Top 5 reasons to trek Mount Kilimanjaro

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Top 5 reasons to trek Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest free-standing mountain in the world that attracts approximately 40,000 trekkers every year. Mount Kilimanjaro is the major source of tourism in Tanzania, Africa. It is popularly known as ‘Every man’s Everest’.

Mount Kilimanjaro is Africa’s tallest peak and it’s summit is called as Uhuru Point which is 5,895 meters or 19,341 feet above sea level. While most of highest peak in the world are part of Mountain ranges for example Mt Everest is part the The Great Himalayas where is Mt Kilimanjaro is a free standing mountain which is a result of volcanic activity.


reasons to trek Mount Kilimanjaro

We have discovered top 5 reasons to trek Mt Kilimanjaro:

1. No Technical Skills Required: Out of the Seven Summits, Mt Kilimanjaro is the easiest to climb. You don’t need any mountaineering equipment or any former mountaineering experience to climb Mt Kilimanjaro. All you need to climb this mountain is to be fit, resolute, and well-versed.

2. Nature’s Wonder: Mt. Kilimanjaro is one of the most beautiful natural wonders of the world. Thick green rain forests, snow-covered mountains, a host of animals in their natural habitat and a chance to experience five climatic and six ecological zones.

3. The Sense of Achievement: People frequently take up challenges to get out of their comfort zones and Mt. Kilimanjaro offers just that. High altitude and constantly varying temperatures make it a challenge to many. Hence, getting to the top of one of the seven summits is not a small accomplishment.

4. Picturesque Views: Mt Kilimanjaro is one of the world’s most prominent natural wonders: a snow-capped peak on the equator, a sea of lush green forest surrounded by dry grasslands. This makes for an amazing, bone-melting view from the top.

5. Availability of accommodation: Mt Kilimanjaro offers proper accommodations to support the trekkers. There is an availability of hotels, mountaineering gears on rent, transportation, and guides. Also you can include Africa wild life safari with you mountaineering expedition.

There are many reasons to trek this beauty and not enough lists to prove that. So don’t think twice and accept the challenge!

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Season’s first snowfall in the Himalayas

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Hey guys! The first snowfall of the season has already blessed the Himalayan Mountains and we are ready to trek!  It has finally snowed in the Har Ki Dun Valley and Kedarkantha and we are ready for trekking in the soft white snow. So what are you waiting for? Head on to magical winter wonderlands and give yourself a beautiful gift of adventures this Christmas!

Prepare yourself to trek through snow-clad mountains, narrow trails, and thick forests and relish the panoramic views that you will treasure for a lifetime as we bring you two of our best, snow-filled winter treks for you to join and enjoy!

When the first snow of the season touches the ground in the middle of December, the mountains turn magical. And this picturesque snow-filled landscape is perfect for a winter trek! Even though in India, there are not many treks that can be considered as winter treks and with plenty of snowfall in the Himalayas during the winter season, most of the prevalent trekking routes are not accessible to trekkers and adventure junkies.  However, there are some trekking routes which can qualify as snowy winter treks.

Kedarkantha Trek is a classic winter trek. The trek provides a great opportunity for trekkers to see the scenic beauty and experience the life of remote villages of Garhwal Himalayas. Kedarkantha Trek lies in the Govind Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park in Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand.

Enjoy these pictures from our first batch to Kedarkantha.

Picture Credits: Charumathi

Of the many treks we carry out, Kedarkantha is one of the most popular winter treks because of the enchanting views and beautiful campsites. We run Kedarkantha batches all December until the end of January. After that, the trek routes are too filled with snow to even walk on. The trek is open again later in March until April.

Looks like the trekkers are already enjoying the first snow.

Picture Credits: Charumathi

The Har Ki Dun means Valley of Gods; this valley is a treat for the first-time trekkers and nature lovers. Har Ki dun is a moderate trek which takes you to the one of the least explored places in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand and best suitable for the first-time trekkers in the Himalayas and also who are experienced in other parts of Himalayas. Sankri serves as the base for Har Ki Dun Trek which is common to other treks like Kedarkantha Trek, Ruinsara Lake Trek etc.

Although the Har Ki Dun winter trek is in the same locale as Kedarkantha trek, it is not as popular in the winter season but that does not stop trekkers to enjoy the beautiful trek.

This year, we are running Har Ki Dun batches throughout the month of December, while the route is still trekkable. This trek is one of the favorites for trekkers and adventure junkies.

Have a strong fear of missing out? Then why miss out the first snowfall of the season?  Give yourself a gift for Christmas and head on to these enchanting treks and enjoy your winter holidays with us!

Trek with us this winter season!


Kedarkantha Trek - Best Snow Trek in Himalayas

What makes the Brahmatal Trek a great winter trekking spot

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The Brahmatal lake is a hidden lake located in Chamoli district in Uttarakhand at a height of 3657.5 m.  Although winter is not a popular season for trekking, the Brahmatal trek is an exceptional winter trekking spot. Brahmatal is an unknown gem to adventure junkies. According to Hindu mythology, the Brahmatal lake was named after Lord Brahma- the creator, who used to meditate there.


    Brahmatal trek

Here are six reasons to pack your bags and visit the Brahmatal Trek this winter season!

Less crowded

On social media, the Brahmatal Trek is not as popular as other treks. Hence, the Brahmatal trek is not as crowded as the Kuari Pass or the Kedarkantha trek. But this trek has a high adventure quotient.

Exceptional views and beautiful weather

Another reason to do this trek in March and April is the beautiful view from the mountain peak. However, in May and June, when trekking season is at its peak, the view is disrupted due to smoky mist over the mountaintop. But during the winter season, mountain sights are worth dying for!

Difficulty Level: Easy

During summers, when the snow melts, the rocky terrain becomes hard to trek on. While its easier to trek on snow covered trails, during the winter season.

The enchanting forests

The Brahmatal lake is surrounded by dense oak forests. And if you are in luck, you can even spot a rare Himalayan bird─Monal. Because this trek is mostly unexplored, there is nearly no crowd.

Serene Lakes of Himalayas:

The Bekhal and the Bhramatal Lake are two well-known lakes of this trek while the Khopdaliya and the Bigun lake are lesser known. You can witness the beauty of the Brahmatal lake once you reach the uppermost point of the trek.The lake stays frozen during winters but the serenity of the place will leave you overwhelmed.

Snow Camping:

Camping near the frozen Brahmatal lake can be a memorable experience. The trek offers a chance for you to camp in the middle of the snow-covered forest. Camping on a bed of snow can be an extraordinary experience.

Recently, the Brahmatal trek has started gaining popularity and has created a buzz among trekkers. The trek is already giving other treks a tough competition. Do you think this trek can be your winter wonderland?

Top 5 Adventurous treks around Pune

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Pune is popularly known as Mumbai’s twin city and Queen of the Deccan. It was once the homeland of the Peshwas of the Maratha Empire. The Peshwas were known for their forts that are now the main attraction in Pune. Pune is also a popular trekking destination because of its exceptionally good weather. Since there are numerous reasons to trek, Renok Adventures presents a list of Top 5 adventurous treks around Pune!


Shivneri fort
Source: Wikipedia
  • Distance from Pune: 100Kms
  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Trek Time: 1 hour

Shivneri is a military fortification located in Pune district. It is the birthplace of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The Shivneri fort is surrounded by water bodies and has numerous statues of Shivaji Maharaj and his mother Jijabai.


Sihangad Fort
Source: Wikipedia
  • Distance from Pune: 35Kms
  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Trek Time: 2 hours

Sinhagad is a hill fortress that is connected to Pune through proper roads. It’s a popular weekend spot for many residents of Pune, including trekkers. Visitors can also see the military sheds and the temple of Goddess Kali.


Rajgad Fort
Source: Wikipedia
  • Distance from Pune: 60Kms
  • Difficulty level: Medium
  • Trek time: 1.5 hours

Rajgad is a hill fort that was the capital of the Maratha Empire for almost 26 years. The fort comprises of palaces, small water bodies, and hidden caves. The fort is most popular during monsoons. The fort’s prime attractions are Pani Kund and the Padmavati temple.


Source: Wikipedia
  • Distance from Pune: 170Kms
  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Trek time: 4-5 hours

Rajmachi fort is situated near Lonavala district in Maharashtra. It is a historical fort in the hills of Sahyadri mountains. The fort promises an astonishing view of the Sahyadri range and the backwaters of Shirota Dam. Rajmachi fort is a popular destination for trekkers and nature lovers.


Source: Wikipedia
  • Distance from Pune: 118Kms
  • Difficulty level: Medium
  • Trek time: 6 hours

Harishchandragad fort is situated in Ahmednagar district. Kokan Kada, the Shiva temple, Taramati peak, the temples of Nageshwar and Harishchandeshwar are few of many notable places of interest. Trekkers usually love to spend their night in cozy caves of the Yadav era that are inside the fort.

These were our Top 5 trekking destinations around Pune that offer adventure and thrill. So what are you waiting for? Get set and Go trekking!

Top 5 weekend getaways from Kolkata

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The world has been coming to Kolkata to absorb the rich culture and metropolitan charm of the city. Nevertheless, daily routine and work can make life monotonous. This means that you need to press your reset button and pack your bags for a perfect weekend getaway once in a while.

Renok Adventures lists out top 5 weekend getaways from Kolkata.

Biharinath Hill, Bankura District, West Bengal
Biharinath getaway from Kolkata
Source: Wikipedia
  • Distance from Kolkata: 230.3 km
  • Altitude: 451m
  • Trek time: 2 hours

Surrounded by the beautiful Purulia hills of the Sub-Himalayan region on one side and the Damador River on the other side, this place is a hiker’s heaven.

Ayodhya Hill, Purulia District, West Bengal
Purulia, getaway from Kolkata
Purulia District, Source: Wikipedia
  • Distance from Kolkata: 332.5 km
  • Altitude: 330-610m
  • Trek time: 7-8 hours

You can either trek the highest peak of Ayodhya or through the thick jungle of Shimul and Palash. At an altitude of 676m above sea level, Gangabaru is pretty high and is mostly a destination for professional rock climbers.Peacock hill is another tourist spot.

Khandoli Dam, Giridh, Jharkhand
Khandoli dam getaway from Kolkata
Source: Wikipedia
  • Altitude: 16m
  • Distance from Kolkata: 323.9 km

Khandoli Dam is widely famous for its adventure sports, mountaineering, hot air ballooning, boating, and kayaking.  It’s a perfect mix of nature and adventure.

Ravangla, Sikkim
Ravangla getaway from Kolkata
Source: Wikipedia
  • Altitude: 2133-3200 m
  • Distance from Kolkata: 673.5 km
  • Trek time: 5 hours

A small town situated between the Meanam and Tendong hills. The trek goes through Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary. Ravangla is a newly discovered traveler destination in South of Sikkim.

Samsing, West Bengal
Samsing getaway from Kolkata
Source: Wikipedia
  • Altitude: 914 m
  • Distance from Kolkata: 644.5 km

Samsing is a peaceful, small hill village in West Bengal. Travelers usually come here for trekking, camping, bird watching. This village is also the gateway to the Neora Valley National Park which is only 18km from there.

With these many options, the stress of daily bustle of the city can become more tolerable.