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Factors to choose the right school tour company

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With several school tour operators, it can be quite confusing to make the right choice. A school tour company is your primary point of contact to ensure that students have a great time on the trip while cherishing innovative learning experiences. In order to make the right choice, you need to consider some important factors.


Choosing the Right School Tour Company


A school tour is only as good as the school tour company you choose. With several programs focusing on different areas of learning experiences, you need to look for educational trip companies that align with your needs and requirements. Regardless, you also need to focus on 3 important factors that define any such company.


School Tour Company


Accreditation – A school tour operator should be accredited and certified by institutions like IATA, Ministry of Tourism and more. Such accreditations let you know if the company’s legitimate, and the kind of recognition it has in the industry. It’s also important to ensure the safety of your students.


Specialisation – Though a tour company may offer many different kinds of packages and tours, it should have trained professionals to plan and manage school trips. This allows the company to provide the best results with an understanding of perspectives required to design educational or field trips.


Programs – As mentioned earlier, school tours can be categorized into many different kinds of programs. A good company offers several programs focusing on building leadership qualities, time management skills, and other important life skills.


With thorough research, you can easily find a reputed school tour company suiting your specific needs and requirements. Renok Adventures has been planning and organising field trips around the country for quite some time. If you want to get in touch with us, please click here.

Educational Trips Abroad

What are the benefits of school tours abroad?

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Field tours or educational tours can be a great way to allow your students to learn in an open and an informal environment. Behind the closed doors of classrooms, the usual routine to cover up the curriculum can be quite monotonous, and students need real-world experiences to keep their minds stimulated. School tours abroad are the perfect way to ensure that students learn new things through first-hand encounters with local culture, nature, wildlife and more.


Benefits of School Tours Abroad


India has numerous places to plan field or educational tours. However, taking school children abroad can be an exciting, thrilling and fresh experience for them. Countries like Ireland, Scotland, Australia and others offer local experiences with their rich culture, heritage and nature. Since every aspect of these countries is completely different from what India offers, school trips abroad can provide students with a fresh perspective towards everything.


School Tours Abroad


It’s not only about culture and tradition, but also the numerous nature experiences offered in these countries. Everything students come across on this trip is a new experience, providing insights on various subjects to change perspectives. It’s an endless list of countries that offer everything from nature walks and heritage tours to wildlife sanctuaries and food tours.


Renok Adventures has been planning and organising school tours abroad for quite some time. We build tailor-made packages suitable with your specific needs and requirements. Our well-trained professionals and support staff ensure that the entire trip is fun and offers an enlightening learning experience for the kids. We use several programs and practices to instill values and life skills in students. In order to get in touch with our team, please click here.

Educational Trips for Children

Considerations to choose a company for primary school tours

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Field trips for students is an important subject, and needs to be part of every school’s academic year. In order to ensure that your students are able to learn new things outside the scope of monotonous classrooms, you need to organize field trips on a regular basis. Primary school tours is a tricky subject, since the students are young, energetic and curious. Therefore, you need professionals to help you out.


Choosing a Company for Primary School Tours


These days, you can easily find a reputed tour operator conducting primary school tours to several destinations. These companies have a wide range of programs suitable with your specific needs and requirements. With some research, you can find a good company to plan everything for you. Here are some important considerations you need to keep in mind.


Primary School Tours


Specialized in School Tours – It’s important to choose a company that specializes in planning and organising school tours. It’s even better if the company has prior experience in conducting tours for primary schools. This gives you a good idea about the trainers’ ability to manage young, energetic minds.


Several Destinations – The company you choose should have experts in several destinations and domains. Such a company is well-versed with a wide range of training programmes, including adventure tours, day excursions, indoor training sessions etc.


Customized Packages – A reputed tour operator will discuss with you the specific needs and requirements to provide customized packages. This allows you to choose a company that caters to your specific needs, and takes into account the requirements of your students.


Licenses & Certification – It’s always better to get in touch with a company that has proper certifications and licenses from organizations like the Ministry of Tourism, IATA and more. This lets you know about the legitimacy of the company, and the kind of reputation it has in the industry.


Educational tours for students can be enlightening learning experiences. Students are able to learn in an informal environment while building strong bonds to cherish for life. If you’re looking for a tour operator to conduct primary school tours, please click here.