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Kedarkantha is an ethereal peak that lies in the Garhwal Himalayas. Legend has it that Lord Shiva meditated on top of the peak before moving on to Kedarnath. Once you reach the summit, you will be able to see a temple that is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Kedarkantha is popular as a winter trek and people from all over the world come to trek its path. The trek difficulty ranges between easy to moderate, making it suitable for beginners as well as first-time trekkers. In fact, anyone over the age of five and under the age of sixty-five can go on this trek. Another great thing about this trek is that it is open all year round. If you’re interested in going on this trek, then this Kedarkantha trek blog will be able to help you with the details.


Kedarkantha Trek Blog – The Location


Kedarkantha stands at a majestic height of 12,500 ft. Trekkers have to climb 6,000 ft uphill to reach the highest elevation point. The trek begins from a small village by the name of Sankri. This village is situated at a height of 6,500 ft and is at a distance of 10 km from the summit. So in effect, if you plan to go on Kedarkantha trek, you will be covering a total distance of around 20 km from start to finish.


Getting to Sankri is quite easy. It is located at a distance of 200 km from Dehradun, Uttarakhand’s capital. Dehradun is well-connected to all major Indian cities via air, rail, and road. Therefore, getting to Dehradun from anywhere in India, won’t be a problem. From Dehradun, you can hire a private cab, or take a local bus to reach Sankri. If you take a private transfer, you will reach Sankri in about 6 hours. However, if you opt for public transport, it may take you up to 8 hours to get to Sankri from Dehradun.


Kedarkantha Trek Blog


Kedarkantha Trek Blog – Important Things to Know


As mentioned earlier, the trek begins from Sankri, The entire route is well-marked, so if you’re a seasoned trekker, you can take on the peak solo. Another thing worth mentioning in this Kedarkantha trek blog is that the trekking experience in Kedarkantha varies depending on the weather. During the winter months, the entire trek route is covered under a blanket of snow. The trek becomes a little difficult owing to this reason. During summers, however, the same route has an abundance of greenery. The trek difficulty is not so much and even first-time trekkers complete the trek without facing any problem.


The entire trek can be completed in around 6 days. On most days, trekkers have to cover a distance of 4 km or less. What this means is that during the entire trek, you will get plenty of time to explore the trails, relax at your campsite, and spend time with your fellow trekkers. For beginners, this trek can be of a lot of help. They can learn the ropes of trekking by following the lead of seasoned trekkers.


Winter is considered to be the best time to go on Kedarkantha trek. Winter in Kedarkantha begins in December and ends in April. During this time, the entire trek route is laden with snow. Hence, most people consider it to be the best time to visit. However, this Kedarkantha trek blog is not biased towards winter trekking. A lot of trekkers consider Kedarkantha to also be one of the best summer treks in the Himalayas. Nonetheless, whenever you go on this trek you will have a great time. If you want to get started with trekking, you should definitely go on Kedarkantha trek.


Why Choose Kedarkantha Trek?


If you’ve never gone on a trek before, you could start with Kedarkantha. There are multiple reasons behind it. One of the most important ones is that the trek difficulty is easy to moderate. Seasoned trekkers consider this to be suitable for beginners as well as first-time trekkers. The entire trek route is made up of gradual ascends and descends. Steep climbs appear only when you reach the last few 100 ft. Another reason why you can go on this trek is that it is open all year round. You can easily select a month in which you’d want to explore Kedarkantha and then make your way there.


Kedarkantha Weather in March


If you’re an avid trekker, Kedarkantha has a lot to offer to you as well. Abundant in flora and fauna, Kedarkantha trek varies depending on the weather. This ensures that the trek route seems different is summers as compared to winters or even monsoons. During winters, you will get an ethereal experience as you go on this trek. The entire route will be covered under a blanket of snow. In summers, this route would have an abundance of flora and fauna. If however, you trek to Kedarkantha during the monsoon season, you will have to face the full force of nature, making the trek an experience to remember.


Some of the Best Campsites


Kedarkantha is considered to have some of the best campsites in the Himalayan region. To give you an idea, we will take you through two of the most famous campsites that fall on the trek route. The first one is Juda Ka Talab. It is a lake located at a distance of 4 km from Sankri. The lake is famous because it freezes during the winter months. Trekkers tend to walk and play games, right on top of it. During summers, the lake pulls animals and birds from the surrounding areas. You can sit for hours near the lake trying to catch a glimpse of exotic birds and animals.


Another famous campsite is Kedarkantha base camp. Located on the foothills of the peak, it is popular for its proximity to the highest elevation point. However, there is one other reason that makes it quite popular between trekkers. Watching the sunrise from the base camp is nothing less than a ritual. Surrounded by high and mighty peaks, this campsite sees some of the best sunrises known to man.


If you’re interested in going on Kedarkantha trek, you should decide on the weather that suits you best. Once you do that, all you have to do is find an organizer that will take you through Kedarkantha trek route. With this Kedarkantha trek blog, we have tried to give you a few details about Kedarkantha. However, if you’re looking for more information about Kedarkantha or want to discuss your requirements, please click here.


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Trek Story: Arjun Wahi, the 7-year-old boy who completed Kedarkantha trek

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At the age of just 7 years and three months, Arjun Wahi completed his trek to the Kedarkantha Peak on 29th December and made us believe that kids are no less. We recently interviewed this schoolgoing boy from Mumbai, and he narrated his awe-inspiring experience and journey to this beautiful winter trek, we hope to inspire many with his trek story. Read on!


Q: What inspired you to go trekking?

A: I love being outdoors with my mom, dad, and brother. I inherited my love for trekking from my father and he is my inspiration. From the very beginning, my dad has taken me on many small treks in and around Mumbai and Lonavala. This year, I learned skiing and climbed down Aparwat phase 1 ( 11,000 feet) in Gulmarg, Kashmir. Kedarkantha was the first Himalayan Trek for me and my elder brother.


Q: Why did you choose Kedarkantha trek? How was your experience?

A: When my dad got to know about this trek he told us that the highest altitude was only 12,000 ft. and this would be an ‘easy’ trek for kids. Also, we were fortunate enough to find suitable dates during our winter break.

My trek experience was amazing. I made a lot of friends who pampered and cheered me throughout the trek. Our trek leaders Ameen Bhaiya and Sandeep Bhaiya took good care of me and made sure I had enough sleeping blankets throughout the night. I also want to mention Faizal Bhaiya, Harish Bhaiya and Darshan Bhaiya for their constant support, motivation and cheering. I enjoyed my trek thoroughly.

Q: Do you also motivate your friends and classmates to go trekking?

A: Recently, I have not been able to connect with too many of my friends, but yes, I think I was able to motivate my cousins and close friends.


Q: For a young boy like you, this trek must have been difficult so what kept you going?

A: It was a winter trek so we were prepared for the harsh and cold weather. At night, the temperature was below freezing point and it got really chilly but our trek leaders made sure to check up on me every night and provided extra sleeping bags etc.

Q: Do you inculcate this passion for trekking from your parents?

A: Yes, my father and grandfather are both from the Armed Forces. They have always been enthusiastically active and they love being outdoors and they make sure to take us children with them. My elder brother also encourages me to participate in such activities and he is a big influence on me.


Q: In those five days of trekking, what is the most memorable event?

A: My best memory of the trek would be the time I reached a small ‘Maggi Hut’ on the summit day. After almost 4 hours of trekking in the dark and in sub-zero temperatures, we reached that small Maggi point. But the moment I reached there, everyone made space for me to sit next to the fire. And I was treated with hot Maggi noodles.

Q: Was it a proud moment when you reached the summit?

A: Even though I was extremely tired, I jumped with happiness when I reached the summit. I remember, for almost an hour Ameen Bhaiya kept motivating me by saying “10 minutes more, 10 minutes more”.

Everyone took pictures with me, Faizal Bhaiya threw me in the snow, it was a lot of fun!


Q: Was there any particular event from this trip that challenged you?

A: The climb to the top of the summit was the most challenging task, we woke up at 3:30 am, the temperature was below zero. We got ready and by 4:30 am, we had started our trek. I was walking with my dad as there was a long and continuous stretch of ascent and we kept walking for 3 hours and the trek got tougher due to low temperatures. However, I was rejoiced and rejuvenated once we took that break at the ‘Maggi Hut’.

Q: Any advice for young first-time trekkers out there?

A: I think every young trekker must try to attempt ‘Kedarkantha trek’ once in their life. And they must do it with Ameen and Sandeep Bhaiya because they are a lot of fun and take great care of kids.


Q: Can you sum up your whole experience in few words?

A: It was a wonderful experience and I made a lot of new friends. Trekking in the Himalayas is very enjoyable. I would love to come back every year during my school breaks.

At this young age of 7, Arjun amazed us all with his determination and willpower. Arjun is an inspiration to all of us, his trek to the Kedarkantha peak proves that anyone can go for this mesmerizing winter trek. Arjun definitely had an amazing experience. Do you think trek to the Kedarkantha could be your winter adventure too?

Kedarkantha trek during Holi

Kedarkantha Trek Blog by Suhas Alawani

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Kedarkantha Trek Blog – The Best Snow Trek in the Himalayas

Kedarkantha Trek DAY 1 – Drive from Dehradun to Sankri

We were a group of 23 going for a trek to Kedakanthak (12646 feet) organised by Renok Adeventures, starting from our base at Sankri (6400 feet). This was our first trek to Himalayas and heard this was one of the easiest of the lot.

We started from Dehradun station at around 9 am with one batch going ahead starting at around 8 am.

The Dehradun Weather was cold and we could see snow peaked mountains all around us from Dehradun itself. We had heard there has been snowfall for the last couple of days at Sankri and of course on our path of the trek, which we came to know later that it was the heaviest snowfall of the season. Such snowfall was unusual for this time of day the year.

Holi at Kedarkantha Trek Blog by Sunesh


Though we were mentally prepared for the trek, we never thought of what we were going to face the next three days. The drive to Sankri was through Mussoorie where we saw fresh snowfall which made the view lovely. The rest of the drive was uneventful as we reached Sankri at about 8 o clock in the evening.

It had become dark and now for the first time we felt the cold weather. Most of us were from metros and inexperienced trekkers and were feeling the shivers of the cold. Somehow we managed to have dinner which was delicious. Some of us ran to the kitchen, just to feel warmth of the ‘chulha’

We were then given a small briefing by our trek leader ‘Preet’ who told us our general Kedarkantha Trek Itinerary and the only sentence I remember. “This Kedarkantha Trek Difficulty Level though is termed ‘easy’ for most of the year but due to the Kedarkantha Weather conditions now it will be ‘moderate’ to ‘difficult’ for us.”

All of us were tired, so we soon got to our assigned accommodations for sleep. Most of us slept I guess through the night just about managing the cold. The temperatures at night went to about 2 degrees with a little snowfall too.

Kedarkantha Trek DAY 2  Trek from Sankri to Juda ka Talab base camp

We all got up at the assigned time of 6.30 am more or less and were woken up by a wake up call of tea (our routine wake up call) for the next three days. All of the Kedarkantha trek group were pepped up to go, with a light breakfast in our stomachs and few fresh supplies from the local market, we were off for the Kedarkantha Trek.

The adrenaline was running high in each of us which I guess helped to conquer the cold. We started at around 10 am, with a walk of approx 1 km from Sankri village, the ascent started.

We all were dressed to bear the cold with layers of clothes. Just after a few steps of ascent, we saw snow all around us. The excitement for us was palpable as we were going to walk on the snow upwards. It was not easy to walk on the snow as the footwear we were wearing was not suitable for it. However as we walked upwards, the body became warmer with the walk and we removed one layer of clothing.

Each one of us was walking at their own paces and were stopping and going as per their requirement. Yogi bhaiiya as he was fondly called (a local experienced mountaineer with a lovely sense of humour) was leading the trek; and Preet was our sweeper as Renok Adventures call it. The entire group has to walk between the leader and sweeper. Nobody ahead of the leader and no one behind the sweeper.

The trek was now taking its shape as the views around us were getting better and better with the each step. There were pine trees all around us covered with snow in their branches.There was silence with no ambient noises of any kinds except the voices of nature, birds chirping, water falling off a cliff some place far and winds blowing through the leaves. Oh my god it was just awesome to just feel this and for me personally I started feeling one with nature.

We were very lucky with ample sunlight and a very mild breeze blowing. Just perfect to trek. Occasionally snowfall would fall from the branches of the trees, and in the silence, the sound was like a rock dropping from a height.

As we were ascending; we stopped at a place from where we could see the Himalayan ranges in full view. The view was breathtaking with the largest peak in front of us was Swargrohini. A collection of six peaks with 4 visible from the angle we were seeing. Swargrohini, according to Mahabharata, is the peak from which Yudhisthira and a dog ascended to heaven. The first thought that struck me was oh my, are we closer to heaven. Surely feels, sounds and looks like it. Har Ki Dun Valley was visible clearly.

The first major pit stop on our trek came around 1 o clock. I was just pleasantly surprised what we were going to get here. Somebody is going to give us fresh and hot Maggi. Oh wow. Most of us had Maggi with a addition of cut boiled egg as an addition along with a hot cup of tea.

Refreshed we started our ascend towards our first base camp near Juda ka talaab. Managing some steep climbs at some places, we trekked through the snow clad mountains, we reached the base camp at around the 3.30.

The camp which was at a height of approximately 9000 feet was already setup by the team from Renok Adventures and lunch was kept ready. We had hot lunch and then were briefed that we were going to go for acclimatization walk to Juda a Talab at about 5 PM..

We were assigned tents, with two of us given one tent to occupy. Some selected that three of them would stay in the tent while others had four inside the tent. One of the attractions for us to select this trek was to get an opportunity to stay in a tent. As soon as we entered, we thought how are we going to spend a night inside this with this extreme cold. We were told we would be getting sleeping bags with an inner inside in which we have to spend the night. After spending some time in the tent, we started our acclimatization walk at around 5 o clock to Juda ka talaab.

Juda ka talab is a lake and one of the prettiest sites that you could see on the trek. In the summer it’s lush green, but the way we saw it was a frozen lake. Still it was one of the best sites on the route.

Acclimatization walks are done so that the body gets used to higher altitude where the air starts getting thinner. This is exactly what was happening to us and also were getting used to walking on the snow. The snow was two feet deep around the side of the trail we were walking through. It was getting difficult for our shoes to grip the snow especially when going down where few people managed to slide down while myself was forced to slide down as I was slipping every few feet.

We reached our base camp where twilight had set in and were welcomed with a hot cup of tea and pakodas. The evening cold was setting in and all were shivering. Everybody now gathered around inside a slightly bigger tent which was termed as a dining tent. We were given small stools and somehow there were 15 people sitting in the tent and it felt warmer inside than outside. There was another briefing to tell us the schedule of the next day.

The group had now started to gel well together and after a round of dumb charades made the team bond better. After an hour of fun and games, we had dinner and were ready to go to our tents.

Once we came out, it was a task to just walk to the tent which was hardly a few feet away. However this was a full moon night and the peaks and trees around us were looking magical all around us. The snow glowed in the moonlight, ah just magnificent. I hoped to watch this for a longer time but it was so cold that we had to go into our tents.

We were given a theory lesson as to how to wear a sleeping bag and an inner which we need to slip into. Practically doing this was a difficult task the first time. We need to get into the inner and then slip into a sleeping bag which would be zipped from the side. Once we managed to get into them, we felt warm. The tents were setup on the snow and the level of the same while lying down was not flat. Hence sleeping on the uneven surface took us getting used to. Some managed little sleep, some slept well and some did not sleep well at all.

Kedarkantha Trek  DAY 3 Juda ka Talab to Kedarkantha base camp below the Kedarkanthak Peak

We were again woken up in the morning with a cup of hot tea bought to our tents this time. Once we opened the tent door or zip as we should call it, we could see the Himalayan ranges right in front of us.

Snow clad peaks and mountain ranges just staring down at us. Just an awesome sight with the morning sun on them.

Most of us did not feel like coming out of the tent due to the cold, but once we got out and felt the sun on us, it felt nice. There are a few things that happen in this weather which is peculiar. The temperatures at night must have fallen to -5 or so. The shoes which we had removed were already wet from the climb get frozen in the night. The water in them gets frozen and its difficult to wear them. The shoes have to be warmed by taking them near a fire. Even the water bottle filled at night with hot water gets frozen and turns into ice.

We all got ready, had breakfast and guess what, it was Holi today. Some of us had brought colours along with them and started celebrating. We applied colors on each other and were wishing each other happy holi. The colors fallen on the white layer of snow made it looked even better. Wow celebrating holi at 9000 feet, just amazing.

Kedarkantha trek during Holi
Picture Courtsey: Praveen Sp

We were then given a small lesson to unhook our tents which we would then setup ourselves with help of the Renok team at our next base camp. It’s surprising how a place where we slept the whole night just gets wrapped into a small bag which can be easily carried by hand ourselves.

While doing all this, we were a bit late than the scheduled time as we started our ascent to the second base camp. The climb was through snow now so we were provided with micro spikes which were fixed below our shoes. These made the shoes grip to the snow surface better. It definitely made my walking easier.

The trek to the camp again had some steep climbs and some easier walks. The view of the ranges around us was getting better and better. The peaks looked closer and much wider as we climbed. We reached the base camp which was at around 11000 feet after about a two hour walk. The Renok team had prepared lunch which we all had.

From our base camp now we could see the Kedarkanthak peak at its full glory. The summit seemed so near yet so far which we would ascend the next day.

The entire team then came together to setup the tents and most importantly before doing so we flattened the snow below the tent so that we could all sleep well at night. We all then went inside the tent for a little rest. The weather started getting a little worse so the acclimatisation walk for today was cancelled. Again the team got together inside the small dining tent and played games till dinner time. It was fun and kept us warm till sleeping time.

We then retired to our tents at about 9 o clock. The surface was better than yesterday. Getting into the sleeping bags was easier than yesterday. Again some of managed some sleep some of us could not.

This is a time to mention the dogs which had accompanied us right up to this base camp. These dogs are really friendly with all humans and at the same time fierce. We were told at night there are foxes which roam around the base camp as they smell food in the kitchen. There was also a mention of bears running around. This was not at all an exaggeration as the dogs were barking at their full voices to keep the animals away from the tents. They used to run all around our tents; barking so loud. But I guess they were just doing their jobs.

Kedarkantha Trek  DAY 4 Trek from Kedarkantha Base Camp to Kedarkanthak peak

We got up around 6.30 at least some of us did and after a cup of hot tea and breakfast, all of us excited to walk to the Summit. After all the morning activities, the usual warming of shoes which had got frozen we started our walk to the peak at about 9 o clock. We were now covered with extra layers of clothing. I was wearing about 6 layers on top as it was going to be colder than this at about 12000 feet.

The walk was now through snow which on the sides was about 3-4 feet deep, though our trail was clear to walk. Stop and go whenever we get tired of walking. It was getting easier to walk, but the temperatures were dropping as we ascended. After walking for about two hours, we reached a hut about 600 feet below the summit. There was a fire burning inside and all of us cramped inside to get warm. The weather outside was cold and felt far more cold due to the strong winds blowing. This made staying here for long impossible. There were few pictures taken with peak in background. We were at 12000 feet now and it was now not possible to go up. The route going to the peak had vanished in the snowfall which happened couple of days back.

But so what guys, this was our summit, coming here itself was our achievement. So kudos to all of us who made it.

We started climbing down through the same route and there were places where some of us could slide. Some of us enjoyed sliding down. The descend was much easier and faster. The trek down to the base camp was done without a break and we took half the time we took to climb up.

We reached the base camp at around 1.30 and had hot lunch of rajma rice. The Renok team had done a great job preparing food for us everyday. Each meal was different and well cooked, and of course hot. There was variety and at dinner they served us one sweet dish which I am not sure how they managed at these heights.

Entire Kedarkantha Trek Team in Holi Colors
Picture Courtsey: Praveen Sp

We then retired to our rooms for rest in the afternoon. We came out in the evening at about 5 and were served Maggi and hot tea. It was amazing again to have this. Again as it got colder we went inside the dining tent and started chatting and enjoying ourselves with a game of Antakshari.

Then there was something special in store for Deepa. It was her birthday today, and to my surprise the Renok team had made a cake for her. It was just a special experience. All got around to sing her the birthday song and to cut the cake by blowing the candle. It will always be a memorable birthday to be celebrated at 11000 feet in a tent at these cold temperatures. Thanks to the Renok team for this once in a lifetime experience.

We went to our rooms at about 9 o clock to sleep. The sleeping bags were getting just a little bit easier to get into and sleeping in them was getting better. The dogs were again barking at their loudest whole night keeping other animals away. We definitely heard some noises of other animal than dogs that night

Kedarkantha Trek  DAY 5 Upper base camp to Sankri and back to Dehradun

This was our last day of our Kedarkantha Trek and we were to descend to Sankri at one go, from 11000 to 6400 feet. After having our breakfast, we all together for taking group pictures as this would be our last day together. We stared our trek at about 9 o clock which was one hour late than our scheduled time.

This climb down was easier as the breadth did not get heavier and we required less breaks. The micro spikes were still on our shoes. All the while still clicking pictures, we trekked down. The snow around us was definitely reducing as we got down, hence at a point we had to remove our micro spikes. From this point on, the descend became difficult. The path was full of wet mud which had developed due to snow melting in the track. It was difficult to walk on them and balance ourselves. The walk was getting very slow as it was getting tricky to manoeuver around the wet and muddy track. This was for me the most difficult stretch of walk on the entire Kedarkantha Trek. Finally after about 5 hours of trekking down, we reached Sankri. Most of us had fallen at least once. The clothes were covered with mud. We changed our clothes as soon as we reached and for first time in four days, we were able to get into one layered clothing. We had a quick lunch and were off to Dehradun in a mini bus. We were about 2-3 hours late than our schedule and hence the driver had to drive fast so that each one of us could take their scheduled transport to their destinations.

We were done with a amazing experience of the last four days. If I were told that this was what in store for us before the trek, I don’t think we would have opted for this.

Hence as it was unknown, we were going through each moment and experiencing its full length. Be it the extreme cold conditions or the small tent for sleep or any other small little things. I will just end this by the following few lines:

We are living our lives at a pace so fast,

I say stop and have such experiences which would last,

As Renok says, those who wander are never lost,

It’s so true, so wander before time and body exhaust,

I am going back with memories which make my eyes glow,

Wondering when I will get to sleep on another bed of snow.

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Author: Suhas Alawani