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How to Start Trekking in Himalayas

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How to Start Trekking in Himalayas

Any one can do trek in Himalayas provided you prepare for your upcoming trek in Himalayas appropriately. If you are a begineer and want to start trekking in Himalayas then choose an easy grade trek like Hampta Pass, Kedarkantha Trek, Kuari Pass or any other trek which you think is suitable for your. Read about it watch Youtube videos about the the trekking in Himalayas.

A vertical climb of 2000 ft, a trail into the mountains, a hike across the meadows, the crisp mountain air, and adrenalin rushing as you reach the summit- does that sound like an adventure enthusiast you read about but that’s actually the story of your first trekking expedition.

How to start trekking in Himalayas

The mountains and trails have always beckoned the humans to start their journey of adventure and the story is always new. It doesn’t matter if you’re in 40s or 50s, you’re still younger than you’re going to be tomorrow, it’s never too late to get out and get going to the mountains- not to retire but to start really living. So get rid of that lazy muscles and get yourself a great backpack, a neat pair of trekking shoes, a water bottle, a cool hat, supercool glares and start walking, trudging, limping whatever you got to go with.

How to Start Trekking: Tips for Beginners 

Set a goal: Whether it’s the hill in the vicinity of your city or the Everest itself have a destination and start planning. Trekking associations are a great way to get information to get started and all it takes is making that call.

Get your gear right: Backpack, shoes, water bottle and every other gear need to be in place to avoid discomfort of strain. Your equipment will be worth every cent when you’re well on your way through challenging parts of the terrain.

Prepare: Once you know where you’re going start preparing with the everyday walks and small hikes increasing them slowly to allow your body to get in tune with the larger goal.

Remember starting is the hardest part and once you’re past that hurdle everything is a flow.  The only thing you have to do is really enjoy the trek- breathe in the freedom and fresh air and the live in the moment. So pack up the excuses and start packing for the treks you’re going to be taking.

Here are some of the best treks for beginners to start with

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The reasons to Start Trekking in Himalayas 

Trekking is in vogue

Trekking has been in vogue since the time traders discovered new routes to business, since armies went trekking on training programs and the Maharajas made hunting expeditions a passion. So if you haven’t started trekking, then hey, you’re not in fashion. So put on that hat and feel like a Maharaja minus the shotgun and plus the camera and march down the royal paths to mountains.

You may be making history

When trekking in the beautiful valley with exotic herbs, wild flowers and protected fauna that we know as Valley of Flowers today- well we would never have known this treasure if Frank Smythe had not decided to follow the trail of wild flowers and vast meadows on his way back from the Mt Kamet Trek. Who knows what you might find or what feat you may accomplish!

Valley of flowers trek blog

Trekking is a healthy addiction

While the rest of your mates will be groaning to get out of bed and head to the gym, you’re already up and training for the exciting trekking trip ahead. Your ‘pink of health’ status will be maintained by the path you choose and that’s not difficult when it’s a new trek path that you’re hooked to.

You’ll be the coolest grandparent

You can go on and on about your wild adventure tales of snow leopards, mountain goats, yetis and all .Your grandkids will be all ears and are going to love showing you off to their friends.

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You’ll never get bored

Nature has made sure you’re amply supplied with never ending trails to discover and by the time you finish one you’ll be planning the next exciting trek. The beauty of starting a trek is that there are so many more places waiting to be discovered.

You’ll make new friends

Whoever told you that you can’t make new friends when you’re older hasn’t met a trekker. The trekking world will open doors to friends who share the same crazy passion and that’s not going to happen unless you get of that couch and start walking.

Trekking as simple as taking that first step. Here are a few tips that have been gathered from experience that will help you hop out and prepare to take the wild road to happiness.

Trekking in Himalayas

10 Must Things to Do When Trekking in Himalayas

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Planning to go for a trek in Himalayas here is the list of 10 must things to do before the trek. No matter whether you are going in an organized trekking in Himalayas or self organized these are the must things to do before the trek.

10 Must Things to Do Before or during Trekking in Himalayas

Planning to go for a trek in Himalayas here is the list of 10 must things to do before the trek. No matter whether you are going in an organized trekking in Himalayas or self organized these are the must things to do before the trek.

1) Thorough Research on your Trek
It’s mandatory that you do your thorough research about the trek. You need to know about the place you will be trekking, weather conditions, the terrain, average trekking distance between camps, Difficulty level, Time etc and plan your trek accordingly.

2) Carry the Right Trekking Equipment
No once can predict the weather on mountains especially when trekking in himalayas. So hope for the best and be prepared for the worst. Hence carry proper gear and trekking equipment’s.

Rainwear, torches, trekking poles, caps, mitten, gloves, sleeping bags or tents being some of the essentials. When trekking in snow do carry proper snow boots & Gaiters.

Trekking in Himalayas
Photo Credit : Kavita Manhas


3) Pack Proper Clothing
It’s rightly said that “THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS BAD WEATHER, ONLY BAD CLOTHING”. By wrong clothing, footwear and trekking equipment you are inviting trouble during the trek. These things can lead to injuries so pack as advised. Check our list of Trek Essentials.

4) Carry a first aid kit
A first aid kit must be the first thing you should pack for your trek. Needless to say, you should always carry basic medicines and ointments while trekking. This will avoid you from stopping in the middle of the trek due to some injuries!

A winner is a dreamer who never gives up!


5) Pack your backpack correctly
Got all your stuff ready for the trek? Packing your backpack properly can make your trek comfortable, efficient and can even save your life! Read our guide ‘Backpack Infographic’ to know how to pack your trekking backpack in the right manner.

6) Avoid Alcohol & Smoke 
Avoid alcohol and smoke before your trek in himalayas. At 6000 feet above sea level, you exhale and perspire twice as much moisture as you do at sea level and alcohol further dehydrate the body.


7) Never plan your trek without a guide when it’s your first time
It’s always better to go with an experienced trek leader. As Himalayan Trekking trails are tricky, it is advisable that you don’t go solo for your first attempt. Choose the right company/ group of people or take a local guide along.

8) Keep yourself Hydrated
Your fluid requirements will increase significantly when trekking in Himalayas because in Himalayas the climate is Cold and Dry. Drink good amount of water before you feel thirsty. During your trek you should have Water stops every 1 hour and try and drink little and always remember “When in mountains never share your water with anyone”. This is the habit to be developed to be self sufficient.

9) Keep it light on stomach 
When you are on trek in Himalayas take extra care because even a good doctor is helpless without his equipment. So avoid eating heavy meals while on the trek. Carry simple and easily digestible foods so that you get instant energy.

10) Know Your Limits
If you don’t have the habit of walking long distances, you can try to cover short distances and take breaks. Fatigue is a common problem that most people usually face while on an excursion. You are the only one who is aware of your physical strength and endurance, so always keep your limitations in consideration.

No matter How hard it was during your trek in the himalayas but once you return you will come to know how enriching experience it was.

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