Shopping in Ladakh

Shopping in Ladakh can be quite a memorable and authentic experience, as there are so many things quite unique and authentic to Ladakh, which are worth buying. Some of the favorite picks of travelers are :

 Pashmina wool garments (shawls, stoles, etc)

 Handmade woolens (socks, gloves, caps, sweaters, etc)

 Prayer wheels

 Buddhist masks

 Thangka paintings

 Tibetan silver jewelry

 Traditional Ladakhi jewelry with turquoise

 Hand-woven rugs and carpets

 Apricots

 Copper Samovars

 Turquoise and Coral Stones

shopping - ladakh

There are a lot of open markets as well as established stores. Some of the recommended shopping hubs are as below:

Ladag Apricot Store

This store is famous for its local fruit products, especially the apricots.

Ladakh Bookshop

This bookshop publishes locally relevant works and stocks Olizane’s indispensable Ladakh  Trekking Maps.


This cool outlet offers an environmentally friendly laundry service, water refills, juices, and range of local products as well as second-hand books.

Handicrafts Industrial Co-operative Shop

This shop sells wooden choktse tables carved with images of mythical beats.These tables are beautiful expressions of Ladakhi art and culture.

Nowshera Bazaar

This street has many tiny shops selling prayer flags and other Buddhist paraphernalia

Gol Market

This market has many shops selling cheap clothes, bags and limited camping supplies.

Women’s Alliance

This shop sells postcards, calendars, handicrafts and Ladakhi clothing. All the profits are invested in projects for women empowerment.

Venture Ladakh

This shop offers climbing and trekking gear on rent.


This shop sells local and musical instruments.


This is a boutique selling Tibetan fabrics and crafts.


This shop sells locally produced crafts and clothes.

Tibetan Refugee Market

This market has several Tibetan artifacts and souvenir items like Tibetan made lock, fish shaped locks, puzzle locks. There are earrings, rings and pendants made of silver with different stones or China pearls.

A few other shopping gems worth exploring are as below:

Main Bazaar Road

 Ladakh Art Palace

 Tibetan Handicraft Emporium

 Ladakh Environment and Health Organization


 Tibetan Handicraft Community Showroom


 Cottage Industries Exposition

 Ecology Center


 Moti Market


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