Weather and Climate in Sikkim

The atmosphere of Sikkim can be termed as calm in wide terms. Sikkim appreciates the five seasons of summer, winter, storm, pre-winter and spring. Sprawled in a territory of 7,096 km², Sikkim extends from a height of 280 m (920 ft) to 8,585 m (28,000 ft). With such fluctuated heights, the state watches tropical, mild and cold atmosphere in various districts. In the southern part, the climate is normally sub-tropical, though in the north, it is for the most part tundra.

Notwithstanding, the colonized areas are commanded by calm atmosphere, where temperature once in a while goes 28 °C most extreme in summers and drops beneath 0°C in winters. The normal year temperature for the real piece of Sikkim is recorded 18°C (64 °F) approx. Amid the months of March – May, the sun sparkles taking care of business in the condition of Sikkim. The climate stays snowy and muggy, since it rains more often than not.

Rainstorm wins from late-June to ahead of schedule September. Amid Monsoons, landslide is a typical sight completely through Sikkim. Being situated in uneven district, Sikkim is inclined to landslides. The climate likewise gets to be muggy and sizzling, because of indeterminate downpour gives directly as the year progressed. Pre-winter stays from September to October giving a decent time to sightseers to visit the state.

In India, Sikkim is one amongst the few expresses that get general snowfall. The snowline of Sikkim is approx. 6,000 meters. The high height in the northern locale allows the temperature to drop underneath – 40°C in winters. The correct winter season begins from late December till February, when the state gets excessively cool and moist due, making it impossible to flighty downpour showers. Amid winters, Sikkim likewise gets a covering of profound haze, making transportation extremely dangerous.