10 Tips on How to Stay Warm in Sleeping for Trekking

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10 Tips on How to Stay Warm in Sleeping for Trekking

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10 Tips on How to Stay Warm in Sleeping Bag for Trekking

 1. Get In Sleeping Bag Warm

Make sure you do a few jumping jacks, Push ups just enough to warm yourself up but before you start sweating. If you get in a sleeping bag when you are cold you’ll likely stay cold but if you get in sleeping bag warm then you will stay warm.

2. Fuel up:

If it’s going to be a very cold night considers a pre-bedtime snack that will keep the furnace burning. Slow burning fatty snacks are better than refined sugars or caffeine. A light snack will help you during the cold night when you are using the Sleeping Bag for Trekking

Sleeping Bag for Trekking


3. Water:

You need to be well hydrated to stay warm. How much water to drink within the hour or two before you go to sleep is determined by how fast you process it? If nature calls in the middle of the night get up and go! Holding it in makes you colder and remember to cover your head while going out.

4. Wear Only Dry Clothes

As soon as you reach the camp change your damp clothes which you wore during the day trekking. If you wear them to sleeping bag you will have to heat your damp clothes before you get warm. Remember you always have to have a pair of dry clothes you can trek in wet clothes but you cannot sleep in wet clothes

5. Use Your Trekking Water Bottle:

Consider using you trekking water bottle filled with hot water and keeping it in sleeping bag to you’re your feet warm. This will also serve other purpose of keeping that water bottle at body temperature so that you don’t have to drink freezing water. Use only good quality bottle with no leakage otherwise you know it……

6. Wear A Warm Skull Cap:

We lose heat from our heads. It’s not an old wives’ tale; wear a hat to keep your feet warm. As soon you reach camp you should keep your head covered by any kind of cap, muffler or hat.

7. Keep Your Nose And Mouth Outside:

Don’t put your nose and mouth into your sleeping bag. Moisture from breathing will make the bag and your clothing damp. A well-designed mummy style sleeping bag will allow you to close the bag so only your nose and mouth are exposed.

8. Keep Off The Ground:

Sleeping warm suggests that insulating you from the bottom. A decent insulating pad is vital it gives much needed insulation from snow beneath the tent or from cold surface.

9. Sleeping Bag Socks :

If you get cold feet try keeping a enthusiastic pair of thick, loose swindle or wool socks worn only in the resting bag.

10. Shake Up Your Bag

Whatever type of insulation is in your sleeping bag it will be compacted from packing. Do a good job of shaking and redistribute the filling before you get in the bag.

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Cheat Sheet to keep yourself warm in Sleeping Bag: 

  • You can keep a air tight water bottle (Nalgene, Quechua or Maaza Bottle are good as they are leak proof) filled with luke warm water inside your sleeping bag near your feet, this way you can keep your feet warm plus you will get body temperature water to drink during the night
  • You can use Warmee they are easily available online on amazon

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