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Bhrigu Lake Trek Height

Bhrigu Lake Trek in December

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With vast expanses of lush meadows, stunning natural beauty and snow-capped mountains, Bhrigu Lake trek has become one of the most mesmerizing destinations in the country. Preferred by backpackers and trekkers from around the world, this beautiful trekking route leaves you mesmerized and spellbound. However, if you’re planning a Bhrigu Lake trek in December, it’s not an ideal choice.


Considered among some of the most popular and scenic high-altitude treks, Bhrigu Lake is in the Garhwal Himalayas. Located in the lush Kullu Valley, this serene lake has always been associated with Saint Bhrigu. According to legend, he used to meditate on the banks of the lake, which also attracts numerous worshippers. It’s believed that his blessings ensure the lake is never completely frozen.


Unlike other similar treks, Bhrigu Lake trek is relatively easy. If you have a decent level of physical fitness and stamina, you won’t experience any issues in completing the journey. Once you reach the destination, soak in stunning views of Seven Sister peaks, Hanuman Tibba, Pir Panjal range and Deo Tibba. While walking on the trail, you pass hundreds of Cedars and Oaks. Additionally, you need to cross gushing streams and pasture lands.


Bhrigu Lake Trek in December


In the month of December, the entire region is covered under thick snow. Even the temperature dips sharply, and may reach beyond minus 10-degree Celsius. The season to trek Bhrigu Lake starts from mid-May and ends in October. For a wholesome Bhrigu Lake trekking experience, you should plan a visit in these months.


Bhrigu Lake Trek in December


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