Trek to Valley of Flowers

A Guide for Valley of Flowers things to carry

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A not-so-difficult trek, Valley of flowers is located at a height of 12,000 feet. As you reach high altitude, the air gets thinner and it’s difficult for the body to get accustomed to low oxygen. Fortunately, our bodies have both long-term and short-term adaptations to high altitude. This compensates for the lack of oxygen and you don’t experience any problems. But still, just like any other trek, for Valley of Flowers things to carry need to be given prime importance.

Valley of Flowers Things to Carry

Since it’s not a very difficult trek, you don’t have to worry too much about any major issues. However, it’s good to carry some basic things to ensure your trek goes as planned, and you have the best time enroute. Here, we’ve mentioned a few things you should carry on the trek to make sure you don’t experience any issues.

Trek to Valley of Flowers

Backpack – It’s good to purchase a high quality backpack with a minimum capacity of 55 litres.

Footwear – It’s good to carry floaters or sandals to help you move freely at the camp. Apart from this, you should invest in high quality trekking shoes. They should be lightweight, sturdy and have a good grip.

Clothing – Quick-dry t-shirts are a good choice, especially if you plan to visit the valley during monsoon season. Track pants, windproof jackets, cotton socks, woolen socks, gloves, sweater and sun cap are other necessities.

Accessories – At high altitude, weather can be unpredictable. Thus, it’s important to carry an umbrella, light towel, sunglasses and other such items to keep you going in case of rains or high winds.

Other items of importance include cold cream, sunscreen, lip balm, torch, personal toilet kit, toilet paper and medical kit. For any assistance or information, you can get in touch with our experts by clicking here.

Valley of Flowers Trek Guide

What do Valley of Flowers trek guides offer?

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Without a doubt, Valley of Flowers is a scenic and beautiful trek in Uttarakhand. Due to heavy snowfall, it remains closed from October to May. This leads to the valley being cut off from other parts of Uttarakhand. According to every Valley of Flowers trek guide, it’s not a very difficult trek. However, it’s still important to plan the trip with experienced trekkers, guides and support staff. With so many guides and packages, it can sometimes be overwhelming. It’s important to know how professionals help you, and what exactly their packages include.


It’s important to understand that the valley is in full bloom in July and August. Heavy rains during this period can damage the roads and conditions may become challenging. When you plan the trek with experienced professionals, it ensures your safety and allows you to have a great time on the trek. On the way, a professional Valley of Flowers trek guide also gives you details and information about the flowers blooming throughout the region.


What Do Professionals Offer?


Valley of Flowers Trek Guide


The average cost for an all-inclusive package to the valley can be anywhere between Rs. 7,000 and Rs. 10,000. The total cost depends on several factors, including facilities at the accommodation, mode of transport, guide fees, permits and more. Usually, the price includes almost everything to ensure you don’t have to worry about anything.
We have been offering trekking tours and packages for a long time. Our reasonable prices come with all-inclusive deals. We have a team of experienced guides and support staff to ensure you have a great trekking experience. To get in touch with our experts and discuss a trip to the Valley of Flowers, just click here.

Do Dham Yatra - Badrinath and Kedarnath

Who discovered the Valley of Flowers National Park?

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What’s one of the most popular treks in the country today was once unexplored terrain, completely cut off from the eyes of inhabitants in the mainland. It’s said that all those who wander are not lost. This saying held true for Frank Smythe, a British mountaineer who discovered the Valley of Flowers National Park.


In 1931, Mr. Smythe wanted to scale a peak called Kamet in Garhwal. On successfully completing the trek, he wanted to take a different route and found himself lost after taking the Western Pass. In all its poetic sense, it was a beautiful mistake that led him to the Valley of Flowers.


The Mythological Connection


Do Dham Yatra - Kedarnath and Badrinath


Beginning from Ghangaria, Valley of Flowers is not a stranger to legends and stories. It’s believed that the national park encompasses the same region that was visited by Lord Hanuman during his search for the much-needed ‘Sanjeevani’ to save Lakshman’s life.


Trekkers and backpackers have their own stories to tell. In 1939, Ms. Margaret Legge visited the valley as a botanist to conduct research on the blooming flowers. While she slipped and was lost forever, her sister visited the valley and raised a remembrance on the spot where Margaret Legge’s body was found. Even after heavy snow and changing seasons for about seven decades, the commemoration is still there.


The best time to visit the valley is from mid-July to end of August. Plan your trek ahead of time. Want some help with planning? Checkout a complete itinerary designed by seasoned trekkers to make the most of your trip to the Valley of Flowers National Park. Visit our FAQ section to get all the information you need.

Valley of Flowers in Summer

What’s the best time to visit the Valley of Flowers?

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Snow clad for most of the year, this is a trek that’s on every nature lover’s bucket list. To tick it off, make sure you choose the best time to visit the valley of flowers. A not-so-difficult trek, this serene destination is best known for its abundant alpine flowers, which are in full bloom during the monsoon season.

When a journey in the north seems tough during the rains, choose the Valley of Flowers instead, and be ready to get mesmerized by its sheer beauty and grandeur. The road conditions may be challenging for novice drivers, and it’s recommended to let seasoned trekkers plan the trip.

Best Time to Visit the Valley of Flowers

Closed from October to May, flowers in the valley start blooming during the month of June. By this time, the snow starts melting, giving way to roads for better transportation. The temperature also starts improving. Quite important if you’re not a seasoned backpacker.

From mid-July to the end of August, the valley is in full bloom. As the rainy season arrives, acres of lush green landscape is occupied with hundreds of flowers in many different colours.

Valley of Flowers in July

Valley of Flowers Trek in July

If you’re fond of looking at snow clad glaciers, try to visit the valley of flowers during the first week of July. This is also the period when you’ll find the famous Ladies Slipper Orchid flower in full bloom, along with many other species of flowers.

Valley of Flowers Trek in August

As the season proceeds, until the end of August, you can see the valley of flowers going from the brightest of colours to yellowish and peachy tones. Since monsoon’s the best time to visit the valley of flowers, we get quite a few bookings during this period. Plan your stay ahead with a single click here.

Valley of Flowers in Summer

Where is Valley of Flowers National Park?

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One of the most scenic treks in north India, Valley of Flowers is a must-do trek for nature lovers and adventure seekers. If you want to know where is valley of flowers, you’ve come to the right place to seek an answer. Nestled in the middle of snow clad glaciers, the valley is located at a high altitude in the magnificent Himalayas. The peak season for the Valley of Flowers stretches from mid-July to end of August.


Where is Valley of Flowers?


Valley of Flowers in Summer


A national park in itself, Valley of Flowers is in the center of Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve. Spreading across 87.5 sq. kms., the valley is located at a height of 3,658 metres. Full of alpine flowers in the summer season, it is a surreal paradise, surrounded by Bhyundar valley.


Govindghat, which is 18 km from the Valley of Flowers, and the place from where the trek starts, is well-connected to Delhi and most major cities in Uttarakhand. The valley is located near Badrinath, just 300 kms from Rishikesh. Govindghat is well-connected via road, and you can take a bus or hire a cab from Haridwar, Rishikesh or Dehradun.


This beautiful destination wasn’t discovered until 1931, when a British mountaineer Frank Smythe lost his way while coming back from a trek to end up in the valley. Since then, many mountaineers, adventure seeks and trekking lovers have visited the Valley of Flowers every year.


A journey to the Valley of Flowers is pretty straightforward from Rishikesh, Haridwar or Dehradun. If you want to know why hundreds of people visit this beautiful destination every year or get some more information about Valley of Flowers, click here.

Valley of Flowers

What’s the Route from Rishikesh to Valley of Flowers?

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Since Rishikesh is the nearest railway station, most trekkers prefer to plan a visit from Rishikesh to Valley of Flowers. Set at a height of 3,658 metres, Valley of Flowers is surrounded by snowy mountains, which keep the valley cut off during winter season due to a thick blanket of snow. The backdrop of white, snow clad glaciers makes the brightly coloured flowers look even more scenic. An amazing sight with a contrasting backdrop takes your breath away instantly.


It won’t be wrong to say that Valley of Flowers is a surreal paradise, or probably a fairyland, completely covered by bright alpine flowers throughout the summer season. Hundreds of trekkers visit this beautiful destination every year. The 18 km trek starts from Govindghat, which is well-connected to Haridwar, Dehradun and Rishikesh via road. 


Rishikesh to Valley of Flowers


Enroute Valley of Flowers


Govindghat, the place from where the 18 km Valley of Flowers trek starts is about 255 km from Rishikesh. Being the nearest railway station at 273 km from the valley, Rishikesh is well-connected to Govindghat via motorable roads. From Govindghat, you can also plan to reach Joshimath (depending on your itinerary) via road. Joshimath is a one-hour drive from Govindghat.


A not-so-moderate trek, it takes about 9-10 hours to reach Govindghat from Rishikesh. The route from Rishikesh to Valley of Flowers is scenic and mesmerizing. The best time to visit this region is from mid-July to August last week. During this period, the flowers are in full bloom, and you’re able to witness the valley’s beauty at its peak.


If you’re looking to plan to your trek soon, why don’t you checkout this detailed map to get an idea of the route. Just click here to view the map.

Valley of Flowers

Valley of Flowers – My First Trek to Valley

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My First Valley of Flowers Trek Uttarakhand

On a trip to Rafting in Rishikesh a fellow rafter told me about Valley of Flowers and this was the first time I heard of this trek and till date I have done this trek more than 15 times but my first trek is still the first and as fresh as I have done it yesterday. My preparation for this trek was just buying a 50mm 1.8 Nikkor lens.

Valley of Flowers

To start the Trek you need to reach Haridwar first by train or by bus best is train because you get your sleep before the long hilly drive for some this is unbearable but I always enjoy the twists and turns of great Himalayan roads. I reached Haridwar early morning and met my fellow trekkers then we started our journey by comfortable Tempo Traveller from Haridwar to Govindghat, enroute we stopped for lunch our first stop was Govindghat. Govindghat is a small town about 18kms from Joshimath which serves as the base location for Hemkund Sahib Yatra and Flower Valley trek.

Next day we started our trek of around 14 kms from Govindghat to Ghangaria. The trek is easy with gradual slopes and numerous shops the Hemkund Sahib and Valley of flowers trek route is same till Ghangaria so you have to bear with ponies and their riders. We reached Ghangaria around 3 pm and had our lunch. Ghangaria is a small town with a Gurudwara and around dozen hotels most people come for Hemkund Sahib and very few goes to Flower Valley.

Valley of Flowers trek
Day 3 of Flower Valley trek trek is the day to witness the sheer beauty of nature in pristine form The Valley is a heaven. After trekking for about 1km there is gate for Valley  after taking the ticket we entered the park and our botanist guide started taking the names of various flowers few which I remembered. After trekking for 3 kms there arises a huge rock which signifies the starting point of the Valley of Flowers. We went upto the grave of and returned,

Valley of Flowers

I cannot describe the beauty of Flower Valley in words best you visit it yourself. If you visit the valley of flowers you will become a poet just describe what you see. Valley of flowers is a must do trek for first time trekkers. Valley  goes through various changes is a short period of two to three months. Till June it is packed with snow and when it melts the seeds beneath it germinates and during monsoon these plants grow and blossom at slightly different time that is the reason that entire Flower Valley color changes every fortnight and when monsoon gets over all plant dies leaving their seeds behind for next season.

Here are the important facts about the Trek

Valley Of Flowers Best Time To Visit
Valley of Flowers best time to visit from End of Juen to Mid Septembe, Valley of Flowers in June is covered under snow. Valley of Flowers Trek in July and August is the best when you see the most of the flowers bloom. Valley of flowers in September is all green trek but little less flowers.
How to Reach Valley Of Flowers is take Haridwar – Govindghat taxi early morning and then trek from Govindghat to Ghangaria and then to Valley.

Valley Of Flowers Temperature remains in the range of 20 degree to 5 degree and you will require good jacket in the night.
Valley Of Flowers Trekking Packages: We provide various trekking packages please fill the enquiry form and we will get back to you.
Valley Of Flowers Trek Difficulty is a moderate trek but if you ask anyone they will call it a easy trek the reason behind is the facilities available during the trek.
Valley Of Flowers Hemkund Sahib should be done together as Hemkund Sahib is as beautiful as valley