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Chadar Trek Requirements

What should you know while planning Chadar trek for beginners?

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Chadar trek, one of the most difficult in the country, entices backpackers and travellers from around the world. With some simple tips and proper planning, Chadar trek for beginners isn’t a far-fetched idea. If you are new at trekking and are excited about doing the frozen Zanskar River trek in Ladakh, here are a few things you should keep in mind.


Considered a moderate to difficult one, Chadar trek is a 9-day long journey that takes you through the experience of trekking and camping in the icy landscapes of Chilling, Tilad do, Gyalpo, Dib cave and Naerak. Preferred by many seasoned trekkers, chadar frozen river trek remains to be one of the most enthralling experiences in the winter season.  


Chadar Trek for Beginners – Info You Need


Any person from average to good physical fitness can do this trek without worrying about mishaps. Since the route is 105 km long, split in 9 days, you have to walk for an average of 5-6 hours each day.


Chadar Trek for Beginners
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To cover this trek, you’ll first be taking a flight from Delhi to Leh, where you need to spend a day acclimatizing in the low oxygen levels. While doing this, you can rest and experience the rich culture of the city. On the second day, you are driven to Chilling from where you begin your expedition.


If you are even briefly introduced with the experience of a trek, you might know the importance of prepping up. Trekking for this long on the frozen river comes with its own due challenges, which you would want to be prepared for. If you don’t want to waste any time pondering over stuff you should be taking along, here’s some information you need. You can also checkout our most popular Chadar trek packages. Just click here.


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