Is Hampta Pass in February possible?

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Is Hampta Pass in February possible?

Situated at an altitude of 4277.86 meters above sea level, the Hampta Pass is an essential part of Manali’s landscape, which is definitely India’s much loved adventure spot, this trek is certainly amongst the easiest of treks and most accessible to beginners. An electrifying experience, trekking around Hampta Pass unlocks the door to a whole new beautiful world.

While the whole of India is enjoying spring with cool pleasant weather all around, Hampta Pass in February is still a cold desert with harsh weather and unpredictable snowstorms. Though the Hampta Pass trek is not that difficult, it is nearly impossible to complete in the month of February.

Hampta Pass in February is closed due to Snow 

Hampta Pass in February is covered with a thick blanket of snow and the weather is unpredictable. The narrowing and constriction of the valley increases the amount of the snow that collects there. The temperature gets as low as 5°C even during the day and there is snowfall. In February, the track to the valley is too steep and sharp to trek which can be risky to walk on and is highly unsafe. But if you plan to attempt Hampta Pass, you should be experienced with other treks in the Himalayan region in order to complete the trek. But it is not advisable to attempt Hampta Pass in February.

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Hampta Pass in February

But if you want to enjoy Hampta Pass, you should do this trek in mid-June. In mid-June, you will find a beautiful green valley with a few patches of snow – they are abundantly present and found all through the trek. In a nutshell, Hampta Pass in February is not a good idea unless you have a lot of experience. Mid-June to mid-October is the best time to trek the Hampta Pass. After the mid-June, trek fever ends in July and the snow melts down and the valley turns intoa green paradise.

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Hampta Pass in October

How is Hampta Pass Trek in October?

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Hampta Pass Trek in October

Linking the beautiful valleys of Lahaul and Kullu, the Hampta Pass hiking trip is a well-liked trek amidst trekkers. Making your way from Manali through various isolated villages and towns, this trek offers gorgeous landscapes that charm plenty of travelers every year.

Starting from Manali’s altitude of 14,100 ft., this trek will take you through beautiful high-altitude woodlands and glaciers on the way to the Hampta Pass and the magical Chandratal Lake. This mesmerizing trek offers you an amazing sight of flowers, birds and picturesque landscapes together with rocky terrains, pine woodlands, glacial valleys, and streams.

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The approach to crossing the Hampta Pass is not difficult but a tiring one. Climbing the sharp climb to reach Hampta Pass is a long haul. With fluctuating weather and wobbly and rough climb, one needs to be smart enough to attempt this trek during trek season.

Hampta Pass Trek in October
Hampta Pass Trek in October ” All Barren Landscape”


Best Time for Hampta Pass Trek – Mid June to Mid October 

The best time to do Hampta pass is from mid-June to mid-October. Hampta Pass in October is a great time to do this trek but only until the second week. October marks the beginning of Winters and there are chances of snowfall as well, you have clear weather and clear views of high peaks and mountains. No rains, bright sun and cold nights you will get to face when doing Hampta Pass Trek in October. But in the second half of October, Hampta Pass is a dicey terrain there are chances of snowfall and getting struck due to road closure at Rohtang Pass. There is not really heavy snowfall but there is a high chance of snowfall and the weather turns unpredictable.

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Temperatures during Hamtpa Pass Trek in October

The temperature in the first half of October is approximately 15°C but the temperature gets as low as – 2°C in the second half of the October. The snow starts coming back and it gets harder to trek due to constriction and narrowing of treks due to the accumulation of snow.

There is much less greenery in Hampta Pass Trek in October and you find more snow patches. In conclusion, October is a dicey time to attempt Hampta Pass trek. If there is no hefty snowfall, you may be able to complete it, but it is sensible to avoid any high Himalayan pass at that time. Most people who try to attempt the Hampta Pass in October will come back from the top instead of descending down to Lahaul, as Rohtang Pass may get shut.

But if you are still adamant and plan to attempt Hampta Pass, make sure you have enough experience in the Himalayan region and local guides.

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Hampta Pass in September

What’s the temperature in Hampta Pass during the season?

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Hampta Pass Temperature

Hampta Pass is one of the most preferred trekking routes for adventure seekers visiting Manali. If you love the mountains and seek thrilling activities amidst scenic wonders, you shouldn’t miss a trip to Hampta Pass. The moderately high altitude makes this trek even more enticing. It’s suitable for even first-timers and amateur trekkers. The maximum height that trekkers reach in Hampta Pass trek is 14,000 feet. In addition to this, you don’t need much acclimatization to the temperature in Hampta Pass.

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Hampta Pass Trek is the perfect destination for all mountain lovers and adventure junkies who want to go for an adventure in the lap of the giant Himalayan range. The tempting part of this trek is the moderately high altitude that makes it perfect for the beginners and unprofessional mountaineers. The maximum height of this trek is approximately 14000 ft.  Situated in the midst of the mountain ranges of Himachal Pradesh, the foggy weather with snow-covered mountains in this high-altitude region makes for a calm climate throughout the year.

Temperature in Hampta Pass

June to October is perhaps the most preferred time to visit Hampta Pass. During the beginning of the season, you’re likely to witness snow on some high passes. However, snow starts melting around August, and you can expect some rains. As the season proceeds, monsoon may worsen road conditions. Kullu-Manali valley is hit hard by rains, while Spiti sees bright sunshine during this period.

Manali Average Temperature 

Hampta Pass Temperature


The temperature in Hampta Pass stays between 12 degree Celsius and 20 degree Celsius during daytime. At night, temperature can range anywhere between -2 degree Celsius and 6 degree Celsius. In the months of September and October, there’s always a possibility of snowfall. During these months, the temperature can range between 12 degree Celsius and 18 degree Celsius during the day, and -6 degree Celsius to 4 degree Celsius during the night.

Though Hampta Pass trek is not a very difficult one, it’s still important to consult seasoned trekkers before you plan the trip. In fact, it’s highly recommended to let experienced professionals plan the trek for you, unless you’re well-versed with the mountains. To get more information, click here.

FAQS on Hampta Pass Weather

How is Hampta Pass Weather in June?

Hampta Pass Weather in June remains clear most probably and you will get lot of snow even crossing Hampta Pass is not possible due to the snow on Hampta Pass.

How is Hampta pass temperature in may and through the season? 

Mid-June to Mid-October is the finest time to trek to Hampta Pass. There is a possibility to enjoy a little snowfall at the start the season on high passes but then it completely melts down by August. There is rain in Kullu Manali valley during the monsoon season but Spiti experiences bright sunlight even then. The temperature stays between 12 to 20 °C all through the day however at night, the temperature would be between -2 to 6 °C. But at the end of the trekking season, i.e. September to mid-October, there is a possibility of snowfall in the area and the temperatures all through the day will be around 12-18 °C and the night will start to get colder with the temperature falling from 4°C to -6°C.

Temperatures stay below the freezing point all through the winters here and that’s why its advised to not go for trekking during winters as the trails are completely filled with snow, making it hard to walk on.

What is the best time to visit Hampta pass?

How is the weather in Hampta Pass?

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What are the two most popular Manali trekking places?

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Manali is one of the most popular holiday and trekking destinations among travel enthusiasts. Cool weather, enchanting waterfalls and stunning views of the Himalayas give the much-needed respite from city life. Manali trekking places are full of dense forests, rocky terrains, alpine meadows and amazing views of the Himalayan ranges and Kullu valley. But what are the most most popular trekking places in Manali? Here’s some info on the subject.

Hampta Pass Trek

One of the most beautiful treks, Hampta Pass takes you from the campsite to the beautiful and rejuvenating ambience of Lama Dugh, located near the base of Deo Tibba mountain. On the way, you cross the amazing Banhara village and witness its local culture. Located at 4,297 metres, Hampta Pass takes you through narrow valleys and makes you feel like you’re right in the middle of the Arctic. At 3,627 metres, you reach the sand grounds of the famous Balu Ka Ghera and Shea Goru. A moderate trek, this one’s full of amazement and awe.

Manali Trekking Places

Bhrigu Lake Trek

A moderate and short trek starting from Gulaba, a small town near Manali, this one feels like you’re right in the middle of paradise. A short drive from Manali takes you to Gulaba, from where you walk through much-unexplored terrain to reach the famous Bhrigu Lake, located at 4,270 metres. A walk through the narrow alleys gives you a panoramic view of the beautiful Kullu valley. On this trek, you can visit several temples, the famous Vashisht village and numerous hot water springs.

Manali Trekking

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