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How to plan a corbett educational school trip?

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Located approximately 250 km from Delhi, Corbett is one of the best places for an educational school trip. Among the many benefits of educational trip, team building, learning leadership skills, health & fitness training and improving communication skills are the most important. An educational field trip allows students to interact with classmates and teachers in an informal setting. This allows them to acquire and retain learning experiences in a much better way.


Overview of Corbett Educational School Trip


Educational School Trip


Program Duration : 3 days


Difficulty : Easy


Start / Finish : Ghaziabad – Delhi


Nearest Town : Ramnagar


Distance : Delhi – Camp ( 220 Kms)


Day 00: School – Corbett ( 6 – 7 hrs drive)


Assemble at school premises at 11:30 pm followed by wheel rolling to Corbett – Kyari.


Day 01: Camp Corbett


Reach Camp by morning 7:00 am. Arrival assistance followed by a short brief about team and camp rules, facilities, and allocation of tents. After freshening up, assemble in the dining area for breakfast. Post breakfast, groups are divided into teams for various adventure activities.


For lunch, we will again assemble in the dining area, and leave for body surfing after finishing our meals. In the evening, high tea is served in the camp, followed by bonfire and dinner.


Overnight in camp.


Day 02: Camp Corbett


Wake at leisure followed by team hurdle with light snacks . After breakfast, we start our second day of camping .On the second day, we will go for a short jungle hike. It will take 3 – 4 hours to reach back the camp. We’ll assemble for lunch in the dining area. Post lunch, groups are again divided into teams for various team-building activities, which are followed by bonfire and dinner.


Overnight in camp.


Day 03: Camp Corbett – Ghaziabad


After having breakfast, we will be driving back to Delhi.


For an educational school trip, you need the best tour operators well-versed with several team-building strategies and practices. Our trainers leave no stone unturned to combine a fun trip with a good learning experience. To get in touch with us, please click here.

Educational Field Trips for Middle School

What life skills can you acquire on a school tour?

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Life skills-based activities are fun and interactive sessions designed by Renok Adventures to help children learn and absorb all essential life skills. On a school tour, students get the perfect opportunity to polish these skills, and move towards a better, brighter future. Whether you want to organise a high school tour or a middle school tour, it’s important to focus on these life skills to make the trip more productive.


The 10 Core Life Skills for a School Tour


  1. Self-awareness
  2. Empathy
  3. Critical thinking
  4. Creative thinking
  5. Decision making
  6. Problem solving
  7. Effective communication
  8. Interpersonal relationship
  9. Coping with stress
  10. Coping with emotions


School Tour


Emphasis on Safety – Renok Adventures has a team of trained mountaineers and trainers with first-hand experience in dealing in some of the harshest terrains known to man. The support staff is also trained in first-aid.


Emphasis on Learning with Fun – All activities have an emphasis on experiential learning. Renok Adventures organizes activities and sessions that help students achieve success by acquiring certain skills like leadership qualities, time management etc.


Emphasis on Outcomes – All activities are specifically designed to get specific outcomes and the programs meet certain objectives, needs and requirements.


Types of Programs for a School Tour


  • Renok Life Expedition (Life skills-based program)
  • India to Bharat (Students learn about rural India)
  • Renok Leadership Programme (Using outdoors to impact leadership skills)
  • Renok Adventure Programme (Fun-filled adventure program)


The great outdoors are the best setting to impart leadership skills to students. Through this trekking program, we teach kids about how to practice leadership. Ideal for students going towards leadership roles in schools. If you want to get in touch with our team, please click here.

Educational Trip

What are the benefits of an educational trip?

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An educational trip offers a lot more than just a short holiday for students. Leaving the usual routine and school grounds can have a major impact on students, who often find themselves yearning for different learning experiences. The benefits of educational trip or excursion can’t be overlooked for the overall development of students.


Educational Trip Overview


Educational trips allow students a chance to develop closer relationships with class and schoolmates. It also provides them with new experiences to enjoy a good time in the company of friends and mentors. If you wonder what is field trip in education, some of the most obvious benefits of an educational trip include:


New Experiences – Outside the classroom, teachers and students share a different relationship. It allows them to bond over fun activities in completely new and unfamiliar environments. The planning phase for the trip is also an exciting time, with everyone coming together to have a great time.


Educational Trip


Bonding – While spending a lot of time informally with each other, students are able to bond in a much better way with their classmates and teachers. Every year, new students also join classes, and a trip allows them to know other students better.


Learning Experiences – Without a doubt, an educational trip is one of the best ways to acquire some fresh learning experiences. They not only help students learn about new places, but also gives them a chance to explore beyond the standard coursebooks.


Fun – Educational trips don’t necessarily have to be boring or about the usual places. Destinations like wildlife sanctuaries, heritage cities and trekking routes can ensure that students have a fun time.


We organise educational trips and excursions throughout the country. A good learning experience combined with safety is our top-most priority. If you want students to absorb such great experiences, and want to get in touch with someone from our team, just click here.