Valley Of Flowers in June



Valley Of Flowers in June

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Valley of Flowers in June

What is the best time to visit Valley of Flowers? 

This is the question comes when you think of Valley of Flowers Trek. This is because Valley of Flowers is a monsoon trek and we all want to enjoy the Valley  with the most flowers blooming. The best months for this trek are July and August but in Himalayas whenever you go you are treated with unmatched beauty of Himalayas.

Valley of Flowers in June

The Best time to do the VOF trek is July, August and September. Till June the valley is packed with snow and when it melts the seeds beneath germinate. During the monsoon these plants grow and blossom at slightly different times. This is the reason the  why Valley  changes colour every fortnight. After the monsoon all the plants die leaving their seeds behind for the next season.

However sometimes the snow melts early making the Valley Of Flowers in June a good proposition. But mostly visiting the Valley Of Flowers in June, especially early June is not a good idea, saying this my first trek to the Valley of Flowers was in Late June.

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Valley of Flowers Trek in June

I was rafting in Rishikesh when a fellow rafter mentioned about this trek in the himalayas. This was the first time I heard this valley mentioned. My curiosity was aroused. The way this guy described it made me think of the mythical Shangri-la. Till date I have done the Valley of Flowers Trek more than 10 times. However my first experience of the Valley of Flowers in June is as fresh as if I had done it yesterday. I was so excited about the trek that I ended up buying a 50mm 1.8 Nikkor lens.

For the  trek to the valley you need to reach Haridwar. The most convenient way to reach Haridwar is by train. I reached Haridwar early morning where I met my fellow trekkers .Together we commenced our journey for Govindghat. Govindghat is a small town about 18kms from Joshimath which serves as the base location for Hemkund Sahib and the Valley of flowers trek.

Next day we started our trek of around 14 kms to Ghangaria. The trek was easy with gradual slopes and numerous shops. The Hemkund Sahib and Flower Valley trek route is the same till Ghangaria. We reached Ghangaria at 3 pm and had our lunch. Ghangaria is a small town with a Gurudwara and around a dozen hotels.

On our 3rd day of trekking in the Himalayas we came face to face with the sheer beauty of nature in the form of the Valley Of Flowers in June.

valley of flowers in june

After trekking for about 1km from Ghangaria we came to the gate for the Valley. After taking a ticket we entered the park with our botanist guide . I cannot describe the beauty of Valley  in words. This valley was discovered by a British mountaineer Frank Smythe. In 1931,  Smythe when returning after scaling Kamet, accidentally discovered the valley. Trekking to the Valley of flowers is on top of every adventure travelers bucket list. We at Renok Adventures organise treks to this trek every year during the monsoon.

Valley of Flowers Opening Dates 2019

When should I go to Valley of Flowers?

The Valley of Flowers opens in the beginning of June until the end of October as it’s covered in snow the rest of the year. Depending upon snow conditions you can plan your visit to Valley of Flowers in June but mostly it will be under snow and there will very little flowers So to see the most flowers one should plan their Visit to Valley of Flowers from Mid July to Mid August this the time when the flowers are in full bloom.

How to Reach Valley of Flowers?

To reach Valley of Flowers first you need to take Bus or Cab from Haridwar Bus stand, just outside Government bus stand there is a Taxi Stand which have standard rates for Govindghat, the other options is take GMOUL (Garhwal Mandal Bus Operator Union) Vishwanath Sewa which takes around 10 hours to reach Govindghat and from there next day you can trek to Valley of Flowers or Ghangaria.



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