Overview of Leh Ladakh trip in November

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Overview of Leh Ladakh trip in November

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Starting October, winter progresses in the region, and locals start winding up businesses to make way for a chilly season ahead. November is even colder. A Leh Ladakh trip in November isn’t for the faint-hearted. In fact, you’ll have to plan every step carefully. Most travellers avoid visiting Leh-Ladakh during this period, but hardcore backpackers and adventure enthusiasts have a different opinion. With necessary precautions and proper planning, it’s possible to have a good time in the region. However, we highly recommend consulting a tour operator to plan everything for you.


Leh Ladakh Trip in November


If you’re visiting Leh-Ladakh in November, it’s better to plan the trip in the first half of the month. The biggest advantage of planning your trip in the first half is that you’d be able to plan a road trip. In early November, the Srinagar – Leh highway remains open. You can use this route for the journey to and from Leh. It’s important to note that high altitude passes on this highway can receive snowfall at anytime. Thus, you need to be prepared for such circumstances.


Book a Flight


If you’re keen on visiting Leh-Ladakh in the second half of the month, it’s better to book a flight to Leh. In spite of the road being open, you shouldn’t take a risk to travel via the Srinagar – Leh highway. In the second half of the month, chances of snowfall are too high, and you’re more likely to get stuck in the middle of nowhere. However, taking a flight would mean that you’d be more likely to suffer from high altitude sickness. Thus, you should get acclimatized for a couple of days before you start exploring the region.


Leh Ladakh Trip in November


Keep the Itinerary Simple


For a trip to Leh-Ladakh in November, you should plan a basic itinerary. You should only include major tourist attractions like Nubra Valley, Tso Moriri and Pangong Tso. It’s better to skip complicated routes and areas like Marsimik, Charchagan La, Chushul and Horla. In fact, in the month of November, you might not even be able to get permits for these areas.


Prepare Yourself for the Cold


Without a doubt, Leh-Ladakh is one of the coldest and most rugged regions in the country. In November, Leh Ladakh weather is freezing cold, and can take a toll on your overall health. Therefore, you should prepare for the cold, and carry a lot of warm clothes and thermals. In fact, you need to prepare yourself both physically and mentally.


In November, the average Leh Ladakh temperature ranges somewhere between 8 degree celsius to minus 7 degree celsius. At night, black ice forms on the road, and can cause serious problems in the morning. Therefore, you shouldn’t leave for tourist attractions early in the morning, and let the sun melt it.


A Leh Ladakh trip in November comes with a lot of challenges. Thus, it’s highly recommended to plan your trip under the supervision and guidance of experienced tour operators. If you want to get in touch with our team of experts, please click here.


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