What’s the route for trekking in Manali and Ladakh?

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If you’re a seasoned trekker, it’s probably hard to escape the natural expanse and scenic wonders in Manali and Ladakh. Thus, trekking in Manali and Ladakh always seems like an enticing offer. Acres of scenic beauty dotted with crystal clear lakes and the perfect mix of culture and heritage welcome you with open arms.


Various tribes, Himalayan wildlife, unique cuisine and starry night skies ensure the most amazing experiences. If you’re planning to trek in Manali and Ladakh, the best part is that you’ll cross some very high altitude mountains, beautiful lakes, remote villages and an unending skyline. It’s the best way to soak in the true essence of the Himalayas.


The entire journey is full of adventure and the unexplored. The values of Buddhist civilization are intact, and you will be able to see several monasteries and manuscripts on your way. It’s not only an adventurous journey, but also a spiritual one.


Trekking in Manali and Ladakh


Manali Ladakh Trekking



A trekking trip to Ladakh starts from the popular and scenic hill station called Manali. Located at a height of 2,050 metres, this mesmerizing region in the Himalayas is on every trekker’s bucket list. The trek starts from a lush green meadow, which takes you on a journey to Lamadug. While you walk through the scenic forests, you come across many remote villages. One of these is Riyali.


From here, you move on to Kali Yani Pass, which is set at a height of 4,725 metres. Along the stream, you keep proceeding to Donku Thach, where another trail leads to Lamapar, one of the most famous yet remote shepherd villages. To reach Dalmarhi, you need to walk through tough trails in the valley.


Slowly, the trek leads to Barabhangal village. A moderate climb followed by a very steep descent takes you to Thamser Pass and Pannatu, located at 4,570 metres. From here, you move on to Palachak, and finally head to Billing before reaching McLeodganj. The entire trek takes about 20 days to complete.


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5 Moderate Treks to Experience the Exotic Ladakh

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Karakoram and the Great Himalayas two of the highest mountain ranges in the world, trekking in Ladakh is worth every bit of effort Here are 5 moderate treks

Whether you are a newbie trekker or a veteran mountaineer, the pages of your travel log would look unfinished without the mention of the magical white land of Ladakh. With its rugged splendour marked with rocky terrains and picturesque grasslands, Ladakh is suitably monikered as the ‘Land of Passes’.

Entombed between Karakoram and the Great Himalayas, two of the highest mountain ranges in the world, trekking in this remote landscape is worth every bit of effort. Here are 5 moderate treks to please the adventure fanatic inside you.

Chadar Trek

The Zanskar River that gushes dangerously in the summers for the river rafters, turns into a frozen ice blanket for the trek lovers during the winters. Now you know why it is called Chadar! It’s an exhilarating ride along the Indus to Zanskar where your trek begins. Walking over the unending white canvas of Chadar, entering deep gorges, halting by massive waterfalls and exploring the caves with a cup of hot buttery tea, the Chadar trek is exciting, challenging and unforgettable. Lodged between the towering mountains and deep gorges in temperature well below sub-zero, Chadar Trek is an experience of a lifetime.

Altitude            : 3850  m
Season            : Mid January – Mid February
Duration          : 8 – 9 days


Markha Valley Trek

This is a popular trek also called ‘the tea house trek’ because of the parachute tents that some villages provide as accommodation. The trek finds its way through the beautiful Hemis National Park and passes over the Gandala La (15,748 ft) and Kongmaru La (17,060 ft) passes. The river crossings, the rocky canyons and short breaks at magical Buddhist villages are exciting prospects on this trek. The last day sees the trekkers cross Kongmaru Pass to reach the popular Hemis monastery. This is a region that most reflects the heartwarming culture and the barren wild landscape of Tibet.

Altitude            : 3700  m
Season            : June to September
Duration          : 8 – 9 days


Sham Valley Trek

When you want a spiritual or a sightseeing experience on a trek, Sham Valley will fulfill your wishes. The path winds through the austere but serene monasteries  (some dating back to the 11th century!), lying among the ancient ruins of the Sham Kingdom. The village homestays are a perfect way to experience the customs of the local people. The Apricot blossoms in winter, the small mountain passes, willows and fields make it a perfect walk for beginners, photographers and the spiritually inclined.

Altitude            : 3750  m
Season            : June to October
Duration          : 5 -7 days

Ripchar Valley Trek

This trek starts at Lamayuru, a Tibetan monastery and makes its way up to 13,100 ft in a zigzag path landing you in between the Great Karakoram and Zanskar ranges. At this point, the trek offers a breathtaking view of the snow-capped mountain peaks. The vast, barren stretches are interrupted by flower filled pastures, barley and potato fields watered by the many cool and refreshing streams that make their way here. The quiet, friendly villages and the rustling prayer flags that accompany you will be etched in your memory forever. The highlight of the trek is its final destination, Chilling, which is popular for the production of copper.

Altitude            : 4300  m
Season            : June to September
Duration          : 7 – 9 days


Nubra Valley

The fertile green land and valley of flowers along the Nubra and Shyok rivers will grace your trail, that was once the silk route traversed by the traders on their camels. The road journey takes you to Khardungla the highest motorable road in the world. The double humped Bactarian camel, the 600 year old Diskit monastery and the Panamik hot springs are some of the highs of this trek.

Altitude            : 3048  m
Season            : June to September
Duration          : 9 – 10 days


Ladakh trek is an experience of nature, culture, history, sightseeing and spirituality – all blended into one. Don’t miss it!