Kashmir Great Lakes Trek Story : Third time’s a charm!

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek



Kashmir Great Lakes Trek Story : Third time’s a charm!

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Kashmir Great Lakes Trek Completed on Third Attempt 

Sometimes when you look back at all the unsuccessful attempts and aborted missions, they inspire you to go back out there and accept the challenge again. While many give up after just one try, Rushikesh Patne sets an example for all. We recently interviewed Rushikesh Patne from Pune who took it upon himself to complete his trek to the Kashmir Great lakes after two unsuccessful attempts. Read on!

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek with Rushikesh_Patne

Q: Have you always been passionate about trekking and adventure sports?

A: Yes, I did my first trek in 10th standard. In college, the adventure bug bit me when I was a cadet in the NCC. I did various adventure activities like flying, gliding, parasailing, trekking. In fact, the NCC sent me on my first long-distance trek.

Q: Why did you choose the Kashmir Great Lakes trek?

A: Visiting Kashmir is a perfect stress buster. It’s not necessary for you to trek; you can just sit & relax or roam around someplace far from usual tourist spots. Secondly, It is the beauty of Kashmir and hospitality of Kashmiris that lured me in.

Q: What other treks have you completed in last few years?

A: Trek from Panhala to Vishalgad, Shillong to Cherrapunji, the Kashmir Great Lakes trek (Now I can say it’s completed), Roopkund trek, Mt. SandakPhu trek, Rupin Pass trek and Kuari Pass trek. And yeah, the Chadar trek is yet to be completed.

Kashmir Great Lakes

Q: Which trek did was the most beautiful and the most difficult according to you?

A:  That’s a tricky question. Every trek is difficult & beautiful in its own sense. But to be honest, Rupin Pass is the most beautiful from the treks I have done & Kashmir Great Lakes was the most difficult because the weather in Nichnai can deteriorate at any moment. It tests your patience.

Q: If the Kashmir Great Lakes trek was so difficult, what motivated you to complete the trek?

A: Well, third time’s a charm, right? The fact that I had a trek on my list that hasn’t been completed yet. It had become kind of a backlog. I wanted to see what’s beyond Gadsar Pass. Moreover, I just wanted to complete the task.

Q: What was the most beautiful and most difficult part of the Kashmir Great Lakes trek?

A: The view from the Zaj Pass is the most unforgettable. Also, the view of the Gadsar lake was awesome, I can’t describe the beauty in words.

Crossing the Nichnai Pass was the most difficult part for me. Maybe, it just seemed psychologically impossible because that’s where we encountered bad weather in the last two attempts.

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek with Rushikesh_Patne

Q: How was your whole experience? You must have felt that sense of achievement at the end of your third attempt.

A: Yes, there was a sense of achievement when I was finally able to go beyond the Gadsar Pass. I got to see all those views that I only saw on the internet and trekking with friends was just icing on the cake.

During all my previous attempts, it was because of the weather due to which we had returned without completing the trek. It’s difficult to return home with a feeling that you haven’t completed the trek. I feel like I’m betraying myself. First was when there was a lot of snow in Gadsar Pass. Too much to trek safely. During the second attempt, it was incessant rains that stopped us. However, even though the first two attempts were incomplete, they were also a learning in their own sense.

Q: Do you think you will go back there?

A: No doubts about that. In fact, I think I’ll complete every trek twice. Just to enjoy the views & soak in the beauty.

Q: Any words of motivation?

A: Never give up! Trekking can help a lot in your personal & professional life. You learn to face all your problems and even when you encounter difficulties in life, you can just think about those moments when you didn’t give up.


Kashmir Great Lakes Trek with Rushikesh_Patne

Rushikesh is an inspiration to all of us. He sets an example with his determination and strong will power and proves that giving up is never an option. Do you think you’ve got what it takes to complete the Kashmir Great Lakes trek? Head on over there to find out!




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