Manali to Bhrigu Lake Distance

Manali to Bhrigu Lake Distance



Manali to Bhrigu Lake Distance

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Nestled in the scenic Kullu Valley, Bhrigu Lake is one of the most visited trekking routes in the country. The lush meadows and the majestic Himalayas form the perfect backdrop for this amazing destination. Proximity to Manali makes Bhrigu Lake quite popular among trekkers and backpackers from around the world. But what about Manali to Bhrigu Lake distance. Here’s what you need to know.


Manali to Bhrigu Lake Distance


Unlike other high altitude treks, reaching Bhrigu Lake is relatively easy. Perfect for both beginners and experienced trekkers, this route takes you through dense forest cover, green meadows and snow-covered trails, allowing you to feel closer to nature. To reach Bhrigu Lake, you can start from Manali, and take a shared taxi, which drops you in Gulaba village.


Reaching Gulaba from Manali


The total distance between Manali and Gulaba is about 25 km. While 22 km can be covered via shared taxi, a 3 km trek takes you to the scenic basecamp. Once you reach Manali Bus Stand for Bhrigu Lake trek, you can have some light food and leave for Gulaba. The journey takes a couple of hours, without causing much trouble.


However, you need to consider heavy traffic that you might encounter in Rohtang Pass. The actual trek starts from Gulaba village, which is the first basecamp of the trek. For a comfortable journey, most tour operators divide the trek into short hikes, ensuring safety and a thrilling experience.


Manali to Bhrigu Lake Distance


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From the drop point in Gulaba, the campsite is just a short 3 km trek. You’ll notice some steep ascents throughout the journey. The campsite offers mesmerizing views of the lush Kullu Valley and the snow-clad Himalayan mountains. Spend your time with millions of stars, as they keep you company during the night.


Reaching Rola Kholi from Gulaba


The total distance between Rola Kholi and Gulaba is 7 km. To complete the journey, you’ll need about 5 hours. For the first 90 minutes, you’ll notice steep ascents, followed by moderate terrain taking you to the campsite. You also cross Kolang Nallah, which has a makeshift wooden bridge to cross the water body.


Bhrigu Lake trekking is an exciting experience. Unlike other high altitude treks in the region, this one is relatively easy. While you cross dense forest cover and lush meadows, the scenic views of Kullu Valley and Solang Valley leave you spellbound. A lively night awaits your arrival at the basecamp.


Reaching Bhrigu Lake from Rola Kholi


The total distance between Rola Kholi and Bhrigu Lake is 10 km. It’s better to start early in the morning, which allows you to soak in stunning views of the sunrise. A steep ascent tests your stamina for about 4 km. If you visit in winter season, you’ll be welcomed by snow-covered trail.


How to Reach Bhrigu Lake


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The lake is pristine, and gives you unforgettable memories. You should spend some time at the lake, soaking in picturesque views, before leaving for Pandu Ropa. The 6-hour journey takes you through lush meadows. You can stay overnight at the campsite in Pandu Ropa for an amazing end to your Bhrigu Lake trekking experience.


Reaching Vashisht from Pandu Ropa


The total distance between Pandu Ropa and Vashisht is 8 km. Once again, it’s better to start early in the morning. If possible, you should carry a packed lunch. Due to its religious significance, Vashisht is one of the most visited sites near Manali. A steep descend takes you through apple orchards, rice fields and mountain villages.


You can either end Bhrigu Lake trek in Vashisht, or leave for a 30-minute drive to Manali. We hope this post helped you understand Manali to Bhrigu Lake distance. Bhrigu Lake is ideal for nature lovers, adventure enthusiasts, first-time trekkers and seasoned backpackers. With decent level physical fitness, you can complete the journey without experiencing any major issues or hassles.


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