Triund Hill Camping

What preparations should you make for Triund hill camping?

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Triund has always been a delightful trekking destination for first-time and amateur trekking enthusiasts. A scenic well-defined trail takes you to the top within just 4 hours. Moreover, there are not many steep ascents, and you don’t need a high level of energy and stamina to finish the trek. Since Triund sits in the lap of the snow-capped Dhauladhar range, most people opt for Triund hill camping to stay overnight.


Triund is located at a short distance of 9 km from McLeodganj, which houses several attractions like Namgyal Monastery, Dalai Lama’s Residence, and several chic cafes to satiate your appetite. If you’re planning a trek, make sure you’re informed about Triund trekking season. During this period, the region can be pretty crowded, and it’s better to book your stay or camp in advance.


Preparations for Triund Hill Camping


Triund Hill Camping


For a Triund trek, there’s no need to purchase heavy or hardcore trekking gear. It’s a pretty simple and straightforward trek, which requires you to follow a well-defined trail. Since you’d be camping at the top, it’s important to carry some warm clothes, sports shoes, sunscreen, flashlight, toiletries and other such items.


Tents can be easily rented when you reach the top. Most trekking experts recommend high-ankle shoes to avoid any discomfort. For food, you can purchase light meals, snacks and water from the tuck shops on the way. It’s better to not carry too many plastic bottles, and get them refilled from these tuck shops.


These days, Triund trekking packages are easily available online. This allows you to book a camp in advance, and ensure that you have a good time. Experienced tour operators have set camps in secluded spots offering mesmerizing views of the valley and the mountains. If you’re interested in Triund hill camping, just click here.


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