11 Truths only Trekkers who Trek the Himalayas can relate to



11 Truths only Trekkers who Trek the Himalayas can relate to

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What it Takes to Trek the Himalayas?

When you think of your first trek in the himalayas you are all excited, whatever you do be it eat, sleep, work or dream you are always thinking about your coming super adventure of Trek the Himalayas. There is nothing wrong in it all trekker or adventurers are like this they are different.

Holidays during your Trek in the Himalayas are different they provide you an opportunities to have more fun and learning in outdoors and beutiful Himalayas at the backdrop.

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1. Watching extreme sports videos and photos on the internet makes you want to have your own epic video or photo but your photos or videos never turn out like those.
2. You save your money for an expensive trek in the Himalayas while your friends pay the same amount to stay in five star resorts in Goa.
Load during Trek the Himalayas
3. You were on a shopping blitzkrieg for your trek in the Himalayas but after the trek you realized that most of the items weren’t  that useful.


4.You got a DSLR or GoPro to look extreme, but after your first trek in the Himalayas you never have the courage to carry that extra load.


5. You feel obligated to take the most difficult route to be different from the others or else people won’t take you as seriously.


6. You are far peppier at the beginning of a trek than you are just one kilometers in.


7. You’re starving, you want Dominos but when you open your backpack you only find Paranthas and a boiled egg.

8. I did great on the entire trek in the Himalayas except getting into the bloody sleeping bag


9. You hear the same reply from your Guide no matter when you ask him “Bas Thoda sa aur and we will reach our camp”

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10. During your trek in the Himalayas you are constantly thinking why the hell did I come for this trek?


11. But when you go back to home and tell everyone about your grand trek in the Himalayas, you realize no matter how bad it was it was better than sitting on the couch!!
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