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15th, 19th of every month


10D / 9N



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Why This Trek?

Goechala Trek gives you the best views of Kanchenjunga – the third highest mountain in the world, provides an inspiring backdrop for the Goechala Trek. Until the discovery of the height of Mt Everest in the 19th century, Kanchenjunga was considered to be the highest mountain in the world. Viewing its huge flanks rising high above the foothills, it is not hard to understand why, while the many 7,000 metre peaks complete an impressive panorama.Yet there are more than mountain views to whet the appetite of the seasoned trekker.

  • DIFFICULTY : Moderate To Difficult.

  • MAX AlLTITUDE : 16,207 ft.

  •  BASE CAMP : Yuksom.

  • DURATION : 10 Days 9 Nights.

  • BEST SEASON : April, May, September, October


Rs. 16,500

(GST 5%)

(Yuksom – Yuksom)

Early Bird Booking Price : Rs. 15,500 + 5% GST
(Valid Till 31st January 2019)

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The trails lead from steamy, subtropical forest with bamboo, luxuriant ferns and orchids to temperate forest bands with ancient oak and rhododendron trees before heading to the alpine meadows that afford uninterrupted views of the East Ridge of the mighty Kangchenjunga.

Goechala Trek Map

Destinations Covered during Goechala Trek: Yuksom , Tshoka , Dzongri , Lamuney.

What’s Included :

  • 02 Nights Guest House / Homestay accommodation in Yuksom on Quad/Triple Sharing basis.
  • 07 Nights Tented accommodation while on trek on triple sharing basis.
  • All Veg Meals from 2nd Day Lunch to till 9th Day Lunch while on Trek.
  • Morning, evening tea/coffee served with light snacks while on trek.
  • Trekking Equipment like Sleeping bags, Sleeping Mattress, Sleeping tents, utensils.
  • All fees and permits for Indians.
  • Basic First Aid Medical kit, Oxygen Cylinder and Oxi Meter
  • Qualified and experienced Trek Leader and support staff.

What’s Not Included :

  • Transportation from NJP – Yuksom – NJP.
  • Any fees and permits for Non Indians.
  • Meals during transit or in Yuksom.
  • Any expenses of personal nature.
  • Cost incurred due to natural reasons.
  • Anything which is not a part of our inclusions.


Important Notice for foreigners:-

Foreigners need ILP (Inner Line Permit) which is issued by Sikkim Government at Gangtok (Sikkim).
Please go through below given guidelines for obtaining the Inner Line Permit:
  • Foreigners have to register for the trek in a group of minimum 2 or above.
  • You must report at Yuksom (Base Camp for Goechala Trek) one day prior to the regular reporting of the batch.
  • ILP will be acquired from Gangtok.
  • The charges for obtaining ILP are Rs. 2000 per person and amount will be handed over to the Renok Representative at Yuksom.
  • For ILP form please Click Here
  • You need to carry the Orginal ILP along with Original passport & Visa and 4 Passport size photos plus 3 Xerox copies of ILP, Passport and Visa each.
  • Citizens of China, Myanmar and Bangladesh are not allowed to trek in this area.


**The pick up from NJP Railway Station will by 9 AM. We will arrange the transportation from NJP to Yuksom and Return from Yuksom to NJP at an extra cost of approximately Rs. 6000 per Vehicle one way. The amount to be paid directly to the driver and participants are expected to share the cost of the vehicle likewise**


More Information On Yuksom:

More Information On Sikkim:

Here’s a short itinerary of Goechala Trek:

Day 1: Drive from NJP – Yuksom (5,800 ft) (6 hrs)
Day 2: Trek from Yuksom (5,800 ft) – Sachen (7,200 ft) (5 hrs)
Day 3: Trek from Sachen (7,200 ft) – Tshoka (9,650 ft) via Bakhim (8,600 ft) (4 hrs)
Day 4: Trek from Tshoka (9,650 ft) – Dzongri (12,980 ft) via Phedang (12,050 ft) (5-6 hrs)
Day 5: Trek from Dzongri (12,980 ft) – Dzongri Top (13,675 ft) (1 hr) and back to Dzongri and then to Thansing (12,930 ft) via Kokchurang (12,100 ft) (5-6 hrs)
Day 6: Trek from Thansing (12,930 ft) –  Lamuney  (13,700 ft) (2 hrs)
Day 7: Trek from Lamuney (13,700 ft) – Goechala (16,207 ft) and back to Kokchurang (12,100 ft) (10-12 hrs)
Day 8: Trek from Kokchurang (12,100 ft) – Tshoka (9,650 ft) via Phedang (12,050 ft) (6-7 hrs)
Day 9: Trek from Tshoka (9,650 ft) – Yuksom (5,800 ft) via Bakhim (8,600 ft) and Sachen (7,200 ft) (6 hrs)
Day 10: Drive back to NJP


Detailed trek itinerary

Day 1: Drive from NJP – Yuksom (5,800 ft) (6 hrs)

New Jalpaiguri Railway Station(NJP) is located in the Jalpaiguri District which is considered to be the Gateway to the Northeast. All major cities and towns are connected to NJP via the Indian Railways. The closet airport is Bagdogra Airport which is about 16km from NJP. From NJP we take a taxi to Yuksom in Sikkim. This journey will take us approximately 6 hrs. Yuksom is a beautiful town in West Sikkim which was once the capital of Sikkim. Yuksom serve as the base camp for Goechala Trek. Overnight stay in Yuksom

Goechala Trek - Bakhim

Day 2: Trek from Yuksom (5,800 ft) – Sachen (7,200 ft) (5 hrs)

This is the first day of the Goechala Trek. After walking across open fields we enter the beautiful valley of the Rathong river. En route appreciate ancient Oak, Conifer and Bamboo forests and the luxuriant ferns and delicate orchids that line the trail . Yuksom (1760m) marks the entrance to the Kanchenjunga National Park. Just after leaving the village you can see Bakhim on a ridge high above the confluence of the Rathong and Prek Rivers, which will give you an idea of how to pace yourself for the day. Sachen is located at about 7200 feet above sea level. At Sachen we will find a lot of Log huts were we will spend the night.

Goechala Trek - Rathong Glacier

Day 3: Trek from Sachen (7,200 ft) – Tshoka (9,650 ft) via Bakhim (8,600 ft) (4 hrs)

The trek from Sachen to Tshoka involves quite considerable attitude gain. We continue walking until we reach the bridge over the river, Perk. Prayer flags in the distance are an indication of the start of the Goechala trail. We trek through Oak and later Rhododendron forests. On the way we pass through Bakhim. Bakhim has a forest rest house and a tea and snack stall. We can stop and rest for a while and enjoy the view of the Yuksom Valley. From Bakhim, Tshoka, is about an hour. From a distance you will see a trekkers hut on a plateau. This is Tshoka. Overnight stay in Tshoka.

Glacier Trekking Goechala Trek

Day 4: Trek from Tshoka (9,650 ft) – Dzongri (12,980 ft) via Phedang (12,050 ft) (5-6 hrs)

On the fourth day of trek, we have a steep climb. You will be surrounded by Rhododendron forests all around. After about half an hour in to the trek the trail changes to a well laid out path with wooden logs. In some time we reach Phedang (12,050 ft) and a source of water nearly Phedang is a perfect place to stop for lunch. We then continue for Dzongri. Through this leg of the trek you will be reaching over 13,000 feet, so headaches are common due to the thin air and less atmospheric pressure. In about 5 -6 hrs we reach Dzongri. Overnight stay at Dzongri. Dzongri Trek is a short trek of around 7 days.

Sleeping Buddha - Goechala Trek

Day 5: Trek from Dzongri (12,980 ft) – Dzongri Top (13,675 ft) (1 hr) and back to Dzongri and then to Thansing (12,930 ft) via Kokchurang (12,100 ft) (5-6 hrs)

We start a steep ascend to Dzongri top early in the morning, which will take us about an hour. From where we will get a 180 degree panoramic view of the Kanchenjunga range. If we start early at 4 am we can reach the top just in time for the sunrise. Experience how the golden rays of the sun interact with this magnificent mountain range. After enjoying this spectacular view we retrace our steps to Dzongri. Have our Breakfast and then we start our trek for Thansing. We descend from Dzongri to Kokchurang and then climb to Thansing. The trail from Dzongri descends through the Rhododendron shrubs to grass fields.

Dzongri Huts - Goechala Trek

Day 6: Trek from Thansing (12,930 ft) –  Lamuney  (13,700 ft) (2 hrs)

Today is the smallest day of the Goechala trek which takes around 2 hrs to reach Lamuney.  The trek passes through the alpine meadow of rhododendrons and juniper. Because of some religious region camping is not allowed after this. Lamuney is a open and windy area. Overnight at Lamuney.


Dzongri Huts - Goechala Trek

Day 7: Trek from Lamuney (13,700 ft) – Goechala (16,207 ft) and back to Kokchurang (12,100 ft) (10-12 hrs)

The trek to the rarefied climes of the Goechala is rewarded with unrivaled views of the massive East Ridge of Kanchenjunga high above the Talung Glacier as well as views of the high ridges and peaks that enclose the upper Prek Valley. Looking north there is a vast mountain region yet to explore, but for now the Goechala is as far as you are permitted to go. The pass is often shrouded in mist and cloud not long after sunrise, so an early start is necessary. The trail heads along the far side of the lake and through moraine before crossing a sandy section alongside the Onglakhing Glacier. From here, you can see the pass at the head of the valley. However, the trek through the lateral moraine is tiring – more so if there has been a recent snowfall.The Goechala is marked with fluttering, colorful prayer flags, framing the peak of Kanchenjunga.

Lead the same trek towards Lamuney and then move forwards to reach the destination for the day- Kokchurang. You can choose to set up your tent near the bank of the river or you can also reside in the trekkers hut.

Dzongri Trek - Goechala Trek

Day 8: Trek from Kokchurang (12,100 ft) – Tshoka (9,650 ft) via Phedang (12,050 ft) (6-7 hrs)

From Kokchurang we trek back to Tshoka via Phedang the way we came. It is going to be downhill walk only but you will be tired and happy at the same time as you have been to Goechala.

Trekking Trail of Goechala Trek in Sikkim

Day 9: Trek from Tshoka (9,650 ft) – Yuksom (5,800 ft) via Bakhim (8,600 ft) and Sachen (7,200 ft) (6 hrs)

We retrace our steps back to Yuksom via Bakhim and Sachen and reach Yuksom our base camp for Goechala Trek Trek. Next day we take a cab back to NJP.

Day 10: Drive back to NJP

We drive back from Yuksom to NJP.

Dzongri Trek in Sikkim during Goechala Trek

Fitness Required for Goechala Trek
At high altitude as the air gets thinner oxygen becomes less abundant.The percentage saturation of hemoglobin with oxygen determines the content of oxygen in our blood. After the human body reaches around 2,100 m (7,000 feet) above sea level, the level of  oxygen in our hemoglobin begins to plummet. However, the human body has both short-term and long-term adaptations to altitude that allow it to partially compensate for the lack of oxygen.The Goechala Trek is unchallenged trek suitable for trekkers with prior experience in high altitude treks is recommended.Trekking Experience: Ideal trek for experienced trekkers.

Fitness Required: The Goechala Trek falls in the category of challenging treks. The trail is fairly laid out path and has very few steep ascends or descends. Water is available throughout the trail. But still if you are thinking of your first big Himalayan trekking experience its better to be prepared. Here is the training schedule to prepare for the trek.

Our treks are generally planned in a way that on an average you have to cover around 9 Km in 6 hours although there may be slight variation depending on the terrain. This works out to roughly 1.5 km per hour which is equivalent to walking in the plains at 6 km per hour.

You can train yourself to run 3 km in 30 minutes as per the schedule given below. Remember always start your training program with stretching and warm up exercises.

Follow this training schedule for trekking fitness required.

Week 1: Start with 10 minute of brisk walk and then jog for 10 minutes and finally 10 minutes of easy walk.
Week 2: 5 minutes of brisk walk 15 minutes of jog 5 minutes of easy walk
Week 3: 5 minutes of brisk walk 15 minutes of jog 5 minutes of easy walk
Week 4: 5 minutes of brisk walk and jog for 25 min and cool down your body

Things to carry for Goechala Trek

  • Backpack (Min 55 Ltrs): A good quality backpack from reputed brand and try it before buying.
  • Floaters or Sandals: When you are at the camp they help to move freely.
  • Trekking Shoes: Always invest in a good quality trekking shoes, we recommend Forclaz 500 by Quechua for Goechala Trek. They are light weight, good grip, sturdy and easily available throughout India.(How to find the best trekking shoes)
  • 3 Pair of Quick Dry Tees
  • 2 Trekking Pants
  • Poncho/Rain Jacket
  • 1 Wind Proof Jacket
  • 1 Full Sleeve Sweater or Fleece Jacket
  • 1 Heavy Jacket (Down Jacket preferable)
  • 1 Trekking Pole
  • 2 Pair of good Thermals
  • 3 Pair of Cotton Socks
  • 2 Pair Woolen Socks
  • Woolen Gloves
  • Sun Cap
  • 1 Scarf
  • Light towel
  • Lip Balm
  • Cold Cream & Sun Screen (SPF 40+)
  • Water Bottle 1 Lt
  • Headlamp or torch with fresh pair of batteries
  • Personal Toilet Kit and toilet paper
  • Personal Medicine Kit
  • Dark Sunglasses

and CAMERA with huge memory card and fully charged with extra batteries !!

What is the Goechala Trek?
Goechala Trek is a Challenging high altitude trek done primarily during the pre -monsoon and post monsoon. The trek is situated in the state of Sikkim.

What is the Goechala Trek Best Time ?
The Goechala Trek best time is during the months of April, May, September, October and November.

What is the Difficulty Level of Goechala Trek?
Goechala Trek Difficulty Level is considered by comparison a challenging high altitude trek. But you need to have good physical fitness to complete this trek. Doing cardio vascular exercises is very helpful  for preparing for this trek. Please check the preparation  section to get a better understanding of this.

What are the temperatures during the Goechala Trek?
During the Goechala Trek  temperatures vary between 0-20 degree Celsius. There will be considerable variation between night and day and in the direct sun and shade, so it is important to plan accordingly.

How much we have to trek each day?
Normally our trek are designed in such a way that we reach our camp by lunch time and on an average trekking distance is roughly 6 to 9 Kms each day and it takes around 6-7 hours by an average trekker to cover that distance.

What medicines should I carry during the trek.
Below is a list of basic medicines you should carry for a high altitude trek.
Crepe bandage – 3 to 5 meters
Band aid – 10 strips Gauze cloth – 1 small role
Leukoplast – 1 small roll
Cotton – 1 small roll
ORS – 5 packets
Betadine cream
Moov spray

Crocin – 5 tablets
Avomine – 4 tablets
Avil 25mg – 4 tablets
Diamox – 15 tablets
Combiflam – 5 tablets
Disprin – 10 tablets
Norflox – 10 tablets
Digene – 10 tablets
Diamox – 10 tablets

Is Diamox advisable ?
Diamox help in acclimatization but we do not advise it. Please consult your Doctor before taking it.

Who will lead and who all will go along with us ?
All our treks are led by certified & Experienced Trek Leaders/Guides. We believe in sustainable adventure eco-tourism which in effect means that our teams are locally sourced. Other than a Trek lead we in our team will have local Guides, Cook, Helpers and Porters.

How big are the trekking groups ?
We make it a point not to have more than 15 people in a trekking group as we believe that the best way to enjoy adventure is in small sustainable groups.

What is the minimum number of Trekkers required for Fixed Departures ?
Our Fixed departures are guaranteed and a promise to our customer that even if there is a Single trekker we will proceed with the trek at a loss.

I am the only girl in a trek, is it safe ?
We generally have a ratio of Male : Female of about 2:1. Mountains on the whole are much safer than the plains. Lots of solo female trekkers join us and we make it a point that only female trekkers share the tent with other female trekkers.

What thing we need to Carry for the trek?
You can refer to the section things to carry for this information

Can I offload my backpack on a mule/porter. What are the charges for the same.
When you are in the mountains you should be self-sufficient and  you should carry your own backpack. The charges to offload a backpack of roughly 9 kg or less is about 300 per day.

 Which type of shoes should I buy ?
Good trekking shoes  are a must for the Pindari Glacier Trek. Read more at “How to Buy Trekking Shoes”

How many trekkers will be in one tent ?
We generally have 3-man tents were we accommodate anywhere between 2-3 people.

What level of fitness is expected from the trekkers
Good physical fitness as well as mental fitness is required for the Goecha La Trek. This is a trek which can be done by experienced trekkers. To get into  optimum level of fitness you can go through our article How to prepare for a high altitude trek.

What is there in Food menu during a trek ?
We server wholesome and nutritious Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Evening Snacks. The food is vegetarian. Vegetarian food is preferable at high altitudes as it is easy to digest.

Is the water on the trek safe?
The advantage of trekking the Himalayas is that your trekking route is filled with fresh Himalayan streams. Your trek leader/guide will direct you to places where you can fill clean water from. We recommend this water but in case you are unsure you can carry water purifying tablets with you.

 What type of vehicles are used for transportation ?
We use Sumo/Xylo/Tempo for transportation.

What do you do if we encounter a medical emergency during the trek?
Our team at Renok is trained in handling high altitude emergencies. Apart from being trained mountaineers they bring a wealth of experience with dealing with high altitude illnesses. We carry First aid kitsand oxygen cylinders with us and in case of other medical emergencies we rescue the trekker till the road head. If any additional cost of evacuation is incurred it is borne by the trekker.Also before the trek it’s your responsibility to get a medical fitness checkup by a doctor which certifies you are fit enough for this trek.

Can we change the itinerary?
Renok Adventures LLP reserves the right to change the itinerary depending upon the weather conditions and other factors. If extra cost is incurred due to rescheduling the trekker is informed beforehand and extra cost if any is borne by the trekker. Please note that we operate treks in some of the most remote regions and harshest conditions where unforeseen events may force us to change the itinerary. In such cases, we or your trek leader will suggest the best alternative similar to your original itinerary.

Can you customize a GoechaLa Trek?
Yes Goecha La Trek can be customised, if you would like to travel independently, you are invited to choose any of the trips at your convenient time for any number of people. The Cost the for private customized  trip is fixed on the basis of group size, trek area, duration and trek style.

What if trek is cancelled at the last moment due to ‘force majeure’?
All the arrangements for the tour are pre-planned and prepaid.
We will offer you alternate trek options of similar value depending upon the weather conditions if a trek is cancelled due to ‘force majeure’. In case of non-completion of the tour due to any reason whatsoever there will not be any refund for any unutilized services.

What is your Cancellation Policy
Up to 24 Days :- 95% of Trek/Tour cost will be refunded.
Between 14-24 Day :- 70% of Trek/Tour cost will be refunded.
Between 14-08 Days :- 50% of Trek/Tour cost will be refunded.
Less than 7 Days :- No refund

What is your Rescheduling  Policy ?
We will reschedule your trek without any extra charge if this is conveyed to us in writing ateast 1 month before the trek starting date.
Between 07-24 Days before start of the trek :- 30% of Trek/Tour cost  will be charged for rescheduling.
Less than 7 days:- 100% of Trek/Tour cost  will be charged for rescheduling.

NJP is the base location for the Goecha La Trek.We have to meet at 6:00 AM at NJP.From NJP we drive to our basecamp to Yuksom.The drive takes around 8-9 hours.

 Reaching NJP  by Flights
The Bagdogra Airport is the closest airport to NJP. It is around 20 Km from NJP. Taxis are easily available from Bagdogra Airport.

Reaching by train
NJP is well connected by railway network with major destinations of India because it’s a major Junction.

You can get a list of trains to NJP through this link.

For exact timings & Schedule of trains please check the Indian Railway official site.

Reaching NJP by Road (Bus)
NJP is well connected with comfortable buses run by government and private operators. You can catch luxury and normal buses to NJP from Kolkata.

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Here’s a short itinerary of Goechala Trek:

Day 1: NJP to Yuksom(5,800 ft). 8 hrs drive
Day 2: Yuksom (5,800 ft) – Sachen (7,200 ft).4 hrs.
Day 3: Sachen (7,200 ft) – Tshoka (9,650 ft). 4 hrs.
Day 4: Tshoka(9,650 feet)- Dzongri(12,980 feet) via Phedang(12,050 ft). 5-6 hrs.
Day 5: Dzongri(12,980ft) – Thangsing (12,930). 4-5 hrs
Day 6: Thangsing –  Lamuney via Kockchurang(12096 ft).2 hrs.
Day 7: Lamuney(13,693 ft) – Goechala(16,207 ft) and back to Kockchurang.10-12 hrs.
Day 8: Kokchurang – Tshoka via Phedang. 6-7 hrs
Day 9: Tshoka – Yuksom via Bhakim and Sachen. 6 hrs.
Day 10: Drive back to NJP.


Here’s what other trekkers say:

Words are not enough. Don't believe others. Self Experience is self explanatory. Beyond imagination. One MUST go.

Gokulnath Sadhwani

Cool people with excellent experience of providing superb treks in the mighty himalayas .

Vishu Tanwar
Deutsche Bank

Amazing, Unforgettable and memorable experience!!!!! Waiting for the next one.....!!

Archana Gaur

Excellent experience while trekking in Himalayas with small group ... all were too friendly, food was great & just WOW. 🙂

Prashant Bhawsar
System Engineer / IBM India Pvt Ltd

Trips with Renok have a very friendly and close knit feel too it. Smaller group size in their treks fosters more bonhomie. Rohan, Jai and the other support staff ensures... Read More

Trips with Renok have a very friendly and close knit feel too it. Smaller group size in their treks fosters more bonhomie. Rohan, Jai and the other support staff ensures that all your needs are taken care of.

Bikash Doley

Good company and jai govind

Shurveer Panwar

With renok I always feels like a family, trek leaders are too co-operative

Kavita Manhas

Full Power ..... Bhai Ji ... Guys i just have these words to say to the most rocking and adventurous people i met through Renok .... Jai and Monte bhai... Read More

Full Power ….. Bhai Ji …

Guys i just have these words to say to the most rocking and adventurous people i met through Renok …. Jai and Monte bhai … The sense of responsibilty i have felt in these guys for even the people whom they havent met ever and the super rocking adventure experience i had with them is unremarkable … This is forever now buddies

Jai bhai … Monte bhai …. Full Power … Uh both are like i had a dream and i never wanted to wake up

Aakash Gupta

Great Adventure with Renok ! Commendable Hospitality throughout the trek .

Inderjeet Narwal

Great hospitality and service. Thoroughly enjoyed my trek with them.

Sylvester Stanis
Assistant Manager / Maruti Suzuki India Ltd

Very well organized trek with great quality of food provided!! The perfect combination!!

Varun Bhamre

Went to kedarkantha trek with Renok Adventures and it was one of a kind experience. Awsome Trekking experience and services by renok adventures on Kedarkantha trek

Designer / PROTCOR

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Farhan Khan
Engineer / HCL

Hampta pass trek Reviews by Shikha: Hampta pass trek is a beautiful himalayan trek which has all the adventures river crossing, mountaineering, trekking, camping, sledging, snow trekking etc etc. Renok... Read More

Hampta pass trek Reviews by Shikha: Hampta pass trek is a beautiful himalayan trek which has all the adventures river crossing, mountaineering, trekking, camping, sledging, snow trekking etc etc. Renok Adventures is the perfect partner for your adventures and trek in himalayas. Hampta Pass trek in July is the best time to go for this high altitude trek it is the time when you can cross hampta pass and go up to chandratal lake which is a must visit place in Spiti.

Shikha Rawat
Manager / SBI


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    July 21, 2016

    Hi I want to do this trek between October 26th to November 6th can you let me know if it’s possible thank you

  • {}
    Say an sen
    July 20, 2016

    Hi, I m just complete sandakphu trek. So can I try fr this trek . It’s okay fr me ??

    • {}
      July 6, 2016

      Hi Ahmed,
      Yes the october is the best time Goechala Trek and if you prepare well then you can manage this trek easily

  • {}
    June 30, 2016

    Even though I am a beginner can I go for this trek because am training a lot for this? like running long distances thrice a week ( I am following Ultra Marathon Training Schedule) along with strength trainings. I think October will be the perfect time for me.

  • {}
    Sridipta Roy
    June 30, 2016

    I haven’t been on a trek before. Is the Goechala trek suitable for first timers??

    • {}
      June 16, 2016

      We will be sending you the details for Goechala Trek in October on your mail

  • {}
    Trisha saha
    June 16, 2016

    HI….planning to go in goechela trek in oct/nov…We are 2 persons.Do you allow 2 persons in a group? what are the fee details?

    • {}
      Rohan Jain
      April 14, 2016

      Hey Harish,

      Have sent you the details via mail.

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