The Best Places to Visit on a School Trip New York

School Trip New York



The Best Places to Visit on a School Trip New York

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There’s absolutely no better way to inspire and educate students than taking them to New York City. A school trip New York makes sure students are able to attend numerous events, visit landmarks and soak in experiences. Thus, fun field trips in NYC are extremely popular among schools and colleges.


New York, also called The Big Apple, is quite famous for its skyline and numerous landmarks spread across the city. In fact, only Hong Kong has more skyscrapers than New York. This gives a good reason to visit this beautiful city any time in the year.


School Trip New York – Places to Visit


The five boroughs in New York are home to quite famous and identifiable attractions, such as the Times Square, Empire State Building, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Central Park, Ripley’s Believe It or Not and more. Here are the top attractions you should include in a New York school trip itinerary.


School Trip New York


Empire State Building – This famous attraction can be seen from over a mile’s distance, standing tall above the entire city. The observatory is located on the 86th floor, and offers 360 degree views of the city.


Boat Cruise – A boat cruise in New York takes you on a journey to view several highlights, including 5 boroughs, 3 rivers and more than 25 popular attractions. It also gives a close-up view of the magnificent Statue of Liberty. Food and beverages are available on board.


Ellis Island & Statue of Liberty – One of the most symbolic structures in the United States, the Statue of Liberty stands 111 feet and 6 inches tall. There’s an interesting museum in the base of the statue, which provides information about the statue’s history.


Broadway Theatre – Checkout a broadway show to round-off your day. Tickers for mid-week performances are pretty affordable, and even include dinner packages. A visit to Broadway allows your students to learn several things about art and culture.


To get a wholesome experience of this beautiful city, it’s recommended to consult a professional tour operator for a school trip New York. To get in touch with us, please click here.


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