New route to the Valley of flowers via Hanuman Chatti

Here is an uplifting news for all the adventure junkies!! Uttarakhand government has opened another course to Valley of Flowers following 45 years. This course was lying shut for most recent 45 years.

The administration says it will be useful to save groups on the off chance that a calamity like the Kedarnath streak outburst strikes the area again and the enterprise significant others will get an opportunity to investigate another virgin trail.

S.S Rasaily, executive, Nanda Devi Biosphere, said “The Kunthkhal-Hanuman Chatti trek course was subsequent to 1970 as individuals were utilizing the much less demanding course from Ghangaria to Valley of Flowers. Since it was lying unused, the trek trail soon got to be congested with thick vegetation. Amid the late catastrophe in Kedarnath, a need was felt for a backup course of action which could be utilized to safeguard individuals. This course is suitable for this reason.”

Badrinath is around 10 km from Hanuman Chatti. Individuals can trek to Kunthkhal and Ghangaria to return to human progress. By individuals can go for this trek as it offers a considerable measure of regular excellence.

“The 15 km course is spotted with canyon, icy masses, and waterways. The perfect time to trek here is from July to October. You can likewise see the Brahmakamal blossom on this trail which is found over the height of 4500 meters.

The backwoods office is additionally starting to advance various other overlooked treks near the Valley of Flowers, for example, the trails prompting the Kagbhushandi Lake, Chenab Valley, Dronagiri Parvat and so forth.


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