What are the common mistakes to avoid on a Ladakh trekking tour?

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What are the common mistakes to avoid on a Ladakh trekking tour?

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Ladakh is one of the most popular, beautiful and rugged destinations in the world. Travellers from around the world visit this region of raw beauty every year. While some find it unmatched, it feels overwhelming to some. More often than not, the reason for a bad trip is one of the common mistakes committed by tourists visiting Ladakh for the first time. Thus, we thought we’d point out a few common mistakes to help you get a better understanding of the region for your next Ladakh trekking tour.


Common Mistakes on a Ladakh Trekking Tour


While travelling to unexplored and offbeat destinations, many people start abusing these places. Post experiencing nuisances, they tag them as unforgiving and harsh. However, it’s important to understand that people live in Ladakh, and it’s been a habitat for several thousand years. The problem is the lack of understanding among tourists to follow certain norms on visiting Ladakh. On your next Leh trekking package, keep these points in mind and we promise that you’ll have an unparalleled travel experience.


Ladakh Trekking Tour


Rushing through acclimatization – Whether you’re regular to the neighbourhood gym or have already run a marathon, Altitude Mountain Sickness (AMS) doesn’t care about gender, age or fitness level. In Ladakh, you’ll find the fittest people struggling to acclimatize just because they were trying to rush through it. On reaching the destination, listen to your guide and take a full day to acclimatize.


Skipping acclimatization since it’s not your first trip – Irrespective of the times you’ve visited Leh-Ladakh or similar high altitude destinations, acclimatization is necessary and essential. The principles of AMS should never be taken lightly, especially when you’re travelling to a remote place like Ladakh with minimal facilities. On a Ladakh trekking package, your body needs a good amount of time to adapt to certain conditions.


Trying to drive through roads like any other highway – To begin your Ladakh trekking tour, if you’re driving from Manali to Leh, it can be one of the most adventurous and strangest experiences. Just because you’ve taken multiple road trips or drove around like a champion in plains doesn’t give you reason to be overconfident at 11,000 feet.


Roads in the region aren’t straight and wide. Thus, you won’t always be able to cruise through them. Even the straightest and smoothest roads can have sudden bumps or may be washed in between to hurt your vehicle. Overconfidence can leave stranded in the middle of nowhere for hours, or worse, days.


Not planning every detail – If you’ve always planned a spontaneous trip with a group of friends, good for you. But sadly, that’s not possible in Ladakh. A spontaneous trip sounds ‘cool’, but such ‘coolness’ can land you in major trouble. Ladakh is one of the most remote locations in the country, and one wrong step can prove to be fatal.


Follow someone blindly – If someone’s just back from a Leh trekking package, it’s likely for the person to be excited, overwhelmed, and even get carried away to tell ‘cool’ stories. However, it’s extremely important to not follow anyone blindly. In order to have a great trip, you need to conduct a thorough research yourself. Every individual’s interests, choices and requirements are different. During research, you’d realize what suits you best.


Ladakh Trekking Tour


Taking a baby along without proper planning – Taking a child to Ladakh isn’t a big deal, but can prove to be a really bad idea if you haven’t properly planned everything. Kids are prone to Altitude Mountain Sickness, and find it difficult to inform anyone about the uneasiness. At every step of the journey, parents need to watch out for signs and symptoms. Since kids won’t be able to participate in the Ladakh trekking tour, it’s best to not carry them on the journey, unless trekking will only be a small part of your trip.


In case you notice any signs of nausea or headache, you’ll have to seek immediate medical attention for the kid. While travelling with a kid in Ladakh, it’s important to be vigilant at all times. If your child is feeling uneasy, you won’t be able to ascend anywhere, and will have to watch over the child overnight.


Consuming alcohol because you’ve done it on every trip – When it comes to alcohol, you might be a champion everywhere else, but Ladakh’s not the right place to indulge in it. In a high altitude place like Ladakh, it’s important to avoid alcohol and tobacco products. In fact, you also need to avoid antidepressant medications, such as sleeping pills, tranquilizers, barbiturates etc. The raw nature and rugged terrain act as antidepressants themselves.


All these things can have an impact on the respiratory system, which worsens the AMS symptoms. For the entire duration of your Leh trekking package, avoid these nuances to feel fresh, hydrated and energized.


Removing your shirt for those ‘cool’ selfies – It may seem like a good choice to take off your shirt on reaching Khardung La Pass to celebrate the achievement, but it can land you in some serious trouble. A shirtless selfie on the highest motorable road in the world is a deadly combo. Ladakh’s temperature doesn’t spare anyone, and you’re no different.


Exposing your body to Ladakh’s extreme climate can cause major health concerns, especially with cold winds on such high altitude affecting your lower neck or chest. The flight back home will be a tough one, and you’ll only have yourself to blame.


A Ladakh trekking package is no child’s play. There are certain norms you need to follow to make your trip memorable, safe and enjoyable. Certain common mistakes committed by people cause problems that lead to nuisances. On your next trip, try to avoid the mistakes listed in this post. We hope this post will be helpful in providing you with the most memorable experiences in Ladakh.


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