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How are fun field trips for high school students organised?

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The great outdoors are the best setting for fun field trips for high school students. They can be used to impart leadership skills and many other qualities to students. Through this trekking program, Renok Adventures teaches kids about how to practice leadership in a group. Using an experiential learning model developed by American educational theorist David Kolb, we give participants more responsibility each day so that they get comfortable with making decisions, acting upon them, and reflecting on their outcomes.


Fun Field Trips for High School Students


Participants in field trips for students might start with small choices, such as when and for how long the hiking group will take a break, and end with big decisions, like mapping out and executing an unsupervised off-trail excursion. Our participants work up to consequential leadership, building knowledge and skills step-by-step. And they are forced to learn from their inevitable mistakes. We follow the below cycle throughout our experience:


Fun Field Trips for High School Students


Concrete Experience – A new experience situation is encountered, or a reinterpretation of an existing experience.


Reflective Observation – A completely new experience. Of particular importance are any

inconsistencies between experience and understanding.


Abstract Conceptualization – Reflection gives rise to a new idea, or a modification of an

existing abstract concept.


Active Experimentation – The learner applies them to the world around him/her to see what results can be achieved.


At a practical level, educational trips for students are divided into groups, with assigned leaders, active followers and passive followers. This is changed everyday throughout the trek. Our plan for fun field trips for high school students is to create a trekking program wherein, with a three-step process, we create a group which will be capable of summiting a peak over 6000 metres. For any queries, click here.

Educational School Trip

Ideas for Winter Educational Trips for High School Students

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Winter is one of the best seasons to plan educational trips for high school students. Educational trips for students give them a chance to explore and learn. It provides them with an opportunity to interact with local communities, visit sights of interest and develop strong bonds with classmates and teachers.


Educational Trips for High School Students


Winter season is a great time to immerse in local experiences and develop long-lasting relationships. With proper guidance and support, you’re able to provide students with hands-on experience on various subjects and details. New discoveries and lessons can help retain memories throughout a person’s lifetime.


Educational Trips for High School Students


Outdoor Activities – Winter is a great time to benefit from outdoor activities, such as trekking, skiing, ice skating etc. A lot of places in North India allow students to explore nature and wildlife up-close. These activities can also be used as tools for improving leadership qualities and team building.


Swimming – Every city has some good indoor swimming pools. A swimming class or session allows students to remain active, and spend a fun time with friends. Visits to water parks and amusement parks also turn out to be good choices.


Local Experiences – Trips to rural or remote places in your city or other parts of the country can help students learn a lot about local culture and heritage. This helps in building a completely new perspective. Wildlife experiences, nature walks, trekking and homestays are a few options teachers can choose to provide amazing experiences to students.


Educational trips for high school students are the perfect way to ensure that students learn in an open and an informal environment. Renok Adventures has been organising field trips for students for quite some time. To get in touch with our support team, click here.

Educational Trips

What can you expect on educational trips?

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Though educational trips are of many different kinds, let us give you an idea about our favourite – The Renok Leadership Trekking Programme. We believe that outdoors are the perfect setting to provide students with leadership skills. This program allows students to practice leadership skills while exploring a new destination.


Expectations For Our Educational Trips


Our trainers and support staff use an experiential learning model, which has been developed by David Kolb, a renowned American educational philosopher. Every day, the trainer gives more responsibility to the participants. This makes them comfortable with decision-making processes, allows them to learn from mistakes and reflect on different outcomes.


Educational Trips


Among the numerous educational trip benefits, learning the decision-making process is the most important. Most participants are given small choices to make in the beginning of the trip. These may include things like timings for the break on hiking, choice of rest stop etc. By the end of the trip, participants are taking important decisions like executing and mapping out an off-trail excursion.


One of the most important benefits of educational trips is that participants need to focus on consequential leadership and knowledge building. They are able to learn from their own mistakes. We have divided the program into different phases, including:


  • Concrete Experience – An entirely new experience or a reinterpretation of an existing experience
  • Reflective Observation – Observing nuances and benefits of experiences
  • Abstract Conceptualization – Ideation and modification of existing concepts
  • Active Experimentation – Experimenting with new learning and experiences in real-world scenarios


Renok Adventures has been organising educational trips for quite some time. We’ve taken several schools on educational and field trips to help students learn about different leadership practices, while letting them explore new places. If you want to get in touch with someone from our team, just click here.

What is Field Trip in Education

What is field trip in education?

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In case you wonder about what is field trip in education, you’ve come to the right place. Among the numerous field trip benefits, some of the most important ones have been listed below. A short, welcome break is one of the most important benefits of educational trips. While the purpose of a field trip is to educate, it also allows students to bond with each other and spend more time with teachers in an informal environment.


What is Field Trip in Education?


A field trip is a different kind of experience than a break or picnic. The purpose of a field trip is to help students learn and absorb new experiences in unfamiliar and casual environments. It allows them to learn various things, and provides them with a chance to enhance their skill set. If you want to know what is field trip in education, you should understand the various modules that make a good field trip.


What is Field Trip in Education


Reinforcement – Field trips lay the foundation for better learning experiences. They are a good break for both teachers and students. Though they are essentially meant to educate, they can also turnout to be a great bonding experience.


Engagement – With the right teachers, field trips can be turned into mobile classrooms. In a fun environment, students are more likely to follow instructions, and collect valuable data to help with skills and studies.


Socialization – Field trips not only allow students to interact with each other, but also give them a chance to socialize with teachers in an open and an informal environment. In addition to this, students can also socialize with locals in the region.


Curiosity & Retention – New places and discoveries make students curious, and give them a chance to learn in a much better way. Experiences are also engraved in memories, and it becomes easier to retain learning and knowledge.


Exposure – This is perhaps the most important benefit of a field trip. With the right set of places, collaboration and learning experiences, students are able to get exposure to new environments and practices. It allows them to learn many new things within a short period of time.


Renok Adventures has been organising field trips for quite some time. If you’re looking for a reputed tour operator to manage every aspect of your next field or educational trip, please get in touch with someone from our team. Just click here.

Educational Field Trips

What is the importance of educational field trips?

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If you often take your students on educational field trips, it’s important to make necessary preparations. You need to help them develop visual literacy, and effectively integrate the trip into the curriculum. Though it’s important, it’s never enough, and you need a lot more to make sure your students have a great time. An engaging educational trip can give the best results.


Importance of Educational Field Trips


In order to meet the field trip objectives, it’s not only important to consult a reputed tour operator, but also wisely choose the kind of experience you want for the kids. The importance of field trips can be summed up in a few basic benefits, which have been discussed below.


During the course of the journey, students are excited and energized in anticipation of new experiences and environments. The transportation from one place to another is often a pleasant and a fun time. On educational field trips, students also get a chance to witness new things, and learn about everything with a fresh and informal perspective.


Educational Field Trips


Most importantly, field trips give students a chance to learn about new environments at their own pace, without having to worry about any exams or test scores. An interest-driven learning experience always offers better results than curriculum-driven experiences.


With field trips, students are able to acquire a more integrated, holistic picture of all the information absorbed. New experiences aren’t presented in an abstract or a textual form. Reinforced and enriched experiences stimulate intellectual and sensory inputs of young minds.


Almost all educational or field trips are specifically designed to engage students and stimulate curiosity. Professional tour operators organising educational trips have proper understanding of students’ expectations, and make the best efforts to meet them. If you’d like to know about our field trips and experiences, get in touch with someone from our team. Please click here.