Weather of Yamunotri

The most extreme temperature in Yamunotri area ranges from 15-degree centigrade to 20-degree centigrade on a normal while least temperatures more often than not drop underneath the point of solidification. Woollens are a need all through the whole year in Yamunotri.

Summers in Yamunotri

The summers in Yamunotri are charming and cool. Towards the start of summer season, the entryways of Yamunotri sanctuary are tossed open to get explorers and guests. There are incidental showers in the months, May- June. After the fall of night, the climate might turn amazingly icy. The greatest recorded temperature is close around 20 degrees centigrade. The midyear months are the best for Yamunotri travel and journey trips.

Winters in Yamunotri

The winter season of Yamunotri spreads months beginning from November to April. Temperatures in winter months drop underneath the point of solidification and are joined by extraordinary chilly and substantial snowfall. The sanctuary stays shut amid winter months and the main guests to Yamunotri amid that time comprised of mountain climbers and trekkers who go to Yamunotri for some gutsy endeavors. In the event that you wish to witness Yamunotri snow falls, you could visit between months, November end to the mid of March.

Rainstorm in Yamunotri

The rainstorm season in Yamunotri begins from the month of July and proceeds till August. It is the most unacceptable period for making an outing to Yamunotri in light of the fact that successive snowslide and substantial flood make your voyage troublesome, tedious and dangerous as well.

Perfect Time for Yamunotri Yatra

The perfect time for Yamunotri Yatra is from months, April-June and afterward again from September-November. The sanctuary is tossed open for travelers on April a week ago and keeps on staying open until November second week.

A Glimpse into month-wise Yamunotri climate subtle elements-

  • In May

The snow in the locale begins to liquify in May. The sanctuary opens up for pioneers and this makes the perfect travel month.

  • In June

This is maybe the greatest month for Yamunotri travel.

  • In July

July has entirely clear and great climate. In any case, sudden surprising precipitation showers lead to snowslide impeding your trek.

  • In August

August is wet, soggy and constant precipitation results in successive snowslides, bringing about a massive disturbance in the adventure. It is best to keep away from going in the month of August.

  • In September

September demonstrates a plunge in the temperatures. Days amid the month of September are sufficiently lovely while evenings will typically be modestly frosty. Excursion to Yamunotri could be agreeable and charming in the month of September.

  • In October

Climate is entirely icy and evenings turn crisp. Be that as it may, for the individuals who appreciate winters, this could make a perfect travel month for Yamunotri journey.

In November, December, January, February, March, April

It is frosty chilly at Yamunotri amid these months. Temperatures get brought down to zero degrees or even underneath. Substantial snowfall prompts the locale being clad with snow and sanctuary shuts down. Guests are prone to have repetitive chilliness amid this periodic conditions.


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