Is Hampta Pass in February possible?

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Is Hampta Pass in February possible?

Situated at an altitude of 4277.86 meters above sea level, the Hampta Pass is an essential part of Manali’s landscape, which is definitely India’s much loved adventure spot, this trek is certainly amongst the easiest of treks and most accessible to beginners. An electrifying experience, trekking around Hampta Pass unlocks the door to a whole new beautiful world.

While the whole of India is enjoying spring with cool pleasant weather all around, Hampta Pass in February is still a cold desert with harsh weather and unpredictable snowstorms. Though the Hampta Pass trek is not that difficult, it is nearly impossible to complete in the month of February.

Hampta Pass in February is closed due to Snow 

Hampta Pass in February is covered with a thick blanket of snow and the weather is unpredictable. The narrowing and constriction of the valley increases the amount of the snow that collects there. The temperature gets as low as 5°C even during the day and there is snowfall. In February, the track to the valley is too steep and sharp to trek which can be risky to walk on and is highly unsafe. But if you plan to attempt Hampta Pass, you should be experienced with other treks in the Himalayan region in order to complete the trek. But it is not advisable to attempt Hampta Pass in February.

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Hampta Pass in February

But if you want to enjoy Hampta Pass, you should do this trek in mid-June. In mid-June, you will find a beautiful green valley with a few patches of snow – they are abundantly present and found all through the trek. In a nutshell, Hampta Pass in February is not a good idea unless you have a lot of experience. Mid-June to mid-October is the best time to trek the Hampta Pass. After the mid-June, trek fever ends in July and the snow melts down and the valley turns intoa green paradise.

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Hampta Pass in January Manali trekking camp and snow point manali

Why Hampta pass in January not possible?

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Hampta pass in January

If you’re an adventure seeker and you love mountains and trekking in the Himalayas, then attempting Hampta Pass trek can turn out to be a perfect week for you to experience the beauty of nature from up close. The best thing about Hampta Pass trek is its moderate level of difficulty and not so high altitude that makes it ideal for amateur mountaineers and inexperienced trekkers. As the maximum altitude to be scaled is around 14000 feet, no pre-requisite preparation is compulsory and altitude sickness is not much of a concern. This trek will give you tons of knowledge in treks and will bring you a step closer to attempting harder treks in the Himalayan Region.

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Hampta Pass in January

Mid-June to Mid-October is the finest time to trek to Hampta Pass. Several trekkers opt to trek Hampta Pass because of heavy snowfall even in the month of June in the Hampta Pass but the same wonderland changes into a dangerous valley that not many people take the risk of trekking in the month of January due to the high risk and danger.

Hampta Pass in January is Closed due to Snow 

Hampta Pass in January is not a recommended time to do this trek as Hampta Pass in January will experience deep snow. The valley gets covered in snow making the trail even narrower and making the ascent sharper. This adventurous trek can be a risky business in winter months due to drop in temperature. The temperature during the month of January can vary from 5°C to 22°C with chilly days and even colder nights. Crossing over the Hampta pass gets to be nearly impossible due to slippery snow and harsh unpredictable weather. The roads from across the pass get closed due to heavy snowstorms and cloudy skies. Hampta Pass in January is not a good idea and not possible to even attempt. The best time to do the Hampta Pass trek is definitely mid-June and post-monsoon.

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Hampta Pass solo

Is doing Hampta Pass solo a good option?

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Hampta Pass Solo Trekking

Even though Hampta Pass is not an easy trek, it is undeniably a popular one. Every year many trekkers witness lush green valleys of Spiti and Kullu. You will find many shepherds on your way to the pass but you should not rely on their availability if you are planning to do Hampta Pass solo. One should never risk being alone in the mountains. But if you are an experienced trekker, who has completed other high-altitude treks and have adequate gear and maps to mark the track, there is some possibility that you can attempt Hampta Pass trek solo, without any guide.

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Hampta Pass solo

Hampta Pass Solo 

You might be very self-assured on your skills but it is always recommended to take a guide along.

1. One should always be modest when encountering nature as humans are of no consequence in front of nature. Since Hampta Pass is a multi-day trek, it is wise to hire a guide or go with a group as you would have to carry your own camping gear and food. A local guide or a trek organizer can hire a cook, an aid and mules to carry your bags.

2. Things may seem to go completely fine without any glitch, but if things begin to go wrong you would not be able to deal with it alone. While trekking or otherwise, it is always about understanding the risk level and figuring out your mental and physical capability. If you have no trekking knowledge and experience, it can lead to benightment.


But if you still choose to attempt Hampta Pass solo, remember a few things.

Don’t rely too much on the internet for weather forecast since the weather on mountains can change in just minutes. A clear blue sky can turn grey with clouds in just a few minutes. One should stay prepared.

So, carry warmers, a good tent and sleeping bags and ample amount of food in advance. Many trekkers and tourists have diverged from their track and gone missing due to sudden snowfall and dense mist. So, we will recommend for you to get a guide along, it might give a good first experience for you to endeavor by yourself in future.

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Hampta Pass in October

How is Hampta Pass Trek in October?

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Hampta Pass Trek in October

Linking the beautiful valleys of Lahaul and Kullu, the Hampta Pass hiking trip is a well-liked trek amidst trekkers. Making your way from Manali through various isolated villages and towns, this trek offers gorgeous landscapes that charm plenty of travelers every year.

Starting from Manali’s altitude of 14,100 ft., this trek will take you through beautiful high-altitude woodlands and glaciers on the way to the Hampta Pass and the magical Chandratal Lake. This mesmerizing trek offers you an amazing sight of flowers, birds and picturesque landscapes together with rocky terrains, pine woodlands, glacial valleys, and streams.

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The approach to crossing the Hampta Pass is not difficult but a tiring one. Climbing the sharp climb to reach Hampta Pass is a long haul. With fluctuating weather and wobbly and rough climb, one needs to be smart enough to attempt this trek during trek season.

Hampta Pass Trek in October
Hampta Pass Trek in October ” All Barren Landscape”


Best Time for Hampta Pass Trek – Mid June to Mid October 

The best time to do Hampta pass is from mid-June to mid-October. Hampta Pass in October is a great time to do this trek but only until the second week. October marks the beginning of Winters and there are chances of snowfall as well, you have clear weather and clear views of high peaks and mountains. No rains, bright sun and cold nights you will get to face when doing Hampta Pass Trek in October. But in the second half of October, Hampta Pass is a dicey terrain there are chances of snowfall and getting struck due to road closure at Rohtang Pass. There is not really heavy snowfall but there is a high chance of snowfall and the weather turns unpredictable.

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Temperatures during Hamtpa Pass Trek in October

The temperature in the first half of October is approximately 15°C but the temperature gets as low as – 2°C in the second half of the October. The snow starts coming back and it gets harder to trek due to constriction and narrowing of treks due to the accumulation of snow.

There is much less greenery in Hampta Pass Trek in October and you find more snow patches. In conclusion, October is a dicey time to attempt Hampta Pass trek. If there is no hefty snowfall, you may be able to complete it, but it is sensible to avoid any high Himalayan pass at that time. Most people who try to attempt the Hampta Pass in October will come back from the top instead of descending down to Lahaul, as Rohtang Pass may get shut.

But if you are still adamant and plan to attempt Hampta Pass, make sure you have enough experience in the Himalayan region and local guides.

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Is Hampta Pass Trek in May a good option?

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Hampta Pass Trek in May

The Hampta Pass Trek is one of the most enjoyable treks in the Manali region of Himachal Pradesh.  Hampta Pass Trek is a moderately difficult trek with a possibility of a manageable schedule to suit one’s time. The exquisiteness of this trek is that the landscape changes each day and every season. And even though this Pass is open for much more time duration than other treks, it does not make it less dangerous in off season.

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Hampta Pass Trek in May

If you are thinking of attempting the Hampta Pass Trek in May, you should think again. Usually, the Hampta Pass trek opens in the first or second week of June. Attempting this trek a bit early would mean a couple of things. Even though the Hampta pass is not very difficult it can be a bit risky while there is still snow. Even for an experienced individual who might know the route pretty well, one can’t be too sure when dealing with snow and ice or any alteration in the landscape because of loose rocks or landslides.

Hampta Pass Temperatures in May 

The temperature in Hampta Pass Trek in May ranges from -1°C at night to 10°C during daytime with snowstorms and cloudy skies. All of these situations could be sufficiently dangerous if things start to go wrong. A person who is thinking of attempting the Hampta Pass trek in the month of May is possibly the first trekker of the season and is, in fact, opening the trek route. Inaugurating a trek route is a job which should be best left to the experts.

Another reason to not go for the Hampta pass trek is that road gets blocked from Chatru to Manali. And if the road is not open by the month of May, then a better option would be the Hampta Circle trek, which is very similar to the Hampta Pass trek but it doesn’t cross the pass.  Chatru is linked to Manali by road through the Rohtang Pass. The Rohtang pass is shut down during the winter season and opens when the previous season’s snow is cleared. This generally happens in May. Hence, Hampta Pass in May is not possible.

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Hampta Pass height

What is the Hampta Pass height?

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Hampta Pass height or Hampta Pass Altitude 4270 M

Hampta Pass
 is situated at an altitude of 4270m on the Pir Panjal range of the Himalayas. Hampta Pass height is approximately 14,010 ft.and it serves as a small passageway between Lahaul Spiti Valley and Kullu valley in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India. This pass is often used by shepherds, in search for high altitude fields with grass in the dry and cold desert of Lahaul during summers.  It’s named after the Hampta situated in the region Lahaul Spiti. From the pass, you can see the Lahaul valley in a wide panoramic curve. Hampta Pass height gives it the X-factor that every pass needs, Hampta Pass height makes it easier and more accessible than other treks but at the same time makes it and snow-filled and adventurous pass.

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Hampta Pass height

The pass starts from the Prini village and takes us to the magnificent hills of The Great Himalayas, the Pir Panjal Range. Over this trek one witnesses diverse shades of nature as one gains altitude from thick green forests of pine to a gorgeous view of Mt. Deo Tibba and Mt. Indrasan and their glaciers to the infertile and barren lands of Lahaul and Spiti valley. Just like the landscapes, the weather at the Hampta Pass can change at every 100m and in no time. A clear blue sky can turn grey with clouds in just a few minutes as it is a Pass.

There are many ways Hampta Pass height can be measured. There are mainly three ways to do that, Barometric altimeters, radio altimeters and GPS. Barometric altimeters use barometric pressure in order to measure the altitude or elevation. The drawback of using barometric altimeter is that the barometric pressure also changes with the weather, mainly the change in air pressure due to change in weather.  Hence, you cannot fully rely on these.

The second way to measure altitude is by using Radio altimeter. It measures altitude above the terrain radio waves.  GPS is the most accurate because when it works, it always provides the geometric altitude without the need for setting that might be incorrect; it calculates one’s location in 3-Dimensional space within a few feet. But the only drawback could be the unavailability of the cellular network in secluded areas.

If you want to get a better idea about Hampta Pass height, and even other surrounding popular places, you can refer to our detailed map. Click here

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Hampta Pass in September

What’s the temperature in Hampta Pass during the season?

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Hampta Pass Temperature

Hampta Pass is one of the most preferred trekking routes for adventure seekers visiting Manali. If you love the mountains and seek thrilling activities amidst scenic wonders, you shouldn’t miss a trip to Hampta Pass. The moderately high altitude makes this trek even more enticing. It’s suitable for even first-timers and amateur trekkers. The maximum height that trekkers reach in Hampta Pass trek is 14,000 feet. In addition to this, you don’t need much acclimatization to the temperature in Hampta Pass.

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Hampta Pass Trek is the perfect destination for all mountain lovers and adventure junkies who want to go for an adventure in the lap of the giant Himalayan range. The tempting part of this trek is the moderately high altitude that makes it perfect for the beginners and unprofessional mountaineers. The maximum height of this trek is approximately 14000 ft.  Situated in the midst of the mountain ranges of Himachal Pradesh, the foggy weather with snow-covered mountains in this high-altitude region makes for a calm climate throughout the year.

Temperature in Hampta Pass

June to October is perhaps the most preferred time to visit Hampta Pass. During the beginning of the season, you’re likely to witness snow on some high passes. However, snow starts melting around August, and you can expect some rains. As the season proceeds, monsoon may worsen road conditions. Kullu-Manali valley is hit hard by rains, while Spiti sees bright sunshine during this period.

Manali Average Temperature 

Hampta Pass Temperature


The temperature in Hampta Pass stays between 12 degree Celsius and 20 degree Celsius during daytime. At night, temperature can range anywhere between -2 degree Celsius and 6 degree Celsius. In the months of September and October, there’s always a possibility of snowfall. During these months, the temperature can range between 12 degree Celsius and 18 degree Celsius during the day, and -6 degree Celsius to 4 degree Celsius during the night.

Though Hampta Pass trek is not a very difficult one, it’s still important to consult seasoned trekkers before you plan the trip. In fact, it’s highly recommended to let experienced professionals plan the trek for you, unless you’re well-versed with the mountains. To get more information, click here.

FAQS on Hampta Pass Weather

How is Hampta Pass Weather in June?

Hampta Pass Weather in June remains clear most probably and you will get lot of snow even crossing Hampta Pass is not possible due to the snow on Hampta Pass.

How is Hampta pass temperature in may and through the season? 

Mid-June to Mid-October is the finest time to trek to Hampta Pass. There is a possibility to enjoy a little snowfall at the start the season on high passes but then it completely melts down by August. There is rain in Kullu Manali valley during the monsoon season but Spiti experiences bright sunlight even then. The temperature stays between 12 to 20 °C all through the day however at night, the temperature would be between -2 to 6 °C. But at the end of the trekking season, i.e. September to mid-October, there is a possibility of snowfall in the area and the temperatures all through the day will be around 12-18 °C and the night will start to get colder with the temperature falling from 4°C to -6°C.

Temperatures stay below the freezing point all through the winters here and that’s why its advised to not go for trekking during winters as the trails are completely filled with snow, making it hard to walk on.

What is the best time to visit Hampta pass?

How is the weather in Hampta Pass?

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Hampta Pass – My first trek

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My first trek to Hampta Pass

The Hampta Pass trek is ideal for first-time trekkers as it packs in everything from dark pine forests, open meadows to glacial valleys and stunning views all of which combine to give you an adventure of a lifetime.

Hampta pass trek

So off we went, into the wild. Our journey commenced from Manali to Prini by road. Then onwards, by foot to a place called Chikha. Chika is the starting point for the trek to Hampta pass.

As anticipated, the conditions, even for a fit person, were hard. Sleeping in tents, crossing ice cold rivers and navigating the dense forests were just the beginnings of the adventure that lay ahead.

The Route: 

Day 1: The trek started from Jobra as we slowly disappeared into a forest of Deodar, Toss, Oak and Maple trees. The beauty was breathtaking. Soon, we crossed a makeshift wooden bridge over the Rani Nalla.The dense forest made it hard for light to reach us. We were surrounded by tall Deodars that rose over 100 feet.  On the way, we crossed numerous small streams that weren’t obstacles on the trek. Then the Rani Nalla spreads out into a wide valley as we climb a grassy ridge and found ourselves  in Chikha. After all the trekking,  we set up camp and had tea followed by a scrumptious dinner.

Day 2: The only way to enjoy the mountains is to get up early in the morning. After tea and an early breakfast  we moved from Chikha to Balu-ka-Gera. We crossed a stream and started an upward climb towards the closed end of the Kullu Valley. The scenery changed rapidly. Below us, snow patches on the valley increased in frequency. Ahead, the snow-covered slopes of the Hampta Pass revealed themselves. Everything was a dazzling white. The snow looked magnificent. On the way, a stream welcomed us. We took our shoes off to cross this stream and on the other side was Balu Ka Gera.

Day 3: On the third day there was no sun, only a light drizzle. We moved to Siagoru via Hampta Pass. The serious climb started now. It was clear that no one had ever been here before. There were no footprints. The virgin snow was soft. The pass is a wide plateau. On its eastern flanks are the towering cliffs of the mountain. On the west, it curves to the left and drops down to Spiti Valley. As we walked down we soon found ourselves in the Spiti Valley. We halted and camped in Siagoru.

Hampta Pass Trek

Day 4: The fourth day was a Himalayan blessing. There was no drizzle and the sky was clear. This part of the trek comes in a rain shadow area. We moved towards Chatru and then drove to Chandratal Lake. It was again a steep climb up to the main trail. The scenery is different. You expect it to be barren, but surprisingly the slopes are green—but they are boulder strewn. Another surprise is Chatru itself, which only has around 40 houses !

Hampta Pass Trek
Chandratal Hampta Pass Trek

Our plans for Chandrataal  flopped, thanks to a sudden landslide on the way to the lake. Instead, we decide to go ahead to the Kunzum Pass. It is one of the highest motorable passes across the Kunzum range at an altitude of 4,551 m. It serves as an entrance pass to the Spiti Valley from Lahaul. It is said that Goddess Kunjum (Durga/Parvati) resides in a temple on the Kunzum top and keeps guard over the pass warding off evil spirits. Visitors normally do a round of the temple to seek her blessings. We then came  down to Batal and set up our camps. Batal is a village that lies at the foot of the Kunzum Pass and serves as the resting point for tourists. Moreover, the Bara Shigri Glacier and the triangular peaks in the south can be seen from Batal.

Thumb rules

1)One month prior to a high altitude trek, you should build up stamina, muscle strength and flexibility. Running, skipping, pushups and other forms of exercise help.

2)Travel light

3)Carry high energy foods like dry fruits, and energy bars etc. for the trek to Hampta Pass

4)Essentials like a torch, extra batteries, first-aid kit will come in handy.

Region: Himachal (Manali)

Duration: 5 days

Grade: Easy to Moderate

Maximum Altitude: 14,100 ft.

Approx, Trekking KM: 36 km

Source: Indian Express

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