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Jai Govind Meena

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Jai caught the adventure bug after a rappelling demonstration by mountaineers in his school. He did his MBA from the Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), Delhi and after slogging it out for seven years in the corporate sector he did the Basic Mountaineering Course(BMC) from HMI Darjeeling after which he spent a year traveling across India to some of the most remote parts of the country. While travelling he came to the realization that there was an authentic adventure experience that people were missing out on. This led to the founding of Renok Adventures.

Rohan Jain

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Rohan is a Scindian with a passion for the outdoors. A trained pilot with a degree in English from Delhi University, Rohan has gone on numerous treks, roamed through various wildlife sanctuaries and wandered across the length and breadth of India. He did the Basic Mountaineering Course(BMC) from HMI Darjeeling where he met Jai and after a short stint at Cohezia Technologies he joined  Renok.Rohan believes he is the creative engine at Renok a claim we cannot verify.

Sandeep Rawat

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Sandeep is the Business Development Head at Renok Adventures and in the past 10 years he has served in various capacities. Being a commerce guy, he started his profession in Finance but soon realised Camping & Trekking were his passion. He is a tough, sensible, practical & sincere guy. Being a certified mountaineer & First aid emergency responder, he is sharp, smart and agile at handling people during treks & adventures were he prefers to go by the name ‘Sandy’. He is also an impressive guitarist who hypnotizes everyone with his musical talent and great story telling skills. He has a passion for fitness and is an enthusiastic  Half Marathoner.


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Born and brought up in a village in Punjab,Preet,was born to explore.He is the Operations Manager at Renok Adventures.He brings with him over 8 years of experience in mountaineering and trekking. He did his basic and advance courses in mountaineering from Manali. To add to that he has also done his MOI(Methods of Instruction) Course.

Abhilasha Chaurasia

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Abhilasha comes from the city of ghats, Varanasi. She did her post graduation  in Tourism Administration from Banaras Hindu University. She loves to visit and explore the new things. She is a photographer by passion, singer and hiker by choice. She is the one who is most likely to be the one who will be your first point of contact with Renok Adventures. She along with Rahul, are the one handling all the calls and emails.

An idiom she believes in is “Individually we are a Drop, but as a team we can become an Ocean”

Rahul Halduniya

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Rahul is the newest addition to our team. He has done his from Delhi University. He is responsible for handling all the back end operations and coordinating with our logistics partners and handling trekkers queries before the trek at Renok Adventures. He has been on the Kedarkantha Trek, Har Ki Dun Trek, Hampta Pass, Chopta Chandrashila Trek and Nag Tibba trek and is working towards becoming an experienced outdoor leader with Renok Adventures.