Sandakphu Trek Blog – All you need to know



Sandakphu Trek Blog – All you need to know

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Considered to be one of the most scenic and thrilling treks in the state of West Bengal, Sandakphu trek takes you on a journey through the forest, crossing lush landscape, red rhododendrons and white magnolias. Everything you see comes with snow-capped mountains in the backdrop. The trekking route is the highest point in the famous Singalila National Park. The trail is close to the Indo-Nepal border, and allows you to soak in the tradition, culture and cuisine of both countries. In this Sandakphu trek blog, we’ve tried to explain everything you should know about the destination.


The trek starts from New Jalpaiguri, and takes you to the basecamp at Manebhanjan. From Tumling, you embark on a journey of peace, relaxation and scenic wonders. The third day of the trek requires you to cover a distance of 9 km within 5 hours to reach Kalipokhri. The Sandakphu peaks, Mt. Everest and Mt. Kanchenjunga are visible on the fourth day of the journey. During the trek, don’t miss the mesmerizing sunsets.


The fifth day of the journey requires you to descend. The route from Sandakphu to Srikhola is pretty straightforward. On your Sandakphu trek package, you won’t be able to stop yourself from admiring the beauty of the region. Panoramic views of snow-capped mountains take your breath away at every step. You’ll see plenty of the famous peaks, such as Everest, Makalu, Janu, Lhotse, Baruntse and Chamlang. Take a stroll along the edge of the Indo-Nepal border, and wholeheartedly investigate the Sikkim/Darjeeling Himalayas. A Sandakphu trek offers a thrilling and a memorable experience.


Sandakphu Trek Blog – The Destination


Located at a height of 11,914 feet above sea level in Darjeeling, West Bengal, Sandakphu trek is also called the ‘Trekker’s Wonderland’. As mentioned earlier, it’s the highest region in Singalila National Park and West Bengal. It takes about 6 days to complete the trek. Throughout this period, you’re able to catch stunning views of the Annapurna and Kanchenjunga ranges. You also come across some unexplored locations, and spend time in the forest among rare species of flora and fauna. Contrasting views of the evergreen forests and the snow-clad peaks keep you engaged every second of the journey.


Sandakphu Trek Blog


The Sandakphu trek route takes you through the Singalila National Park, and thus, it’s also popularly called the Singalila trek. During the journey, you’ll not only see the beauty of some famous peaks, but even ‘The Three Sisters’, ‘The Sleeping Buddha’ and more. It’s a single stretch of snow that spans across the north-eastern Himalayas. You’ll be able to see the snow-capped mountains of Sikkim, Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. As you continue walking on the trail, you’ll come across rhododendrons and magnolias, which are in full bloom between February to April.


As mentioned earlier, the route lies right on the border between India and Nepal. In addition to this, Singalila National Park is also famous for sightings of Red Panda. It’s a nature lover’s paradise, and gives you a chance to tap into the raw beauty of nature. Blooming flowers turn the landscape into a sheet of red, pink and white. Thus, Sandakphu trek is considered to be one of the most beautiful in the country. A visit to Sandakphu is a thrilling and an exciting experience.


Trek Highlights


In this Sandakphu trek blog, we also want to give you a clear idea about the key highlights. Being one of the most beautiful treks in the country, it allows you to explore several scenic locations in Nepal and Sikkim. During the trek, you can get stunning views of Mt. Everest, which is considered to be a mythical stairway to heaven. Apart from this, a camping experience under the starlit night sky feels delightful.


Sandakphu Trek Best Time


On the trek, you’ll pass through several small streams to witness the beauty of the region. You can even stop for a while in small villages, which are occupied by friendly locals. It gives you an opportunity to learn about the simplistic mountain and village lifestyle. Mesmerizing sunrises and picturesque sunsets will be the key highlights every day. The blooming rhododendrons and magnolias let you feel close to nature, and cover the entire forest in shades of red, white and pink.


Reach via Train


The nearest major railway station to the trek is New Jalpaiguri. It’s located in the southern-west region of Sikkim. Several long distance trains pass through or arrive at this station every day. You can even plan to visit Kolkata and take a train to New Jalpaiguri. In case you’re visiting on a Sandakphu trek package from New Delhi or other parts of northern India, you can take a train to New Jalpaiguri, which will also pass through Kolkata.


Reach via Flight


If you’re keen on booking a flight to visit Sandakphu, you can take a flight to Bagdogra. However, it’s worth mentioning that flights to Bagdogra are usually more expensive than the ones to Kolkata. From the airport or the station, a Tata Sumo or a similar vehicle will pick you up for the onward journey. By evening, you’ll reach Kopidana to proceed on the trek.


The Sandakphu trek route is everything you’d imagine a Himalayan trek to be. As you pass through the dense forests in Singalila National Park, the hike will feel surreal and memorable. You’ll encounter innumerable species of flora and fauna, some even endangered and rare. The coniferous and broadleaf trees will welcome you on a journey of a lifetime.


Unlike most other treks in the country, this one isn’t out of civilization’s way. The entire route is lined with small villages, which are inhabited by people from Sikkim and Nepal. The economy in this region largely depends on Sandakphu trek. Fortunately, tourism keeps running throughout the year.


Sandakphu Phalut trek gives you a chance to skip the busy city life and witness the beauty of nature, explore new culture and breathe in the freshest air of the Himalayas. We hope this Sandakphu trek blog was useful. Renok Adventures has been conducting and organising tours to Sandakphu for quite some time. If you’re looking for a Sandakphu trek package or another Sandakphu trek blog, get in touch with our team of experts. Please click here.


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