Kullu Manali Camping

A Brief Itinerary for Kullu Manali Camping

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Surrounded by lush landscapes and the scenic Himalayan ranges, Kullu Valley is home to two most popular hill stations in the country – Kullu and Manali. Over the years, Kullu Manali camping has been extremely popular among tourists from around the world. Situated in the lap of raw nature, these hill stations offer unique camping experiences, trekking trails and a wide range of adventure activities.


Proximity to Leh – Ladakh region has made Kullu Manali increasingly popular. Trekkers and backpackers from around the world visit this scenic region. Unlike other regions in the Himalayas, Kullu – Manali is suited for all kinds of travellers. Families, elderlies, children, trekkers, backpackers and couples frequent this region throughout the year.


About Manali


The breathtaking landscape in Kullu Manali offers the perfect blend between popular tourist attractions and remote regions. The beauty of the former summer capital leaves everyone spellbound. Some of the most popular tourist attractions include Hadimba Temple, Rohtang Pass, Vashist Hot Water Springs, Solang Valley and Beas River. With lots to explore, Kullu Manali camps are on every traveller’s bucket list.


Famous for snow-capped mountains, narrow passes and lush valleys, Kullu Manali has become quite popular among adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers. Every year, trekkers from around the world visit this region. Manali has also been getting popular for winter trekking. Almost every camp in the region offers a wide range of adventure activities.


A Brief Itinerary for Kullu Manali Camping


For quite some time, Renok Adventures has been catering to the needs of trekkers and backpackers. We’ve been organising tours in Himachal Pradesh and other parts of the country. Manali Adventure Camp gives you a chance to indulge in treks, adventure activities and stay in one of the most scenic locations in the region.


Our team of seasoned trekkers and experienced guides ensures you have an amazing trip. Moreover, your safety is our topmost priority, and we ensure you don’t face any challenges on a Kullu Manali trek or camping experience.


Kullu Manali Camping


Duration of the Trip – 3 Nights / 4 Days


Package – Manali Adventure Trekking


Average Group Size – We prefer to take small groups for camping and trekking experiences. A maximum of 50 people are allowed in a single trip. The average cost per person turns out to be INR 1,100 approximately, depending on inclusions, activities and meals.


Day 1 – On arrival, we take you to Janistha Himalayan Adventure Camp. It’s located in one of the most scenic areas in Kullu Manali. You can spend some time at the camp, enjoying refreshments, before exploring the region at your own pace. The day ends with bonfire and music at the camp.


Day 2 – The second day starts with a healthy breakfast. We take you on a short trek to Sajla Waterfall. You can spend some time in this scenic location, and then proceed for lunch. On this day, you also visit the famous Apple Orchards in Manali. Once again, the day ends with long talks and delicious dinner at the camp.


Day 3 – The third day of the trip is reserved for adventure activities, such as river rafting, river crossing and rock climbing. Depending on your budget, you can choose several other activities. After spending the day indulging in these exciting adventures, we enjoy a lavish dinner at one of your favourite Kullu Manali camps.


Day 4 – After a healthy breakfast, we leave for home, taking back some lifelong memories to cherish forever.




Our packages include vegetarian meals at Manali Adventure Camp. One night is reserved for bonfire and soulful music. Please note that accommodation will be made available on sharing basis.




We don’t provide transportation for Manali locals.




If you’ve always been interested in Kullu Manali camping, you’ll love the stay in Manali Adventure Camp. The camping site comes with several features to ensure a comfortable stay. 24 hours water, dance activities, bonfire area, spacious dining area and clean washrooms are available for guests.


Activities You Can Combine With Camping


Since Manali Adventure Camp is located in the middle of raw nature, you can enjoy the perfect atmosphere for a wide range of activities. Some of these include trekking, paragliding, mountain biking, river rafting and more. Some of the most popular activities have been listed below.


Manali Camping Packages from Delhi


Trekking – On a Kullu Manali camping trip, you can’t overlook the thrilling experience of a Kullu Manali trek. One of the most popular activities in the region, a trek takes you through dense forests, lush landscapes and typical Himalayan villages. Throughout the trek, the majestic Himalayas form the perfect backdrop.


Skiing – In recent years, Solang Valley has become the most popular region for skiing. In fact, it’s also called the undisputed adventure capital in Himachal Pradesh. You can choose from several amateur and beginner-focused skiing packages. Experienced individuals can choose from a wide range of programs to polish their skills.


River Rafting – A stay in Kullu Manali camps isn’t fulfilling without white water rafting. Beas River, originating near Rohtang Pass, offers a chance to experience some thrilling Grade I and Grade II Rapids. The gushing waters take you on an exciting journey, offering an unparalleled adrenaline rush.


Paragliding – Kothi village, one of the most scenic locations in Manali, has become a haven for paragliding enthusiasts. The serene landscape offers the perfect landing ground for paragliders. Whether you want a short-duration adventure, or a longer stretch of fun, the aerial views of the scenic Kullu Manali valley will keep you hooked.


Other Popular Manali Camping Activities


Apart from a Kullu Manali trek and other activities, you can choose from a wide range of adventures, such as helicopter rides, quad biking, mountain biking, rappelling, cable-car rides and rock climbing. When you’re going for Kullu Manali camping, make sure you include a few activities in the package. Your time and money will be well spent.


If you’re interested in Kullu Manali camping, do get in touch with Renok Adventures. We have a team of seasoned trekkers and experienced guides planning every detail of the trip. We ensure your safety, and allow you to have a great time on the trip. If you want to get in touch with us, please click here.

Kullu Manali Camping Sites

What Are Some of the Best Kullu Manali Camping Sites?

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If you’ve always been interested in a Himalayan retreat, Kullu Manali camping sites will provide an amazing opportunity to unwind and relax. Set in the middle of raw nature, these camps offer the much-needed respite from monotonous city life. India is a huge country, and you can find several camping destinations. However, Kullu Manali offers unparalleled beauty with a wide range of adventure activities.


While visiting Manali, you’re mesmerized by the beauty of snow-capped mountains, lush valleys and several recreational activities. With camping grounds set in some of the most scenic locations, you feel much closer to nature. Kullu Manali camps provide you with unique experiences, and allow you to indulge in treks, hikes, rock climbing, rafting and other adventures.


About Camping in Manali


If you’re visiting Manali for the first time, it’s recommended to consult a professional tour operator. Himalayan terrain is tricky, and lack of understanding may lead to an underwhelming experience. Tour operators have knowledge about Himalayan terrain, and set camps in the most scenic locations. Whether you want to stay in a riverside camp, or seek an adventurous trip, you’ll be able to choose from several options.


Whether you’re travelling on your own, with family, or a loved one, tour operators cater to the needs of travellers from around the world. According to seasoned backpackers, the months from May to June are the perfect time to visit Manali. If you’re planning a Kullu Manali trek, you could also plan a visit between September and October. In the last few years, Manali has become one of the most popular winter trekking destinations.


As mentioned earlier, most tour operators offer packages with several adventure activities. During your stay, you could indulge in rock climbing, mountaineering, rappelling, skiing, white water rafting and more. Inclusions in the package depend on number of travellers, budget, duration of the trip and preferences. Without a doubt, plenty of options in Kullu Manali camps will make you feel spoilt for choices.


Best Kullu Manali Camping Sites


Though Manali is one of the most famous hill stations in the country, it’s surrounded by several scenic locations. Whether you want to plan a Kullu Manali trek or a camping experience, you can choose from various locations, with each offering something different. Here, we’ve listed some of the best Kullu Manali camping sites. This information will probably help you make an informed choice.


Kullu Manali Camping Sites


Beas River


One of the most popular Kullu Manali camping sites, Beas Riverside is home to several camps. Most of these depict the perfect blend between European architecture and Himalayan heritage. During the stay, you’ll be surrounded by picturesque locations, gushing streams, majestic hills and lush nature. Beas River originates from Beas Kund, which is located right in the middle of the mighty Himalayas.


Solang Valley


One of the most popular locations for Kullu Manali camps, Solang Valley is located above the serene Kullu valley. This region offers some of the best homestays, cottages and guesthouses too. However, a camping experience is unparalleled, and offers a lot more than just accommodation.


In the last few years, Solang Valley has become the undisputed adventure capital in Himachal Pradesh. With snow-capped hills and picturesque vistas forming the backdrop, you can indulge in several adventure activities, such as paragliding, skiing, cable car rides and more. A stay in this region leaves you spellbound from the get-go.




If you’re looking for a long Kullu Manali trek, Bhuntar can act as the basecamp for the journey. Home to the airport, Bhuntar is an isolated region, perfect for a Himalayan retreat. The area has several decent camping sites with modern facilities. Most camps in Bhuntar are set near a river, and provide you with an amazing experience.


Tirthan Valley


Over the years, Tirthan Valley has been considered a well-kept secret in the Himalayas. A small town near Manali, Tirthan Valley is located at 1,600 feet above sea level. A stay in this region allows you to escape the busy city life, while ensuring a memorable experience in the middle of raw nature. Seasoned trekkers and backpackers prefer a stay in Tirthan Valley, and skip the crowded lanes of Manali.


Manali Camping


Kothi Village


Proximity to Leh, Lahaul and Spiti highways has made Kothi Village quite popular among trekkers and backpackers. In the last few years, this small village has become increasingly popular among travellers. As a result, several camps have been set up in this scenic location. Moreover, Kothi Village serves as the base for paragliding adventures in Manali.


About 16 km from city center, Kothi Village offers scenic views of the lush gorge, combined with Swiss cottages and tents. If you’re looking for offbeat Manali experiences, a stay in this region will be an ideal choice. Without a doubt, Kothi Village serves as one of the best Kullu Manali camping sites.


If you’re planning a Kullu Manali trek, you should combine it with a camping experience. Manali provides you with plenty of choices, such as adventure camps, riverside camps, trekking camps and more. In fact, you can consult a tour operator to get a customized package. Unlike other destinations near the Himalayas, Manali even provides you with winter trekking and camping options.


Until recently, Kullu Manali camps were considered suitable for hardcore travellers. However, times have changed, and most camps come with modern facilities. Manali Adventure Camp, managed by Renok Adventures, comes with a wide range of features, such as clean washrooms, bonfire area, spacious dining area and more. Without a doubt, it’s one of the best Kullu Manali camping sites.


Renok Adventures has been taking tours to Manali, Leh, Ladakh and other regions in Himachal Pradesh for quite some time. We have a team of seasoned trekkers, support staff and guides. Our team ensures your safety, and allows you to have a good time on the trip. Whether you’re looking for a riverside camp or an adventure camp, we’ll be able to provide you with several options. If you’re interested in Kullu Manali camps, feel free to get in touch with us.