Overview of Leh Ladakh tour packages without airfare

Leh Ladakh Trip in September



Overview of Leh Ladakh tour packages without airfare

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Without a doubt, Leh-Ladakh is one of the most beautiful, calm and peaceful destinations in the country. It’s also one of the most visited. Over the years, the region’s popularity has only increased. Most travellers prefer Leh Ladakh tour packages without airfare to explore high mountain passes, night camping, Tibetan monasteries and several other attractions. The journey via road is thrilling, exciting, and makes for an adventure of a lifetime.


Contrary to popular belief, there’s a lot more to Leh-Ladakh than just scenic beauty. Vibrant culture, ancient monasteries and amazing hospitality await you on the journey. Tibetan culture is prevalent in the region, and you can catch glimpses of Tibetan buildings, traditions and cuisine.


The best Leh Ladakh tour packages ensure you have seasoned trekkers and experienced guides assisting you on the trip. Most reputed tour operators have well-trained support staff, which takes necessary precautions to ensure your safety. If you’re looking for tour packages without airfare, a journey from Delhi will be an ideal choice.


Planning Leh Ladakh Tour Packages Without Airfare


A lot of travellers visit Leh-Ladakh via road. While some prefer to take a bus, others are more interested in a bike trip. Taking a flight to Leh can prove to be quite expensive, especially if you’re travelling in peak season. From Delhi, you can take a bus to Kullu-Manali, rest for a couple of days, explore Old Manali and Kullu Valley, and depart for Leh-Ladakh.


There’s a direct bus service between Delhi and Leh, but it’s quite hectic and tiring. Therefore, most tour operators prefer to take a stop in Manali. With a tour package, you don’t have to worry about limited connectivity of public transport. With a group, you’re also able to enjoy more comfort and convenience. Leh Ladakh tour packages without airfare are the most preferred choice of travellers from around the world.


Leh Ladakh Tour Packages Without Airfare


The Journey Begins from Delhi


If you book a tour without airfare, you need to keep in mind that buses depart for Leh between 1st July to 15th September. Since you’d be travelling with a tour operator, you don’t have to worry about travelling in sub-standard buses. During this period, monsoon subsides, and road conditions are favourable for a road trip to Ladakh.


If you plan to take a direct bus to Leh, the total time for the journey will be around 36 – 40 hours. This may increase depending on weather and road conditions. Hence, most travellers prefer to take a halt in Manali, and explore the beauty of Himachal Pradesh before heading onward to reach Leh.


Most tour operators take a halt in Keylong, one of the most scenic destinations in the region. On a bus ride to Manali, you cross several high mountain passes, ancient monasteries, beautiful sights and miles of barren land. Some of the popular passes that you’d cross include Lachungla Pass, Rohtang Pass, Baralacha Pass, Gata Loops, Morey Plains and Tanglangla Pass.


The total distance between Delhi and Leh is approximately 1050 km. Most travellers prefer Leh Ladakh tour packages without airfare since the road journey is an adventure in itself. A thrilling, exciting and memorable experience, a trip via road also lets you maintain a strict budget. Even the best Leh Ladakh tour packages with airfare can’t compete with the thrill of a road trip.


Leh Ladakh Trip in September


From Manali to Leh


The journey from Manali to Leh takes you through some of the most beautiful roads in the world. Buses cross several lakes, mountain passes, loops, sharp bends, deserts and miles of barren land. Most buses even take stops to allow sightseeing. The fare also includes meal options and a night halt.


The primary reason for choosing this route is the presence of several beautiful mountain passes, such as Nakee La, Baralacha La, Lachulung La, Taglang La and Rohtang. Even the cheapest Leh Ladakh tour packages with airfare can’t compete with a road trip to Leh.


In order to reach Leh-Ladakh from Delhi, you can take a bus, bike, self-driven car or flight. Buses operated by HPTDC aren’t usually well-maintained, and take a lot of time to reach the destination. On the other hand, a bike trip or a flight to Leh may prove to be quite expensive. Thus, most travellers prefer to book a package with a reputed tour operator. This allows them to relax and let professionals do the heavy lifting.


Leh Ladakh Tour Packages Cost from Delhi


On a trip to Leh-Ladakh, travel turns out to be the major expense. In order to travel within the region, you need to book taxis. It’s worth mentioning that the frequency of public transport is sub-standard. With tour operators, you aren’t stuck in the middle of the road without any help. Moreover, tour operators have tie-ups with taxi unions to provide you with seamless service. Leh Ladakh tour packages without airfare are the best way to explore this rugged region’s unparalleled beauty.


If you’re travelling on your own, you’re still required to book a shared taxi to cut costs. With a tour operator, you can atleast travel with people you get to know on the journey. It’s much better than travelling with complete strangers within Leh-Ladakh.


If you start the journey from Delhi, you need to cover about 2500 – 3500 km. This includes the distance travelled within Leh-Ladakh. The cost of fuel for a bike turns out to be approximately INR 10,000. If you’re travelling in a car, the cost may be even higher. In addition to this, you have to pay for accommodation, meals, permits, tolls, entry tickets etc. The total cost comes out to be somewhere between INR 25,000 – INR 35,000. The interesting thing is that most Leh Ladakh tour packages without airfare cost something similar.


Reputed tour operators not only take precautions to ensure your safety, but also help with extensive planning for the trip. In addition to this, professionals allow you to explore offbeat trails, scenic locations and use their knowledge of local culture and traditions to help you feel at ease. If you’re looking for Leh Ladakh tour packages without airfare, please click here.


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