10 Amazing Treks in North East India

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Here our 10 Amazing Treks in North East India


On the flanks of the mighty Brahmaputra lies the sun-kissed lands which are blessed with abundant flora and fauna covering almost the entire region. The meandering rivers, the dense forests, the exquisite wildlife and the tribal people can only be experienced by the trekkers who will venture into these hidden regions to explore their unmatched beauty.

Siang Valley Trek, Arunachal Pradesh

Altitude: 1829 M

Season: Oct- Feb

Duration: 11 Days

The Siang River originates in Tibet and flows through this land forming deep gorges and rumbles through the serene environment leading you through amazing trails of natural beauty. The lush valley and surrounding hills are home to the Adi tribe who share a deep bond and respect for their environment.


Goechala Trek, Sikkim

Altitude: 5029M

Season: April May and Oct Nov

Duration: 10 Days


Goechala Trek Dzongri Trek - Treks in North East India

Goechala Trek gives you the best views of Kangchenjunga – the third highest mountain in the world, provides an inspiring backdrop for the Goecha la Trek. Until the discovery of the height of Mt Everest in the 19th century, Kanchenjunga was considered to be the highest mountain in the world. Goechala Trek is the most famous Treks in North East India.

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Sela Pass Trek, Arunachal Pradesh

Altitude: 4550 M

Season: Oct- Apr

Duration: 9 Days

Follow the old Buddhist trail through Monpa villages and make your way past monasteries. Visit the charming Bomdila Monastery and follow the river past Drupka Village spotting rare birds. Arunachal’s highest peak Gorichen looks stunning from Chander ridge. Sela pass route also called ‘Bailey Trail’ and takes you past magnificent glacial rivers, crystal lakes and pine and oak forests. This is one of the best Treks in North East India


Sandakphu Trek, West Bengal

Altitude: 3636 M

Season: Apr- Jun and Oct- Dec

Duration: 6 Days

Sandakphu Trek Best Treks in North East india

The Sandakphu Treks in North East India begins at Manebhanjan, West Bengal and winds in and out of Nepal before it reaches the ’valley of poison’ or Sandakhpu named after the aconite plants that thrive here among silver firs, magnolias and rhododendrons.The spectacular views of Everest, Kanchenjunga, Lhotse and Makalu are just the reward you waited for on summit.


Talley valley Trek, Arunachal Pradesh

Altitude: 2400 M

Season: Sep- Apr

Duration: 6 Days

Talley Valley Treks in North East IndiaThe dense forest cover of pine and silver fir leads your path on Talley plateau. The vast wasteland is as beautiful as the deep forests and the unique fishing and paddy culture of the Apatani Village is an experience of a lifetime.


Shillong Peak Trek, Meghalaya

Altitude: 1965 M

Season: Sep- Mar and Oct-Nov

Duration: 3 Days

Shillong Peak Treks in North East India in Shillong is an amazing experience of snow-capped peaks, numerous waterfalls and luscious terrains. This is a trail through heavenly sights and smells of lakes, woods and orchids. This is also a route where you can experience the Khasi culture and admire the awe inspiring Khasi hills around.


Dzukou Trek, Nagaland

Altitude: 2700 M

Season: Nov- Mar

Duration: 7 Days

Nagaland’s untamed natural beauty, extraordinary people, their lifestyles and customs can be experienced on foot through the heart of its land. The green village Khonoma is a must see. Witness the Naga culture, ceremonies, dances and camp amidst their bonfires and revelry. The Dzukou valley at 2700 M is a paradise of exotic flora and fauna and the third highest mountain, Pauna Peak, is a nature’s museum with rare species of plants and herbs.


Phawngpui Peak Trek, Mizoram

Altitude: 2165 M

Season: Oct – Mar

Duration: 7 Days

The Blue Mountains are highly revered and your path in the blue haze of the hills, with clouds sailing past and the Mizo culture is truly a unique experience. Exotic birds, orchids, rhododendrons and more are all spectacles in the abode of the gods. The Chhimtuipui River and the Myanmar ranges look spectacular from the Phawngpui peak.


Namdapha, Arunachal Pradesh

Altitude: 4500M

Season: Late Oct- Mar

Duration: 10 Days

India’s largest National Park is in the valley of Noa-Dihing that has a thick cover of rainforests, over a thousand plant species and over 500 bird species. The snow leopard and red panda are amongst the elite fauna that habit this region. Trekking through forests, climbing mountains, wildlife sightings, camping in breath-taking locations, meeting tribes, learning survival are just a few of the experiences of this Rainforest trek.


Trek to the Living Root Bridges, Meghalaya

 Altitude: 1484 M

Season: Oct- Mar

Duration: 8 Days

Best Treks in North East India - Living Root Bridge Trek

The beautiful region of Meghalaya’s living root bridges formed by the powerful roots of the Ficus Elastica tree used discovered by the War Khasi tribes who used them to cross the many rivers. Stay in a village tree house at the green eco village of Mawlynnong and trek through Cherrapunji, the wettest place on the planet. Meet the Khasi tribes and witness the amazing sights of the Khasi hills. One the Treks in North East India which gives authentic cultural experience of Incredible India.


Unakoti Trek, Tripura

Altitude: 1000 M

Season: Oct -Mar

Duration: 7 Days

The second smallest state, Tripura with its green cover, plentiful water bodies and a legend is an enthralling destination for trekkers and historians alike. The Jampui hills and verdant forests are ideal for hiking. At Unakoti the rock carvings from the 7th and 9th century will astound you. Witness a light and sound show at Neermahal palace on your return. A boat ride at Kamasagar Lake and shopping for cane and bamboo handicraft at Agartala will complete this trip.

What say, does this list excite you enough to pack your trekking bags?