Valley of Flowers Weather through the Year?

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Valley of Flowers Weather through the Year?

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Valley of Flowers Weather and Climate

Valley of Flowers covering an area of approximately 87.5 sq. km and located at a height of 3,658 meters above sea level. During the summer, and primarily the monsoon season, the valley witnesses hundreds of alpine flowers in full bloom. The pleasant Valley of Flowers weather during this period makes it the most preferred time to plan a trek. 

Located at approximately 12,000 feet above sea level, Valley of Flowers covers an area of more than 87.5 square kilometers. It’s part of the Nanda Devi Biological Reserve(NDBR), and has been granted the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the summer and monsoon season, hundreds of brightly colored alpine flowers bloom in the valley. The pleasant weather makes it a good time to plan your visit.

During winter months, this scenic destination remains completely covered under snow. Most people plan their treks during mid-July to end of August. If you wonder what is Valley of Flowers 2018 weather going to be like, here’s an overview of the same. It will help you plan the trek much better to soak in the mesmerizing beauty of the valley.

Valley of Flowers Weather

Valley of Flowers Weather from May to September

The summer season is the perfect time to plan your trek. From July to August, you can view the valley’s panoramic beauty. With a maximum temperature of 17 degrees Celsius (average) during the days, it’s a good time for your visit. 

Most of the flowers are in full bloom between July and August. During these months, the maximum temperature won’t exceed 17 degree Celsius in the daytime. The nights are also expected to be pleasant. Post sunset, you can expect the temperature to be anywhere between 6-8 degree Celsius.

Valley of Flowers Weather from October to April

During this period, the valley remains covered in a thick blanket of snow, making it difficult, and in fact almost impossible, to plan a trek. There’s a sharp drop in the temperature. While in the day temperature goes well below 7 degrees Celsius, nights are freezing cold.   

In winter season, the valley remains closed and cut off from other parts of the country. A thick blanket of snow ensures no one visits it during this period. As expected, there’s going to be a sharp dip in the temperature. Average temperature during the day will be somewhere between 6-8 degree Celsius, and nights will be freezing cold.

Mid-July to end of August is considered to be the peak season and best time to visit Valley of Flowers. During this period, not only the roads are accessible, but the pleasant weather ensures you’re able to witness the mesmerizing beauty of the valley in its true form.

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When Valley of Flowers Best Time to Visit?

It’s a good decision to have a clear idea about the Valley of Flowers weather before planning your trek. If you’re thinking about a visit during the next season, watch this video from our seasoned trekker, giving you some important safety tips and other information. You may also want to visit our FAQ section to get answers to all your queries.

Also We recommend that  Valley of Flowers Best Time to Visit to see the best bloom is from Mid July to Mid August.

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Valley of Flowers Weather in May 

The Valley of flowers in May gets to be open in the most recent week of May when snow begins liquefying. In the month of May, you will see a ton of snow yet less number of blooms. Advantage of going in May is that there will be no less rain as the storm season begins in the most recent week of June

Valley of Flowers Weather in June  

Valley of Flowers weather in June marks the beginning of Shri Hemkund Sahib Yatra, bringing about the high cost of Food, Stay and transport office. Likewise, the accessibility of rooms gets influenced. In any case, still certain particular blossoms can be found in this month. Additionally, you can appreciate viewing gigantic and excellent ice sheets, waterfalls in the valley of flowers. The greatest advantage in going in this month is that there will be less to no downpour. (Downpour triggers snow slide around there and your arrangement may be influenced). The Stormy season begins just in June end or in the first week of July.

Valley of Flowers Weather in July  

As snow begins liquefying in May and new plants begin developing and growing up till now. July also marks the beginning of monsoon in Himalayas and you will experience frequent rain showers and lush greenery. You will see a great collection of flowers sprouting until mid-July. There are right around 650 varieties of flowers altogether that can be found in Valley of Flowers in July. This is considered as the best time to visit Valley of Flowers you will see most extreme number of flowers in mid-July to mid-August.

Valley of Flowers weather in July Blue Poppy Flower in Valley

Valley of Flowers Weather in August

Depending upon the intensity of the monsoons and snow melting rate Valley of Flowers in August is lush green, Waterfalls, frequent rains and influx of trekkers to Valley of Flowers to witness the array of alpine flowers in Valley of Flowers. On a clear day you can see Rataban Peak, Tipra Kharak, Gauri Parbat and other peaks.

Valley of Flowers weather in August Brahmakamal along the Hemkund Sahib Route

Valley of Flowers Weather in September

Valley of Flowers in September is the autumn season of Valley of Flowers. This is the last month for going to valley of flowers. The plants begin to scarce and put their seeds on the earth for the following season. Gradually toward the end of the month and in the next month snowfall begins and the valley gets to be unavailable. The last authoritative trek to Valley of Flowers is for the most part taken in the most recent week of September.

Valley of Flowers in Summers:

June to October have a cool climate with most extreme temperature spans to about 17 ℃ and is a decent season to review all-encompassing magnificence.

Valley of Flowers in Winters:

November to May is snow secured and hard to visit the outside attractions. Least temperature can run well down with normal least around 7 ℃.

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It’s always good to gather some information about the valley of flowers weather before planning your trek. What is the Valley of Flowers 2019 weather going to be like? Well, you have the answer now. If you want to know more details about a trek to the valley, just click here.

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