Mall road is called the heart of Manali and for a good reason. It is the focal point of the the hill station. It has multiple restaurants, bars, shopping complexes and emporiums. One can buy Kullu and Kashmiri shawls, rugs, woolen caps, footwear, imported goods, Tibetan handicraft, jewelry, wooden furniture, books, etc. in this market area. Some of the shopping centers include Hong Kong Market, Snow Lion Underground Market, Thai Market, Dragon Shopping Complex, Lama Underground, Shangri La Shopping Complex and New NAC Market.


If one wants to buy hippie stuff, this market is the best place. Located in the quaint village of Old Manali, this market has quirky stalls selling music CD’s, jewelry, beads, funky t-shirts and souvenirs. One can also pick up fresh fruit jams, jellies and pickles from here to take back home. Bargaining is recommended here.


This market is the best place to shop for some Tibetan artifacts and souvenirs. One can buy intricately designed rugs, shawls, hand-woven carpets, handicrafts, prayer wheels, silver and turquoise jewellery, local tweeds, Chinese goods ( electronics, clothes, shoes, etc ) thangkas, which are Buddhist paintings on cloth, bamboo souvenirs. Bargaining is recommended. This market is run by the refugee community.


This was established by a group of women in 1944 and is a cooperative shop which has three stores in Manali. It is known for its variety of shawls( angora and pashmina ) , scarves, socks, gloves, jackets, bags, caps, etc. They have a fixed price policy, so don’t try to bargain here.

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