Trek Story: 11 year old Aarav’s first time trekking experience

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Trek Story: 11 year old Aarav’s first time trekking experience

We recently interviewed eleven-year-old Aarav Anil, a school going boy from Bangalore. In a candid chat, he told us about his first time trekking experience to the Hampta Pass. Read on!

Aarav Hampta Pass for Children

Q: What motivated you to go for something like trekking at this young age?

A: Around two years ago, I went trekking to a place near Sagar in Karnataka. It was a 5-day nature trek. I and my friends jumped off a cliff and that trek ignited a spark within me. I realized that I have a real passion for adventure sports and trekking. I promised myself that I would go trekking again, and this was my motivation that pushed me to trek the Hampta Pass.

Q: Why did you choose the Hampta Pass? How was your experience?

A: My mother was trekking near Manali when she heard about the Hampta Pass Trek and she decided to plan this trekking trip for our family. She knew this would be a great experience for me and it was as we all had a great time. My first time trekking experience was full of adventure, the weather was just fine, not too cold. We crossed two rivers and that was the best part of my trek.

Aarav interview

Q: Do you also motivate your friends and classmates to go trekking?

A: I constantly poke and ask them to go trekking. When they heard that I went trekking to the Hampta Pass, they were amazed. I have had quite an influence on my friends and they plan to go on a trek soon. Hopefully they also choose Hampta as their first time trekking experience.

Q: The trek must have been hard, so what kept you going?

A: I thought there was no end to this trek. At one point, I was really tired but I kept moving ahead. The ascent was pretty tough and the river crossing on the second day almost made me give up but it all seemed worth it when we reached the Chandra Tal campsite on the fourth day. The descent through the Hampta Valley was the easiest and the mountains were just awesome.

With Momand dad

Q: Is it easy for your parents to understand your passion for trekking?

A: My mother and father are more than supportive. They encourage me to go for treks and adventure sports. I really love cycling and trekking and they make sure I don’t miss any opportunity. My mother has gone on many treks as well, so I inherit this from her.

Q: What was the best experience for you in those 5 days of trekking? Was it a proud moment when you reached Hampta pass?

A: Camping was my favorite part. After a long trek every day, just sitting down with the whole family and enjoying all the beautiful scenic views was perfect.

My parents were proud of me and so was I. I felt a sense of achievement that I can’t describe in words.

first time trekking experience

Q: Any advice for young first-time trekkers out there?

A: I would advice first-time trekkers to be fully prepared and to pack accordingly. It won’t be that cold but you should be fully prepared for the worst. Be safe and fully aware of your surroundings.

Q: Can you describe your trekking experience in just a few words?

A: The only word that comes to my mind is Thrilling! I remember, climbing and trekking were difficult but I also remember being happy. The joy that comes with the completion of a trek, cannot be defined in words. I got over my fears and worries. I have a memory that I can cherish forever and I will definitely go again.

first time trekking experience

At the tender age of eleven, Aarav is an inspiration to all of us. His trek to the Hampta Pass proves that anyone can go for this trek. Aarav definitely had an amazing time. Do you think the Hampta Pass could be your calling too?

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    October 30, 2017

    Great achievement, congratulations

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    Dr phani raj
    October 30, 2017

    So nice and iam proud. Keep it up. Enjoy


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