Attractions in Leh

Pangong Tso Lake: It is the one of the most beautiful attractions in Leh, with its pristine water, picturesque location and tranquil, blue waters with a backdrop of mountains colored green, blue and violet. It is one of the largest brackish lakes in Asia.

Shanti Stupa: It is a white colored Dome-shaped stupa (chorten) located on hilltop in Chanspa. Its beauty is enhanced with illumination at night. It was inaugurated by His Holiness, the 14 th and the current Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso in 1991. The gilt panels of the Stupa depict the life stories of Lord Buddha. It was built to promote world peace and prosperity and to commemorate 2500 years of Buddhism. Visitors can relish in the beautiful view of Leh town. Don’t miss the beautiful sunset here when the snow on the mountains starts changing color from White to golden to Orange to red. As the name suggests, peace prevails here and is sure to mesmerize you.

 Jama Masjid: Also considered as one of the major historical mosques in Ladakh, it is more than 200 years old. It has a spacious prayer room. It was built in memory of Mir Syed Ali Hamdani, a Muslim Sufi Saint.


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 Old Town: Old Town has old mud-brick houses and stupas with winding alleys and stairways underneath them. The town is famous as an integral historic Tibet-Himalayan urban settlement. There are also Buddhist temples and mosques.

 Tiger Hill: It is one of the highest peaks in the Drass- Kargil area of Jammu & Kashmir. Its strategic importance is owing to the battle between Indian and Pakistani soldiers, in 1999, to recapture the peak from the Pakistani army.

 Nimu: This valley has Indus river flowing alongside it and It is the starting point for the annually-held- all-India river rafting expedition, from where the rafting groups make way to the Zanskar river for more action.

 Panikhar: This is a trekking centre located in Suru Valley, one of the most beautiful regions of Ladakh. Tourists on the route to Padum often stop by at this spot and walk to nearby Parkachik La to enjoy the panoramic view of the glacier gouged north face of Nun Kun mountain.

 Tso Moriri Lake: This lake is one of the most beautiful and serene lakes of Ladakh. The lake offers breath-taking views from top of the hill under moon-light and at sunset.

 Nubra Valley: This valley offers stunning and mesmerizing views with its beautiful white sand desert in the middle of the valley, a tiny river and unique features like the double humped camel.

 Magnetic Hill: This unique hill is located on the Leh-Kargil- Baltik national highway. This hill is believed to have such magnetic power that it pulls cars uphill, if the cars come in its radius. This belief is so intense, that the defense forces here avoid flying their aircraft over the hill.

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