Passes in Ladakh

   About passes in Ladakh :


 5.615 m   Kardungh La – Pass – the highest pass on earth!

 5.390 m   Tanglang La – Pass- the second-highest

 5.360 m   Chang La – Pass – the third-highest

 5.300 m   Wari La – Pass

 5.050 m   Namshang La – Pass

 5,019 m   Lachungla – Pass

 5,000 m   Polokangla – Pass

 4,900 m   Namshingla – Pass

 4,908 m   Kanglajal la – Pass

 4,890 m   Baralacha la – Pass

 4,740 m   Nakila – Pass

 3,978 m   Rohtang la – Pass


Baralacha La

Of all the passes in Ladakh, Baralacha La is situated about 75 kms from Keylong, Baralacha La is at an elevation of 16,040 feet across

the Bhaga river. It is the beginning point of several treks in Leh Ladakh region including the

famous Suraj Tal  trek and Chandra Tal trek. It is always preferable to make one’s way

across Baralacha La pass before noon as the melting snow on the higher altitudes of this

pass makes it difficult to cross it as the day advances.

Tanglang La Pass

Tanglang La on the Manali – Leh highway is at an elevation of 17582 ft is the topmost point

on the highway. On the Manali – Leh route Tanglang la is like the gateway to Leh. The

highlights of the Manali – Leh highway are the Gata Loops and Tanglang La. Nearly all of the

mountain passes in Leh a small temple and a marker stone with the altitude of the pass

mentioned on it so is on Tanglang la also.

Chang La Pass

The gateway to Changthang, Chang La at an elevation of 17,590 ft is the third highest

motorable pass. A shrine devoted here to Chang La baba after whom the pass is also

named. The nearest settlement is Tangste is. Tourists visiting Chang La pass are served

with free tea by Indian army.


ITBP built the Marsimek-La pass at an elevation of 18634 ft, which makes unsupported

declairs of being the lofty motorable pass in the world! 35 kms from Pangong Tso,Marsimek-

La is on the northern-most tip of the Plateau

Khardung La

Khardung La  is one of the most well received landing place in Leh and it is also the gateway

to Siachen glacier and Nubra. It is one of many passes in Ladakh on the way one might come

across a lot of traffic and army

fleets hence it is best to start off the expedition early in the day in order to avoid as much

traffic. The jaunt to Khardung La can get very bumpy because of the weather and landslides

that habitually take place here. It does not bore too good for well maintained roads.The drive

to the peak of Khardung La is comparatively easier than other rides in Leh. Road beyond

South Pallu is in bad condition & gain in elevation is considerable and the elation of reaching

the Khardurng la top is mind numbing!

Zogi La Pass

Zoji la Pass is one of the lofty mountain passes on Srinagar – Ladakh highway which is about

100 km from Srinagar ahead of Sonmarg.Due to heavy snowfall Zoji La pass remains closed

for six months in a year. (Opens by April end)


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