Weather and Climate of Yuksom

The weather of Yuksom is pleasant throughout the year, thanks to its natural setting. The climate in Yuksom, which is located at a moderate altitude, is pleasant from March to June and September to November, while in the winter season, the coldest months are December and February.

Summer Season in Yuksom

Though it is scorching in summer in most parts of the country from March to May, the temperature here hardly ever goes beyond 300 Celsius. This makes Yuksom a favourite among travellers looking for a pleasant summer trip and to escape the heat of cities. The minimum temperature during summer is expected to revolve around 10 degree Celsius.

Monsoon Season in Yuksom

The monsoon season here is from June to September. The humid temperature is pleasant but there is excess rainfall at times. Most of the outdoor activities come to a halt due to slippery rocks and pathways. The rain gradually reduces by the end of October and the temperature is once again pleasant which is a mix of summer and rainy season. In the Teesta river region, the monsoon penetrates quite far north, thereby extending the wet zone right up to the lower reaches of the snowy mountains. The rainy period is characterized by long spells of sunshine and bright weather.

Winter season in Yuksom

The winter season begins in December and continues up to February in Yuksom. The minimum temperatures drop below sub-zero and the maximum temperature is approximately 15 degree Celsius.