Nag Tibba Trek from Delhi

Nag Tibba Trek from Delhi



Nag Tibba Trek from Delhi

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Nag Tibba, one of the most popular treks near Dehradun, stands tall at 9,915 feet above sea level. If you’re planning a Nag Tibba trek from Delhi, it will be an ideal weekend getaway. It’s the perfect way to get respite from city life, and feel much closer to nature. Unlike other treks in the country, this one is open throughout the year. From the summit, you can get mesmerizing views of Gangotri, Bandarpunch, Srikanth, Kedarnath and Swargarohini peaks.


Nag Tibba Trek from Delhi


Since it’s a relatively easy trek, it can be completed within 2-3 days. Over the years, Nag Tibba trekking experience has attracted trekkers and backpackers from around the country. Anyone with decent level physical fitness can plan a Nag Tibba trek. Moreover, the route has some of the most picturesque camping locations, ensuring an enriching experience.


The snow-covered trail takes you through dense forest cover, lined with Oaks, Pines and Rhododendrons. With almost no habitation, the forest cover is a remote region, bringing you closer to raw nature. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned trekker, a visit to Nag Tibba will open your mind to the world of trekking and adventure.


Nag Tibba Trek from Delhi


According to seasoned trekkers, the months between October and March are ideal to plan a visit. The total distance of the trek is 8 km, and it can be covered within 6-8 hours. However, most trekkers prefer to camp overnight, and complete the trek within 2-3 days.


Why Choose Renok Adventures?


If you’re planning a Nag Tibba trek from Delhi, it’s important to consult a reputed tour operator. With years of experience with terrain and weather in Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and other states across the country, Renok Adventures provides you with a wholesome trekking experience, while ensuring your safety.


Personalized Attention – We focus on small groups, and allow trekkers to mingle with like-minded travellers. Our attention to detail ensures you don’t feel left out, and plan the journey as part of the group. We monitor and help each trekker individually, and ensure you learn many new things about the simplistic mountain lifestyle.


Experienced Expedition Leaders – With years of experience, our seasoned trekkers, guides and support staff are trained in rescue procedures, emergency evacuations and other certified techniques. For Nag Tibba trekking, we have a team of dedicated guides, who accompany you at every step of the trek.


Safety Protocols – Since we have organized treks in all parts of the country, we’ve successfully mapped every region in detail. This allows us to focus on safety protocols in a much better way. On a high altitude trek, anything can go wrong, but our experience allows us to manage tricky situations with ease. We always carry certified equipment, oxygen cylinders and medications to help fellow trekkers in times of distress.


If you’re looking to plan a Nag Tibba trek from Delhi, feel free to get in touch with our team of seasoned guides and support staff. With our experience and expertise, we ensure you have a great time on the trek, and remain safe at all times. To get in touch with us, please click here.


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