Hampta Pass solo

Is doing Hampta Pass solo a good option?

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Hampta Pass Solo Trekking

Even though Hampta Pass is not an easy trek, it is undeniably a popular one. Every year many trekkers witness lush green valleys of Spiti and Kullu. You will find many shepherds on your way to the pass but you should not rely on their availability if you are planning to do Hampta Pass solo. One should never risk being alone in the mountains. But if you are an experienced trekker, who has completed other high-altitude treks and have adequate gear and maps to mark the track, there is some possibility that you can attempt Hampta Pass trek solo, without any guide.

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Hampta Pass solo

Hampta Pass Solo 

You might be very self-assured on your skills but it is always recommended to take a guide along.

1. One should always be modest when encountering nature as humans are of no consequence in front of nature. Since Hampta Pass is a multi-day trek, it is wise to hire a guide or go with a group as you would have to carry your own camping gear and food. A local guide or a trek organizer can hire a cook, an aid and mules to carry your bags.

2. Things may seem to go completely fine without any glitch, but if things begin to go wrong you would not be able to deal with it alone. While trekking or otherwise, it is always about understanding the risk level and figuring out your mental and physical capability. If you have no trekking knowledge and experience, it can lead to benightment.


But if you still choose to attempt Hampta Pass solo, remember a few things.

Don’t rely too much on the internet for weather forecast since the weather on mountains can change in just minutes. A clear blue sky can turn grey with clouds in just a few minutes. One should stay prepared.

So, carry warmers, a good tent and sleeping bags and ample amount of food in advance. Many trekkers and tourists have diverged from their track and gone missing due to sudden snowfall and dense mist. So, we will recommend for you to get a guide along, it might give a good first experience for you to endeavor by yourself in future.

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