indulge in various activities in winter months, Manali camping is the most popular activity during this period.


If you’re interested in camping, trekking, river rafting and other adventures, Manali Adventure Camp will be the perfect choice. With years of experience, our seasoned trekkers and guides allow you to explore the region without any hassles. Our skilled and well-trained instructors ensure your safety, and provide you with an amazing trip in a heavenly setting. If you want to get in touch with our team, please click here.


Dinkar is a traveller with years of experience of travelling India and the World.

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