Overview of Manali Camping from Pune

Manali Camping from Pune



Overview of Manali Camping from Pune

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In the last few years, Manali has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Travellers from around the world visit Manali for camping, trekking and other adventure experiences. Suited for trekkers, backpackers, families and couples, Manali’s proximity to Leh – Ladakh makes it a preferred choice among nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers. With Manali camping from Pune, you can experience a different world altogether. On the journey, you pass through several narrow passes, snow-capped mountains, huge boulders, gushing streams and enchanting waterfalls.


Earlier, Manali was famous for being the summer capital of the country. Rapid development and awareness among tourists have made it quite popular among seasoned trekkers and backpackers. Unlike other hill stations, Manali camping experiences allow you to indulge in a wide range of adventure activities, such as paragliding, mountain biking, skiing, rappelling and more. If Manali has always been on your bucket list, don’t miss a chance to stay in one of the scenic camps.


About Manali Camping


Manali camps offer a lot more than a basic experience. Though you’d still witness mesmerizing sunsets and explore the scenic beauty of the region, you’ll also get a chance to meet several like-minded travellers and indulge in adventure activities. Almost every tour operator offers a unique camping experience in Manali. You can choose from night camps, riverside camps, adventure camps and more.


Manali Camping from Pune


If you’ve always wanted to explore the Himalayas, Manali camping from Pune will give you the perfect opportunity to live your dream. Depending on your budget and interests, you can even get the itinerary customized. This provides you with more flexibility, and you can explore the region at your own pace.


Best Time for Manali Camping Trip


Every year, hundreds of tourists from Pune visit Manali for camping experiences. The months from May to June are considered to be an ideal time to visit. Some hardcore trekkers prefer a visit in winter season, when they can indulge in snow trekking. If you want to escape the monotony of city life, and look forward to mesmerizing sunsets, enchanting waterfalls and gushing streams, summer season will be the perfect time to visit. If you’re an adventurous soul, you could wait till winter arrives in Manali.


Manali Camping from Pune


For Manali camping from Pune, you can take a flight or a train to Delhi or Chandigarh. From one of these cities, you can take a bus or a tempo traveller to reach Manali. As mentioned earlier, the journey takes you through scenic locales, allowing you to explore the beauty of raw nature. On the way, you can even take halts in some roadside stalls and shops to savour local cuisine.


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