Chadar Trek Review

What should you know about Chadar frozen river trek?

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Over the years, Chadar frozen river trek has only got more popular among seasoned trekkers and backpackers from around the world. It’s not just a trek, but offers a wholesome travel experience. It’s the perfect way to get respite from city’s busy life, and rejuvenate your mind and soul. Completion of the trek provides you with immense satisfaction and a sense of achievement. Breath-taking views and bone-chilling temperatures don’t act as a deterrent, but motivate you to explore the untouched beauty of this region.


If you’re an adventurer seeking mesmerizing experiences, get ready to encounter harsh conditions and unparalleled beauty. While walking over a sheet of ice and criss-crossing snowy boulders, your high spirits keep you going to achieve what only a few witness in their lifetime. However, it’s recommended to consult professionals and exercise caution on this arduous journey.


Difficulties in Chadar Frozen River Trek


The approximate Chadar trek altitude is 13,000 feet. Such steep height increases the overall Chadar trek difficulty level. In addition to this, you need to tackle harsh climate and terrain on a strenuous and long journey. While some beginners are worried about exhaustion and need frequent breaks, more seasoned trekkers don’t experience much problems. However, there’s no doubt that you need expertise and high endurance to complete this trek. Proper ability and stamina are necessities on Chadar frozen river trek.


Chadar Frozen River Trek
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For such a difficult trek, you need the best organizers managing your trip. If you’re interested in booking Chadar trek 2019, you can get in touch with our seasoned trekkers. In fact, why don’t you read about making preparations for Chadar trek. It will give you a much better idea about what to expect on the journey. Just click here.


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