Palaces in Leh


Leh Palace: The Leh Palace has been the primary attraction within the city, as it was

once the world’s tallest building, built by the kings of Ladakh in 1553. After being

abandoned in the mid 19 th century, the ruined palace has been restored by the

Archaeological Survey of India. Its roof offers panoramic views of Leh and the

surrounding areas. The prayer room of Leh Palace offers a glimpse of the grandeur of

the former Leh Palace.

Stok Palace: This palace, around 15km from the main city of Leh, was built in 1825

and is presently the residence of the royal descendants of King Sengge Namgyal. The

palace has a cafeteria with a great open terrace. The palace has several beautiful

gardens as well as library with around 108 volumes of the Kangyur-collection of

Buddha’s teachings. There are museum rooms displaying royal family treasures like

the queen’s crown. The five secret guest rooms of the palace, decorated with

beautiful murals, can be hired on rent.


 Shey Palace: This palace was built more than 555 years ago by Lhachen Palgyigon,

the King of Ladakh. The palace is also a monastery. It is home to Ladakh’s largest

golden Buddha statue. It is located in Shey village of Leh district. Shey Monastery has

two seasonal festivals which are held every year. The first festival is held at Shey

Palace on the 26 th  and 27 th  day of the first month of the Tibetan calendar which is

generally in the months of July or August. This festival is called “Shey Doo Lhoo” it is

held to mark the beginning of the sowing season. The two day celebration is marked

by special rituals performed by the monks in the main monastery, in addition to

several other religious rites. Villagers gather in large numbers at the monastery to

celebrate the festival.


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