Stok Kangri Base Camp Details

Stok Kangri Base Camp Details



Stok Kangri Base Camp Details

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Stok Kangri, one of the most beautiful trekking destinations in the country, requires you to overcome several obstacles, such as snowy blizzards and steep slopes. However, with a clear understanding of Stok Kangri base camp details, you’ll realize why trekkers from around the world visit this beautiful destination. At a staggering height of 6,153 metres, Stok Kangri is one of the highest peaks in Leh – Ladakh.


If you want to reach this beautiful destination, you need to embark on a challenging journey. On average, the trip takes 5-6 days. It’s worth mentioning that Stok Kangri is considered to be a difficult trek. Therefore, it should only be done by trekkers with some prior experience scaling peaks over 5,000 metres. It’s advised to plan everything under the guidance and supervision of reputed tour operators, who ensure your safety and allow you to have a good time.


Stok Kangri Base Camp Details


According to seasoned trekkers and backpackers, you should plan a trek to Stok Kangri atleast once in a lifetime. With a week of challenging and thrilling trek through raw nature, you get an unparalleled and a wholesome trekking experience. Considering the height of the trek, it’s important to acclimatize yourself before reaching the basecamp. On reaching Leh, you should rest for a couple of days to get acclimated to cold weather and altitude. With proper acclimatization, your Stok Kangri trekking experience will be much better.


From Leh, you embark on a journey to reach the ancient village of Stok. A scenic drive through spectacular mountain roads brings you here. From the start of the journey, you’ll notice a steep rise in elevation. On Stok Kangri trek, your first stop will be Chang Ma, marked clearly with tents set up on serene, high slopes.


Stok Kangri Base Camp Details


On the next day, you begin the journey to reach Mankorma, one of the most important stops on Stok Kangri trekking experience. One of the most scenic routes, you’ll notice the mountains change colours and hues every few metres. Since Mankorma has flat terrain, it looks completely different from Chang Ma’s steep slopes.


During night time, clear skies will give mesmerizing views of the stars. In the morning, you need to prepare yourself for a tough excursion. As oxygen levels start diminishing, you’ll have to fight off chilly weather. In order to reach the basecamp, you’ll need will, stamina and endurance.


On reaching the base camp, you’ll be stunned by the mesmerizing beauty. It will take all your worries and stress away. From here, you can soak in amazing views of several glaciers, and even cross a few glacial lakes enroute. The real ascent begins from the base camp. Therefore, you should have a good understanding of Stok Kangri base camp details. Rocky, narrow paths, huge boulders and several glaciers will welcome you to the laps of raw nature.


After an hour’s ascend from the base camp, the journey will seem easier. From the top, you can soak in views of Zanskar range, Karakoram range, and even the majestic K2 peak. Considering the height and difficulties, it’s advised to plan Stok Kangri trek with a reputed and an experienced tour operator. If you want to know more about Stok Kangri trekking, feel free to get in touch with our team of experts. Please click here.


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Stok Kangri Base Camp Details


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