Villages around Ladakh


 Panamik Village: Located at a distance of about 150km from Leh and situated at an altitude of 3,183 meters above mean sea level, Panamik village is famous for its hot spring. The water of this hot spring is known to cure several skin infections because of Sulphur and other minerals present it. The Nubra river and the bridge from Panamik to the river at Hargam Trek, offer beautiful views of the landscape.

 Upshi Village: This village is located on the main road junction of Leh – Manali Highway. It lies along the Indus river valley and Tanglang La pass on the Leh-Manali highway. An ancient trading road is to the east and heads towards Tibet. There is a helipad on this road.

 Hanle village: This village in Ladakh is also the site of the Hanle Monastery (gompa) built in the 17 th century. It is located in the Hanle valley, which is home to thousands of people. The Indian Astronomical Observatory is located here. India has also set up GRT (Gamma Ray Telescope), Himalayan Chandra Telescope here. Also located in proximity are Fukche airport and Ukdungle town.

Stok Village: This village is the current residence of the former royal family of Ladakh. The village has Stok Museum, Stok Monastery located in the Indus Valley.The museum contains the shrines, crown, ceremonial dress and jewelry of the Ladakhi King. The village is located at a height of 3,364 meters and is home to Siddhartha School.

Villages around - Ladakh

 Kanji: This village is located in the Leh district. This small village has about 20 families which depend on farming activity in the village. It is a campsite on the Kanji la and Shilakong gorge treks.

 Dha & Hanu: These are two villages situated in the Dhahanu valley. They are two of the four main ‘Aryan’ villages of Ladakh. The climate of these villages is warmer than rest of Leh, because of their location on a lower altitude. The community living in these villages is believed to be the last race of Aryans; hence a glimpse of their lives is the biggest attraction here.

 Lamayuru village: This village is often perceived as the moon land of Ladakh; because of its moonlike landscapes carved in to Greater Himalayas. It is located at 100km from Leh, after Fotu La, the highest pass on the Srinagar Leh highway.

 Korzok: This village is located at an altitude of 4572m; it is one of India’s permanent villages. Owing to their height, the fields of Korzok village are among the highest agricultural lands in the world. The village is also the hosting site for the annual Kurzok Gustor festival.

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