Spots to See In Auli

Trishul Peak

This peak stands out amongst the most ski-accommodating slopes of Auli, the fabulous Trishul crest is 23,490 feet high. Indeed, even before the ski resort tourism denoted its presentation on the inclines of Auli, the Trishul, and other Auli crests were utilized by the ski-prepared watching officers of the Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force as a preparation ground. It is said that in a 1958 expedition to scale the Trishul Peak, it took the climbers four days to climb and only an hour and a half to ski down to their base camp. There is a lake, Roopkund, at the base of the inclines of Trishul Peak. It is otherwise called the secret lake in light of the fact that more than 600 skeletal strays of people and stallions were found here.

Winter Ski Resort

Auli is a renowned worldwide winter ski resort. In winters, the inclines of Auli are clad with snow floor covering as deep as 3 meters. The skiing season in Auli ranges from January to March each year. Skiing on 10-20 km of clean extents of slants thickly covered with snow is in the same class as a worldwide skiing background. Auli offers world-class offices for experienced skiers and novices can likewise agree to one week or two-week long skiing courses. Everything from cabin to boarding offices is effortlessly accessible for skiers.


The loved sage Adi Shankaracharya is known to have wandered and picked up illuminating in Joshimath. There are two celebrated sanctuaries, Narsingh and Garuda sanctuary, to visit in Joshimath. Another fascination is the Amar Kalp tree which is accepted to be around 2,500 years of age. One can likewise look at the hot springs of Tapovan situated at a separation of 14 km from Joshimath and 32 km from Auli.

Nanda Devi National Park

The Nanda Devi National park is situated at a separation of 41 km from Auli. Enhanced with delightful surroundings and abundant greenery including Brahma-kamal and Bharal, it is a noteworthy fascination four sightseers who come to Auli. Not more than two gatherings of guests are permitted to move in the recreation center in a day. The extreme utmost for a week is four gatherings of guests. Guests are joined by an enlisted guide. The territory is sloping and intense, in this way, guests ought to make all the advisable strides.


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