Weather of Ladakh

In optimum winters the temperature in Ladakh goes towards the lower position to about 30 Degree Celsius in Leh and  Kargil and near about 50 Degree Celsius in Dras. Temperatures prevail in minus for practically 3 months from December to the month of February. But on lucid sunny days it becomes very hot and one can get suntanned. Due to the geographical location of Ladakh, the rainfall is less. The rainfall is throughout 50 mm per annum. It is the melting snow which makes the durability of human and animals viable. In the desolate like photograph one may come across the dunes or or as it may be causally to the dust storms. The weather of Ladakh exhibits enormous diversification. On one hand, you can get frigidity due to the extreme cold weather circumstances while on the other hand the piercing sun can give you sunburn, if not well guarded. The summers in Leh Ladakh combat a medium climate in the dimension of almost -3° C to 30° C. Leh Ladakh experiences combats cold winters with heavy snowfall. The ordinary temperature in the winter season is around -20° C to 15° C. While packing for a trip, you should keep the weather of Ladakh in mind. Some of the things that you should carry are a goggles,hat or woolen cap, thick socks,woolen clothing,windsheaters, gloves, scarves, boots or walking shoes,sunscreen, etc.


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